Mar 042016
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE: Charles Eimers Death-in-Custody

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. The image of the gray PT Cruiser parked sideways on South Beach with the huddle of Key West police officers who’d just realized the man they’d piled on top of had stopped breathing is probably going to remain in the memories of Key Westers for a long time. What went wrong on that Thanksgiving morning in 2013 has been the center of considerable controversy. “My dad always had this dream of spending a winter in Key West,” Treavor Eimers, Charles [continue reading…]

Mar 042016
The Devil is in the Details

Dear Editor, They say, “The Devil is in the details.” So true when it comes to the March 15 referendums on Peary Court. We citizens of Key West are offered what appear to be two similar referendums. But, read more carefully. One is titled: “Authorization to purchase Peary Court to use as workforce housing.” Nothing in this referendum mentions “affordable” housing! It seeks to purchase, use, and hold the property for workforce housing. “Workforce housing” requires 70% or more of residents’ household income be from [continue reading…]

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Mar 042016

by City Commissioner Richard Payne…….. In the last few weeks leading up to the March 15th Referendum election I have been frequently asked whether the City taxpayers would be in any way responsible for payment of the bonds/mortgage should the City find that the rents from the residences at Peary Court are insufficient to repay the loan? The answer to this question is an emphatic unequivocal No. I insisted that the referendum language be added to assure all citizens voting that the indebtedness will be [continue reading…]

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