Feb 052016
Key West: Your Landlord May Owe You For Overcharging For Rent

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. Donald Roberts lives in Peary Court with his mom Ruby.   They rent one of the 48 deed restricted “affordable” units. Their situation is puzzling. With a combined annual income of under $55,850, they qualify for “low-income affordable workforce housing.” Their rent should be $1,571/month, yet they pay around $2,400/month. At that price, their 2-bedroom deed restricted affordable unit at Peary Court is pretty much market rate. So what happened to the hard fought victory that nearly four years ago “saved” 30% [continue reading…]

Feb 052016
Who Owns Peary Court?

by Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D…….. A burning question was finally asked on Wednesday (2/3/2016) in a Key West Citizen Editorial—“Who is White Street Partners?” Well, that’s the wrong question if you’re after Peary Court’s current owners. Peary Court Holdings, LP (a Delaware limited partnership)– registered in Florida as a “foreign partnership”– is Peary Court’s owner of record. However, in fact, the current partners with financial interests in Key West’s Peary Court–who together constitute its owners, include: Peary Court Holdings, LP; White St Partners; and the [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Update: Convicted Felons and Civil Rights

by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Several weeks ago, we published a story about Key West Assistant City Manager Greg Veliz’ criminal record. He is a convicted felon, having spent three years in the penitentiary back in the early 1990s on major drug charges. He and his partner in crime were caught bringing in cocaine by the boatload. As a result, he cannot vote, serve on a jury, hold public office or possess a firearm– for the rest of his life– unless he goes through the clemency [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
County to Vote on Controversial Big Coppitt Rezoning on Wednesday

by Blue Paper staff……. For the second time (in three months), land developers, led by Frank Toppino and Rockland Operations, LLC, will be asking the Monroe County Commissioners on Wednesday to alter the zoning of 14 acres of vacant land on Big Coppitt Key so that they can build 213 affordable housing units. The developer’s previous attempt at the vote was abruptly withdrawn one day prior to the November 17, 2015 BOCC agenda. The reason for the November 17 cancellation, as explained by the developer’s [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Who Knew What and When Did They Know It?

An Open Letter To The School Board Gentlemen: We are all anxiously looking forward to Superintendent Mark Porter’s report at next Tuesday’s Board meeting regarding the missing $20,000 in the daycare operation at HOB School. This is Superintendent Porter’s third try at determining what went wrong and who was responsible. They say that three times is a charm and we all expect a thorough, detailed and comprehensive exposition, the final word on the subject. I am particularly interested in the first paragraph of the report [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Man Arrested on Multiple Charges, Outstanding Warrants

  A Key West man wanted on numerous warrants was arrested Monday night after a domestic dispute on Stock Island. Sheriff’s dispatchers received a call from a pizza delivery man at about 8 p.m. He said he was delivering food to a residence on 11th Avenue at 8 p.m. He said after knocking on the door, a woman and two children inside pleaded with him to call the police. He said he left immediately and called for help. When Deputy Jorge Prince arrived, 30 year [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
An Insider's View of Being Homeless in Key West

by Sloan Bashinsky……. When Naja and Arnaud Girard asked me the other day if I was interested in writing articles about homelessness for The Blue Paper, I said I’d be happy to do that. Why not? I was homeless off and on in Key West from late 2000-late 2005, and I’ve been homeless in Key West since March of last year, 2015. I spent a lot of nights at KOTs, the city’s homeless shelter, since last March. I ate a lot of meals in the [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Harrison Gallery 30th Anniversary Celebration

Harrison Gallery 30th Anniversary Celebration Walk on White : Thursday, February 18th 6-9pm Harrison Gallery : 825 White Street In 1986, Harrison Gallery and Music was opened by sculptor Helen Harrison and her husband, Ben, a writer and musician. Over the past thirty years it has evolved into Harrison Gallery, a Key West institution that has earned a reputation as a destination for some of the best fine art in the area. The work of the Harrison’s, along with that of a select group of [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
"Unaffordable Housing"---The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

by John Donnelly……. Bamboozled, hoodwinked and indoctrinated for many years by government and developers into believing an inauthentic maxim has damaged our fragile aquatic ecosystem, while allowing the introduction of virulent toxins into our communities. Widespread fraud and deception by government officials are nothing new to the citizens of Monroe County. Research has produced evidence identifying a long-standing, cozy and quid pro quo type of relationship existing between politicians and developers. This arrangement has been eloquently described on numerous occasions in a plethora of periodicals. [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
FKOC Awards Samuel J. Kaufman

The Florida Keys Outreach (FKOC) has announced long time homeless advocate Samuel J. Kaufman as the 2016 recipient of the 10th annual Edward Capt’n Kidd Humanitarian Award to be presented April 2nd, 2016 during the Friends Of FKOC’s “A Toast to FKOC” celebrating FKOC’s 25th anniversary! The celebration will be hosted by Carolyn Sullivan and Carmelo Vitale in the Blue Room at the BottleCap. Kaufman has served on FKOC’s Board of Directors for over 15 years, including many years as the Board Chairperson. Kaufman has [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Monroe County Democrats to Host Affordable Housing Forum

The Monroe County Democratic Party is hosting a public forum to address the affordable housing crisis in Key West. The forum is non-partisan, and will begin at 6pm on Tuesday, February 23rd at the Harvey Government Center, 1200 Truman Ave, Key West, FL 33040. The general public and concerned citizens are encouraged to attend Panelists will include local experts in affordable housing development, government and agency executives, and elected officials. The forum is not associated with the Housing First PAC, and the Democratic Party of Monroe is not taking a position [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Lenepe Park, PA

by Kirby Congdon……. At Lenepe Park they had a real roller coaster but I liked the merry-go-round best. My horse even gallopped. It was in slow motion but I held on tight. Later I heard that the Lenepes were a tribe of American Indians. “Where are the Indians?” I wanted to know. “They’re dead,” I was told. “Oh. Why?” I asked, not really wanting any answer. “We killed them,” was the reply. “Oh, Why?” I inquired, not really wanting any explanation. There was a long [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
In Dubious Praise of a Litmus Test

by Kim Pederson……. With the finish of the Iowa caucuses, the 2016 presidential race is finally off and running after much pawing, prancing, whinnying, and mucking about in the paddock prior to the start. It struck me in watching the candidates (all of them) post-Iowa that it’s nearly impossible to make any kind of value judgment regarding their qualifications to be president from the words they deign to utter. So what’s left to judge our candidates on? Their behavior, of course, and in that respect [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016

by Jerome Grapel……. Oh no, not him again. Is this all there is to talk about in the world’s only Stupid Power? Whatever happened to Brittany Spears? If only Michael Jackson were still alive. Can’t we go back to those good old days when the title of this essay only pertained to card games? Please, Post Consumer Man, do you have to do this? I’m sorry — I tried my best and held out for a long time. But with the recent appearance of perhaps [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Philosophical Acceptance

  by Ray Jason……. As I sail deeper into my Middle Years, my ship of self seems to be entering the Sea of Paradox. On the one hand, I am comfortable with the inescapable termination of my physical self. But on the other hand, I am troubled by the possibility that my work – my little essays that strive to inform, awaken and inspire – will also vanish. And I do not mean that they will disappear simply because they are not perceptive or poetic [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins…continues…

Key West author Reef Perkins shares more of his hilarious book, Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins ***Trout’s Tale*** (Click here for previous chapter)  Nothing counts … unless you’re counting. It was time for Trout Bender to leave the small Florida farming town of Pooheepka. Pop. 627. Trout walked slowly toward town where he hoped to catch a bus to somewhere. Anywhere would be somewhere compared to Pooheepka. He ambled along and thought back over the last few years. Three years earlier, Trout arrived [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Peter and Will Anderson Trio in Concert at SKW - February 6

Studios of Key West  ~ 533 Eaton Street Saturday, February 6 Curtain Time: 8PM Buy Tickets Called “virtuosos on clarinet and saxophone” (New York Times), twins Peter and Will Anderson play “anything that swings,” with a style that’s fresh, creative, and in the moment. Their talents have been called upon by an impressive roster of greats, from Wynton Marsalis to the Village Vanguard Orchestra. Sponsored by William Brown, Realtor

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Feb 052016
Impromptu Classical Concerts at St. Paul's Church Featuring The Eroica Trio - February 14th

What happens when an internationally acclaimed chamber ensemble – The Eroica Trio – fly in for a concert only to find there is no piano at the concert venue upon their arrival. The Trio – Erika Nickrenz (piano), Sara Parkins (violin) and Sara Sant’Ambrogio (cello) – will perform on Sunday, February 14th at St. Paul’s Church, 4pm as guests of Impromptu Classical Concerts. At St. Paul’s, Ms. Nickrenz will find a piano, perfectly tuned, awaiting her use. Such was not the case when the Trio [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Attorney Nathan E. Eden Recognized

Nathan E. Eden Has Been Nominated and Accepted as a 2015 AIOPIA’S 10 Best in Florida For Client Satisfaction The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Florida’s Personal Injury Attorney Nathan E. Eden as 2015 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys for Client Satisfaction. The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys is a third-party attorney rating organization that publishes an annual list of the Top 10 Personal Injury attorneys in each state. Attorneys who are selected to the “10 Best” list must pass AIOPIA’s rigorous selection [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Christina's Courage 5k Race

The Christina’s Courageous 5K Challenge, a yearly event which benefits Christina’s Courage Rape and Child Abuse Center, takes place Saturday, February 13th. Come on out and join the fun! Christina’s Courage is a non-profit crisis assistance center which provides a safe, sensitive and secure place for law enforcement to take the victims of Rape and Child Abuse for help. All money raised from this event goes directly to the center. To register for this worthwhile and fun event, go to southernmostrunners.com or come to the [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
OIRF - House Tours

House Tour – Febuary 12th & 13th, 2016 10pm-4pm “Grunts, Grace and Glamour” : Like the tides that surround it, through two centuries faith and fortune have ebbed and flowed in Key West. Each change left its mark on our houses and the land around us. The February Old Island Restoration Foundation House Tour traces the stream from hard-bitten seaport and military base to favored vacation and retirement destination through five homes and a church:  411 Simonton Street, “Old Stone Church”, 321 Peacon Lane, 1030 [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Key West Mardi Gras Pub Crawl to Benefit Sister Season Fund

Celebrate Fat Tuesday and support the sister Season Fund at the annual Key West Mardi Gras Pub Crawl. The event kicks off with a pre-party at Bourbon St. Pub at 5PM on February 9th, where participants can register and pick up their T-shirts. The crawl starts at 6PM and includes stops at 801 Bourbon Bar, Aqua Nightclub, Bobby’s Monkey Bar, the Bottlecap, LaTeDa, Saloon 1, the Salty Angler, and Viva Saloon. The suggested donation is $25. The Sister Season Fund was created to help locals [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Go Wild in the Florida Keys: Outdoor Fest Offers Four Days of Fun in Four Wildlife Refuges

For anyone wanting an up-close take on the great outdoors, a celebration of the National Wildlife Refuge system in the Florida Keys is just around the subtropical bend. US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex and their Friends group FAVOR (Friends And Volunteers Of Refuges) announce their first annual Outdoor Fest—four action-packed days filled with family-friendly, mostly free outdoor adventures and hands-on activities—set for Thursday, March 17th through Sunday, March 20th. The event location spans Key West to Key Largo in [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
United Way of the Florida Keys to hold Valentine’s Day Jazz Brunch

On Sunday, February 14th, United Way of the Florida Keys will be having a Valentine’s Day Jazz Brunch at the Lobster Crawl Bar and Grill. The brunch will be from 11:30-2pm on Fiesta Key (mile marker 70) and features live music from a local jazz trio. Tickets are $65 per person or $25 per child and are available at https://www.classy.org/layton/events/valentines-day-brunch/e68524. The brunch will include an Endless Champagne and a Bloody Mary Bar, cinnamon roll French toast, local hogfish Oscar, smoked salmon platter, scrambled eggs, and [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
KWAHS Installation Reception this Friday, Feb. 5

On Friday, February 5 from 5:30PM-7:00PM, Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes the public to “I AM in Your Dream,” a reception for the exhibition inspired by artist Vera Vasek’s “Which Way Is Up” workshop in the Society’s adolescent and adult education program, “Outside The Lines.” The reception will take place at Fort East Martello on the second floor of the citadel.

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Feb 052016
Join AIDS Help on February 19th For Their 30th Anniversary!

After three decades of illness and devastating loss to the Florida Keys, the 30th anniversary of AIDS Help is not one Executive Director Scott Pridgen takes lightly. “As we prepare to recognize our 30 years at the Harry S. Truman Little White House on February 19th, we are very cognizant that there’s still no cure…there’s still no vaccine…and new incidents of HIV infection, as well as various sexually-transmitted illnesses, are on the uptick. Our work as an Agency isn’t done and in many ways, has [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
David Lowe Speaks at Library Series Feb. 15

David Garrard Lowe to Speak at Friends of the Library Lecture Series As part of its ongoing 2016 speaker series, the Friends of the Key West library will be welcoming David Garrard Lowe to the podium at the Key West Theater, 512 Eaton St. on Monday, Feb. 15 at 6:00 p.m. The lecture is open to the public, and admission is free. Doors open at 5:30. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Mr. Lowe is a well-regarded lecturer, cultural historian, and [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Wesley House Valentine's Day Gala

33rd Annual Wesley House Valentine’s Day Gala Sunday, February 14th, 2016 Curry Mansion Inn, 511 Caroline Street 6:30-9:30pm VIP Admission: $125 General Admission: $55 in Advance This Valentine’s Day, Feel the Love in the Air at Wesley House’s 33 rd Annual Valentine’s Day Gala. The performance area will boast some of Key West’s most talented performing artists such as Raven Cooper & Honey Mouth. The event will feature the island’s largest silent auction, open bar, dancing, and an elegant New Orleans themed and abundant dinner buffet designed and prepared [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
McNiece to Headline Poetry Guild Sunday

Much lauded poet, actor, singer and educator and occasional Key West visitor Ray McNiece is featured poet at the February 7 meeting of the Key West Poetry Guild, 7 p.m. Sunday, this month at a hopefully temporary new venue: One Island Family, 801 Georgia St. at the corner of Petronia. McNiece, of Cleveland, Ohio, is the author of eight books of poems and monologues, two major theater works, two music/poetry collaborations and a collaborative theatre work. The Orlando Sentinel, reporting on Ray’s solo show at [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4 thru WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Visit keysarts.com, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. Key West Happenings ARTISTS RECEPTIONS/EXHIBITIONS Thursday Michael Norviel and Christine Cordone Art Show, 5 PM Art@830 Gallery, 830 Caroline St. 305-295-9595. art830.com Carol Tedesco and Deborah Goldman, Layers Opening Reception, 6 PM KEPart Studio – Gallery, 534 Fleming St. 305-890-6991. kepart.com KW Skin by Michael A. Philip Opeing Reception, 6 PM The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458. tskw.org Lucy Paige Opening Reception, 6 [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Fri Feb 5 Opening Reception for Wayne Lind-Featured Artist Exhibit at the Key West Art Center

Wayne Lind: Featured Artist Exhibit at the Key West Art Center Opening Reception Friday, February 5, 2016, 5 – 7 pm New work by Key West artist Wayne Lind will be the subject of Key West Art Center Gallery’s Featured Artist Show running February 5 – 17th. The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Friday, February 5th, 5 to 7 pm. The exhibit will be on display from January 22nd through February 3rd. A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, watercolorist Wayne Lind [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Key West Art & Historical Society to Present the Film “Whisky Galore” at the Custom House Museum

The Key West Art & Historical Society will present “Whisky Galore!” (released in the US as “Tight Little Island”) at 6:00pm on Thursday, February 18 in the Helmerich Research & Learning Center at the Custom House Museum, 281 Front Street. The 1949 film is a lighthearted and exaggerated comedy directed by Alexander Mackendrick, starring Basil Radford, Joan Greenwood, Gordon Jackson and Catherine Lacey and is based on a true story of Scottish islanders who attempt to plunder many thousands of cases of whiskey from a [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
KWHS Presents Monthly Lunchtime Lecture Series: Bars, Brews & Blues: Carousing in Key West Exhibit Case Study First in Line

Key West Art & Historical Society presents the first of three monthly Lunchtime Lecture Series on Wednesday, February 17 from 12:00pm-1:00pm at the Custom House Museum on 281 Front Street. The Series will offer attendees a behind the scene’s perspective of The Society’s curatorial department, Curator Cori Convertito’s unique approach to collections management, and how exhibits are created. The first in the Series features a discussion about the creative process behind the exhibit Bars, Brews & Blues: Carousing in Key West. “For our series last [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
Christine Fifer to Address Key West Art Center Membership

Friday, February 12, 2016 Member Meeting 3:30 pm, Fifer’s presentation 4:00 pm Key West Art Center, 301 Front St., Key West Local painter Christine Fifer will address the membership of the Key West Art Center at their monthly meeting on Friday, February 12th. Christine says she “tends to paint very realistically, and in enamel, because it gives the pieces a deep rich sheen that makes them feel like they have age, and a history.” Christine will introduce and discuss some recently completed commissions and new [continue reading…]

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