Jan 012016
AN ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER WHO CAN'T VOTE -- or Serve on a Jury, or Hold Public Office or Possess a Firearm. So What's the Big Deal? This is Key West, After All

Journalism as a Contact Sport Commentary by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. If you are convicted of a felony in Florida, you lose more than your freedom for a few years (or more than a few years)– you lose a number of civil rights– like voting, serving on a jury, holding public office and possessing a firearm. And you lose those rights forever– although there is a clemency process through which convicted felons may seek restoration of their rights. Key West Assistant City Manager Greg Veliz is [continue reading…]

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Jan 012016
To Monroe County Taxpayers and School Board: How the Early Learning Center’s Shortfall Gets ‘Disappeared’

by Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D……. Today’s Citizen (1/1/2016) reports that a Monroe County School System computer technician, Joseph Patrick Clements—nicknamed, “Joe Weed”—has been running a sports betting operation with “over $10,000 a week in wagers.” This was big enough to bring in the FDLE, FBI, DEA, and Homeland Security. “Joe Weed’s” alleged gambling operation was–guess what?: discovered in December 2014, the same month that the ELC’s ‘disappeared’ shortfall was revealed by a Horace O’Bryant Principal. Criminology 101: Illegal gambling schemes often lead losers’ with debts [continue reading…]

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