Feb 262016
HOB DAYCARE SCANDAL: The Making of a Thief?

by Naja and Arnaud Girard…….. The investigators of the disappearance of over $21,000 from the HOB daycare program seem to have found a convenient “bad apple.” Thirty-two year old Tina Godfrey was in charge of collecting the money. She didn’t file the proper paperwork, money is missing, and unbelievably enough, it seems “she has done it before.” In some sort of bizarre Japanese ritual at last Tuesday’s School Board meeting Superintendent Porter stoically reprimanded himself. He gave himself a 5-day suspension for not catching the thief [continue reading…]

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Feb 262016
Where Better to Spend Ten Million Tourist Tax Dollars?

by Maureen Bramlage…….. Where should $10 million in tourist tax dollars  be spent now,  if not at Peary Court?  A public-private partnership can build, at little or no cost to the City, the 70 units the  Planning Dept. has recommended for Bahama Village;  likewise 65 new units at the old Mosquito Control site. The 100 additional units at Poinciana must be done piecemeal to avoid displacing current residents, and can use the remaining $2.5 million in tourist tax dollars,  plus an additional $2 million per year [continue reading…]

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Feb 262016
About 100 Years Ago, It Was Being Said that Florida was Uninhabitable. Then Somebody Invented Mosquito Control

by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Before the Florida Keys meant sun, sea and Jimmy Buffet, they were famous for mosquitoes– dense, black clouds of them that hummed and bit without pause, spread malaria, dengue and yellow fever, and drove visitors temporarily insane with irritation. At the beginning of the 20th Century, many thought that Florida was virtually uninhabitable and could never be developed. By 1922, however, Dr. J.Y. Porter was on the job as the Florida’s first health officer and was proposing procedures to help control [continue reading…]

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