Dec 252015

by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. The Christmas holidays. A wonderful time of the year, wherever you are. But celebrating Christmas in Key West is, well, sort of surreal– even for those who were born here and those of us who have lived here for years. And for those who are visiting here for the holidays, it has to be really strange to be walking around among all the Christmas decorations in the bars and stores and seeing those big candy canes hanging on the lamp posts [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015
Islamorada Man Charged With Attempted Murder

An Islamorada man is in jail, charged with attempting to murder his neighbor shortly after midnight on Christmas Eve. Deputies Michael Onsgard, Garrett Test and Titus Hodges responded to 82207 Overseas Highway in Islamorada just before 1 a.m. after the victim called to report being stabbed with a knife. When the deputies arrived, they initially located the victim, 36 year old Hector Vasquez, and two witnesses. The suspect, 38 year old Juan Ocampo Medina was found nearby. The victim and two witnesses all said Medina [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015
KW Resort Utilities Wants a 98% Increase

Dear Editor, In 2007 KW Resort (KWR) tried to increase our utility rates. Citizens protested, we went to court and the judge found KWR overcharging. Let’s not forget who we’re dealing with. At public meeting December 10th good information was shared KW Resort wants to build 2 shallow wastewater wells in Stock Island. Last Stand has proven these are not effective in treating the water. Deeper injection wells should be built. This is more money and KWR doesn’t want to do this. There’s a lawsuit [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015
Open Letter to Monroe County School Board

Gentlemen: I must confess that I am more than a bit confused. 1. You have told the public that Richard Fechter, a forensic auditor and lawyer, will be investigating the missing funds at the HOB daycare center. Yet, according to newspaper reports, you have not signed a contract with Mr. Fechter and, in that regard, have yet to determine the cost and parameters of his investigation. Phrased differently, you have not told Mr. Fechter exactly what you would like done and when you would expect [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015
Appliance Replacement at Peary Court

Friends: Supporters of the purchase of Peary Court by the City of Key West have emphasized that ALL rental income will be used to retire the bonds issued in the purchase. That has concerned me from Day 1 because there will be significant maintenance issues over the years, particularly when you consider that the units are already 20 years old. For example, the life of a typical roof is 20 years. My home is 25 years old and I have had to remodel both the [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015
A Pantheist Looks at Christmas

by Ray Jason……. As soon as I finish this essay and send it out into the world to find its way, I will begin my own private Christmas celebration. I will cast off the dock-lines, hoist the sails and head off to a little cove that will bequeath me the wondrous gift of Solitude. My only companions will be the creatures of the Sea and the Sky and an occasional fisherman drifting by in a cayuco. What I will be seeking in this isolation is [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015
SHAL Staff Goes The Extra Mile for Homeless Client

Sight Restored For Christmas In early December, SHAL Case Manager Amy Yancich asked for permission to take several full days to drive an unsheltered homeless client, whose street name is “Porter,” to Miami for a series of visits to ophthalmologists and laser surgeons in order to get him sight-restoring cataract surgery. Porter’s vision had become so poor he was left essentially blind on the streets of Key West, unable any longer to make his way to the SHAL Emergency Shelter on Stock Island. Because there was limited assistance available in the [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015
Make This a Happy Holiday Season – Don’t Drink and Drive

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will be out in force watching out for drunk and unsafe drivers during this last week before Christmas and during the rest of the month of December with the goal of making sure holiday travel is as safe as possible here in the Florida Keys. Deputies will be concentrating their efforts on drunk drivers, improper passing and other unsafe driving practices throughout the upcoming season in an effort to save lives and make this holiday season a safe and enjoyable [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015
As Yet, No Title!

by Kirby Congdon……. We have had the Victorian period and World War I, to which we reacted with the roaring twenties when my mother exposed her ankles for the first time. Then everything went askew and the Depression affected everyone. The revival of self-confidence came with World War II. This was disrupted with the Beats in literature, and let us not forget Sigmund Freud with his exposure of the ego or Karen Horney’s investigations in the psychosomatic. Both of them brought forward the characters we are [continue reading…]

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Dec 252015

by Jerome Grapel……. (This essay was written in the late 90’s) I’ve been writing this series of essays long enough to have passed through a number of Christmas seasons. It is only now, after the accrued confidence garnered in elaborating this mounting slush of chicken soup philosophy, that I feel strong enough to take on this despotic colossus that has become such a powerful force in our culture. Given what I’ve written in these pages over the last few years, it should come as no [continue reading…]

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