Nov 272015
Marathon: Man Airlifted After Fight; Others Attack Responding Deputies

One man was airlifted to a Miami hospital for injuries he sustained in an altercation on 15th Street in Marathon just before midnight Wednesday. Several men were arrested after they attacked deputies attempting to investigate the circumstances of his injuries. Deputies responded to reports of a fight and found the victim, 48 year old Ignacio Echererria Aguila, lying in the middle of the road. He had severe injuries to his face, including swelling, bruising and lacerations. Paramedics responded and transported him to Fishermen’s Hospital after [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
District I Community Meeting, December 3rd / Topic:  Peary Court

City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley will convene a District I meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, December 3rd at the Key West Ferry Terminal.Commissioner Weekley has called this community meeting to discuss the future of Peary Court. The meeting is open to the public, and District I residents are especially encouraged to attend.

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Nov 272015
An Eclectic Potpourri of History at the Little Library on Fleming Street

by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Back in another life, one of the things I did to make a couple of bucks was to write history books for companies and organizations. All that was required was that they actually had histories (usually a couple of file drawers of old photos and documents)– and money to pay me and the printer. Clients included a symphony orchestra, a regional telephone company and a Bahamian resort. During a visit to Washington DC a couple of years ago, it was a [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
How Influential Was the City Attorney in Canvassing Board's Bob Dean Decision?

HERE’S WHAT THE BLUE PAPER ASKED THE CITY ATTORNEY ABOUT THE CANVASSING BOARD’S DECISION SHAWN: I am drafting a potential opinion piece concerning the concept that the City Attorney is the most powerful person in city government. Before you read the rest of this email, know that I consider you one of the best city attorneys in the city’s history and your longevity in the job speaks to that. One reason I feel this way is that I know you have gone out of your way [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
“The Land Where the Blues Began” / Custom House Museum Explores Roots of the Blues

Thursday, December 3 at 6pm the acclaimed film “The Land Where the Blues Began” will be screened in the Helmerich Research & Learning Center on the third floor of the Custom House Museum, 281 Front Street, followed by a post-film discussion led by celebrated Key West-based musician Larry Baeder who has performed world-wide with giants of blues, soul and rock n’ roll. Key West Art & Historical Society Board member Michael Shields, who is director and host of the ongoing film series, “Art as History, [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
Florida Manatees Get Scrooged for the Holidays

Chamber of Commerce Pressures Delay of Manatee “Swim-With” Safeguards Industry pressure has blocked implementation of steps to protect endangered Florida manatees from harassment by “swim with the manatees” tourists, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). As a result, hordes of swimmers may drive manatees from the warm spring refuges critical to their survival as winter nears. This September, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced plans to significantly limit the number of tour operator permits issued, require trained guides to accompany a maximum [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
Institute for Regional Conservation Holding Free Workshop in Key West

The Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC), a nonprofit dedicated to the protection, restoration, and long-term management of biodiversity, announced that they will hold a free workshop focused on Invasive Exotic Plant Identification and Removal on Saturday, December 5th from 9 am to 12 pm. In an effort to get local homeowners involved in long-term conservation in the Florida Keys, IRC will be holding a workshop aimed at teaching residents of the Keys how to correctly identify and successfully remove invasive exotic plant species found within [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
Thanks Anyway

by Kim Pederson……. This is the week when many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that commemorates the original gustatory sitdown of the pilgrims of Plymouth with their Native American friends and benefactors in 1621. If you looked around while you were out shopping trying to get a jump on Black Friday, you might just have seen some Thanksgiving decorations — cardboard cutouts of autumn leaves, sheaves of grain, and turkeys wearing pilgrim hats — peeking out sheepishly from among the blinking Christmas trees, dancing [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
The Invisible Frenzy

by Ray Jason……. It was a genuine “laugh until you cry” moment. Two of my absolute favorite people and their son were sitting across from me in a plush Palo Alto restaurant. Five minutes into our meal I looked across at them and was astounded. Spontaneously, but quietly, I leaned towards them and said, “Good god, you eat like refugees!” They laughed heartily and acknowledged that their lives are so dominated by the need to constantly hurry, that they barely notice how revved up they [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
The Divided States of Embarrassment

by Alex Symington……. I cannot begin to register the depth of my disgust with those of our elected officials denying sanctuary to men, women and children that have lost everything, except for their lives, in the Syrian civil war. The post Paris fear mongering has surpassed 9/11 proportions of hysteria and, is as misguided and wrong headed as was the focus of our retaliation for that event. In point of fact, that baseless reaction created the very thing that today is causing us to go off [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
Domestic Violence & the NFL

by Jerome Grapel……. Masculine gender violence has become a high profile issue in our society, made even more salient by the rash of such behavior originating in the culture of professional football. That such behavior seems to exceed the average in this environment is not that surprising. I’ve had the opportunity to be an athletic participant at a large university. Although each sport is a segregated activity, all the athletes play under the umbrella of a single institution and a particular Athletic Director. This creates [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
More Talk

by Kirby Congdon……. As a new book on him has it, St. Augustine bounced around intellectually in his search for stability and establishing that word “happiness.” An interviewer of my own life referred in passing to the need for young writers to write poems that meet a “professional” standard. I took that as a kind reference to me but I rudely blurted out, “Forget about trying to be professional. Write for its own sake” — not for the sake of other people’s categorization of you. Achievements, recognition, approval through a title, [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
Photographer Rob O’Neal Presents Gallery Talk as Part of KWAHS Distinguished Speaker Series

On Thursday, December 10, from 6:00pm-7:00pm, Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes the public to a gallery talk and sneak preview with photographer Rob O’Neal. The professional photojournalist’s presentation will be based on his new exhibit at the Custom House Museum— “Islands in the (Gulf) Stream: A photography exhibit of Key West & Cuba,” which launches with an opening celebration the following evening, December 11. O’Neal has captured the heart and soul of Key West and Cuba for more than 16 years with both [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins…continues…

Key West author Reef Perkins shares more of his hilarious book, Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins ***Key West*** (Click here for previous chapter) Blu, Fakyah and the Ferd made it to Key West where they happily pissed Blu’s four-hundred dollar winnings away. Blu tried to call his Uncle Bagwidth several times, but all he got was a message saying “It’s a good day to die, don’t bother leaving a message.” Blu and Fakyah holed up in the El Rauncho Motel for three nights. [continue reading…]

Nov 272015
Tunatoons –  Laurence and the Sea Creatures are Becoming Garbage Terrorists

by Richard (Tuna) Rohe……. Adding together 192 countries dumping their garbage in the oceans, science estimates 4 million to 12 million metric tons of plastic a year! Laurence Lobster and his Sea Creatures are gathering together to become GARBAGE TERRORISTS and plan to attack the plastic Industries? Well maybe?

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Nov 272015
Inaugural New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball and $10,000 50/50 Drawing

New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball and $10,000 50/50 Drawing to benefit Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of the Florida Keys (VNA/Hospice). December 31 marks the inaugural NEW YEAR’S EVE MASQUERADE BALL, a new signature benefit for Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice of the Florida Keys and a chance to win up to $10,000 in our limited ticket 50/50 Drawing. The NEW YEAR’S EVE MASQUERADE BALL, hosted by Jack Smith of Pirate Radio, can best be described as an evening of elegant mystique. A combination of the [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
Ben Harrison’s Latest Album, Destino, Just Released

From epic to mariachi, Ben’s 9th studio album, Destino, shares colorful musical stories, many about infamous Key West characters and locales. Love, barrooms, and the ocean, play a large part in these rhythmic adventures, with a little “Adult Entertainment” thrown in for good measure. Ben Harrison is an author, musician, and playwright, who has been performing in Key West since 1979, when he and his wife, Helen, arrived on the thirty-eight foot sailboat they built in Costa Rica. They also own and operate Harrison Gallery, [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
Judi Bradford Named 2016 NICHE Award Finalist

Artist Judi Bradford of Key West, Florida has been selected as a finalist in the 2016 NICHE Awards for the piece entitled Raspberry Crest in the Fashion Accessories category. Only 180 entries out of more than 1,600 submissions were named as finalists in this year’s competition. The awards program is sponsored by NICHE magazine, the exclusive trade publication for independent retailers. Now in its 26th year, the NICHE Awards program began in 1989 to recognize the outstanding creative achievements of American craft artists who produce [continue reading…]

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Nov 272015
JJ Grey & Mofro Concert at Fort East Martello – Call for Vendors and Volunteers

Volunteers and vendors are sought for the Saturday, January 2 Key West Concerts presentation of “An Evening with JJ Grey & Mofro,” hosted by Key West Art & Historical Society at the historic Fort East Martello at 3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd. The band, which tours widely with more than 120 live shows a year, have been lauded in major media outlets such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal and NPR for their soulful blend of blues, rock, folk, funk, gospel, R&B and Southern-inspired narratives. [continue reading…]

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