Jan 292016
The Bookie, The School District, and The Green Parrot

Commentary by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. The School Board is still scrambling to unravel the mystery of $20,000 in day-care funds that went missing over a year ago. Let’s put this amount into perspective. The annual 2015/2016 budget for the Monroe County School District is $163.7 Million.   This amount includes 95.1 Million for operations and 26.8 Million for capital improvements. How seriously is the School District guarding that money? Meet Joseph Clements.

Jan 292016
Me and Mel

by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Anyone who might want to make a list of the most famous people who have ever lived in Key West would have to include treasure salvor Mel Fisher fairly high on the list. Even I had heard of him when I sailed into Key West on my sailboat for the first time in 1979. Although he had not yet found the mother lode of the treasure known to be aboard the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha which sank off the [continue reading…]

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Jan 292016
UPDATE: Two More Counterfeit Bills Passed

UPDATE January 29 4:56 pm: Two more counterfeit bills reported Two more Key Largo salons have reported receiving counterfeit $100 bills under similar circumstances, bringing the total so far to four of the fake bills passed in the Key Largo area this week. In all four cases a man fitting a similar description has entered hair or nail salons and has purchased gift certificates for $40 – $50 using a fake $100 bill and receiving cash for the balance. The most recent two cases to [continue reading…]

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