Nov 202015
State:  What the Hell is Going on in the Keys? Must be "Other Forces at Work"

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. The State’s Variance Review Committee blasted the local Health Department, questioning officals’ apathy in letting the Boondocks Grill, Draft House and Miniature Golf on Ramrod Key expand and operate, for years, without requiring a proper sewage disposal system. The landmark restaurant had a septic tank/leach field system permitted for 65 seats, but along the years they expanded the restaurant, increasing to 210 seats and paved over the leach field in the process. The Blue Paper obtained the audio recording of the [continue reading…]

Nov 202015

by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Last July, the City Commission amended Chap. 42 of the City’s Code of Ordinances to give police officers more discretion when busting people caught with very small quantities of marijuana. Rather than arresting and hauling off to jail people found with less than 20 grams (less than an ounce), officers now have the discretion to, instead, issue a civil citation– like a traffic ticket. Rather than possibly ending up with a criminal record, these individuals would simply pay a $100 fine.. [continue reading…]

Nov 202015
Sheriff’s Detectives Investigate Wild Bird Center Break-Ins

Sheriff’s detectives are currently investigating break-ins at two affiliated businesses in the Upper Keys, the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center’s Sanctuary and the Mission Wild Bird Hospital. Sheriff’s deputies responded to both locations Thursday morning, where they discovered suspects had forcibly entered the buildings and had taken tools, keys and office equipment. The investigation is continuing. Anyone with information about the case should contact Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys. Tipsters can remain anonymous and, if a tip leads to an arrest in the case, the [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Montford Point Marines Day: Honoring Key West African American Marines

Mayor Craig Cates and Commissioner Clayton Lopez Tuesday designated November 17th as Montford Point Marines Day in honor of the at least eight Key West men who served in that segregated Unit. In 1942, President Roosevelt established a presidential directive giving African Americans an opportunity to be recruited into the Marine Corps. These African Americans were segregated — experiencing basic training at Montford Point — a facility at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina where approximately twenty thousand African American Marines received basic training at between 1942 [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
New Fantasy Fest Contract

Dear Editor, The City’s five year contract for the running of Fantasy Fest with the TDA (Tourist Development Association) expired. The Commissioners have the opportunity to reshape this home grown festival to suit the unique needs of this community, to begin with going forward I would first suggest a 2 year vs. 5 year contract. The old contract with the City was only for a 2 day festival with 3 events (Street Fair, Masquerade March and Parade) however the TDA collected fees and sponsorships for [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Who's the Villain Here?

Dear Editor, Taxpayers of Monroe County, just to put the record straight, it’s the Monroe County government and the Monroe County BOCC that are the cause of the grinder pumps, the extortion to have the FKAA obtain an easement to put Monroe Counties grinder pumps (Yes those grinder pumps BELONG to Monroe County) on your property. It’s Monroe County that refuses to pay for traffic bearing lids so their grinder pumps could go in the ROW like Monroe County paid for the lids for the [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015

For the people of Kiribati, climate change isn’t something to be debated, denied or legislated against — it’s an everyday reality. The low-lying Pacific island nation may soon be underwater, thanks to rising sea levels. In a personal conversation with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Kiribati President Anote Tong discusses his country’s present climate catastrophe and its imperiled future. “In order to deal with climate change, there’s got to be sacrifice. There’s got to be commitment,” he says. “We’ve got to tell people that the world [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Time to Sign Up for Health Insurance

by Janet Trautwein……. The Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges opened for business earlier this month. Now, millions of Americans who do not get coverage through work have the opportunity to shop for policies that will take effect in 2016. But they only have a few months to do so. This open enrollment period will end on January 31, 2016. Those who currently lack insurance should sign up without delay. And those who have had coverage this year should investigate whether there’s a better deal [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015

The Mission of the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition is to provide homeless individuals and families with the resources and opportunities by which to attain residential, financial and personal stability and self-sufficiency. The FKOC further seeks to address the underlying causes of homelessness and work toward its elimination in Monroe County, Florida .

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Nov 202015
Paris (Beirut Kenya Yemen Nigeria)

by Alex Symington……. I don’t want to write about the Paris attacks, but I feel compelled because, like effective therapy, writing and talking about a horror make it real and once made real it can be exorcised. Upon learning the identity of those responsible for these vile murders, as if on cue, France’s President Hollande vowed “to retaliate with a pitiless war on the terrorists.” Really? Just what has the West been doing up to this point in time? Baking cakes and sending flowers? Can [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
This is Fear Mongering

ACLU Sends Letter to Congress About Syrian Refugee Resettlement Over 20 U.S. governors and federal lawmakers have attempted to draw a link between the tragedy in Paris and the admission and resettlement of Syrian refugees in the U.S. It would violate the Constitution for a governor to bar an entire group of refugees from coming into their state because of their nationality. Yesterday, the ACLU sent a letter to the House and Senate expressing support for the U.S. refugee resettlement program. It urges members of [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Paris: No Grave Too Warm for the Political Class to Dance On

by Thomas L. Knapp……. For a columnist or pundit, there’s no greater temptation than to get something written — Quick! Now! — about the latest, greatest, deadliest catastrophe. After all, if it bleeds it leads. I felt that urge the night of the Paris terror attacks. For once, I resisted. I wanted more information. I wanted to see how the usual suspects responded. I wanted to see whether or not my own immediate assumptions and predictions would hold up before I held forth. Unfortunately, my [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Losing The War On Terror//There's No Substitute For Victory//Let It Be...

by John Donnelly……. A hungry tiger cannot be reasoned with. Animals of a predatory nature thirst for blood and crave flesh. Their drives to sustain life are the primary focus of their existence. It’s under this imperative that they roam the earth. Precociously confronting the evolutionary drives of such creatures, under a   hypnotic  maze of misinformation, causes injury and death. Gravelike unawareness, bordering on the ignorant, is destructive and dangerous.  When such obtuseness insolently masquerades itself as truth, via the instruments of corrupted leadership within the white house, [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015

by Kirby Congdon……. As this journalist remarked to his spouse, writing this column, with one thing or another, makes me find out who I am. When you get over that first thrill of finding a compatible editor who will even print your work, you begin to see yourself as a public person. (I assume this is the same for any endeavor.) Another approach on that, may I say, is to look back in your files and reread what you said in public decades ago. My partner and I are [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
We, Not Jeb, Can Fix It!

by Kim Pederson……. One of my editing clients has written an ambitious book based on his 2012 presidential election blog. In it, he encourages his readers to employ the tenets of critical thinking to help them decide who the next president of the United States should be. More importantly, he teaches them what these tenets are and how to apply them during the electoral process. What could be better for America than if every citizen took this approach to voting, although it might result, in [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins…continues…

Key West author Reef Perkins shares more of his hilarious book, Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins ***Meanwhile***   A phone rang in Miami. Pepto Ramirez, known as “El Gran Frijole” in the Mexican drug cartel, was an illegal gangster res-hiding in Miami. Pepto and his Mexican bodyguard, Truman Chipotle, were holed up in a cheap one-room apartment at the Sweaty Palms Boatel, downtown near the Dick Dock Bar. They looked at each other over warm Pabst Blue Ribbon beers. “I’m loving deez Miami [continue reading…]

Nov 202015
Tunatoons – Laurence the Lobster… Houses Underwater

by Richard (Tuna) Rohe……. The oil and gas industry is freely dumping gas into our atmosphere like an open sewer for decades. For 20 years, the industry is effecting the climate with methane that is 86 times worse than CO2. Meanwhile, the oceans are rising… and Laurence the Lobster Real Estate is taking advantage of the underwater houses.

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Nov 202015
Mayor Recognizes Island Home Care

Mayor Craig Cates has proclaimed November as National Home Care month in recognition of the dedicated people in our community who provide this vital service. Home care services provide compassionate health care services that allow families to stay together while providing an alternative to institution-based health care for acute and chronic illness. “Home care is the most preferred method of health care delivery among disabled, elderly, and chronically ill individuals eager to live independently in their own homes as long as they possibly can,” reads [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Eric Anfinson Paintings 2016 Calendar Release Celebrated at Salt Island Provisions

On Saturday, November 28, Eric Anfinson’s 6th annual calendar of paintings will be released at Salt Island Provisions on 830 Fleming Street from 6pm – 9 pm, with a celebration to include refreshments and live music from acoustic singer-songwriter Lance Taylor. The 2016 calendar features thirteen original oil paintings that showcase Anfinson’s distinct figurative style with a curated selection of the artist’s work from the year leading up to the calendar’s release. ”Each year there is a decision to be made about the feel of [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Wine & Sign Celebration Tuesday for Writer/Historian Brewster Chamberlin's Newly Published Work, "The Hemingway Log: A Chronology of His Life and Times"

Key West Art & Historical Society hosts writer and historian Brewster Chamberlin on Tuesday, November 17 from 6:00PM – 7:00PM at the Custom House Museum to celebrate the launch of his new book, The Hemingway Log: A Chronology of His Life and Times. With more than a decade’s worth of research before going to print, Chamberlain draws on biographies, memoirs, collections, websites, and a full range of original sources such as letters, fishing logs, notebooks and manuscripts to present an accurate and extensive chronology sure [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
2nd Annual PeaceJam Beach Bash

Keys to Be the Change, a non-profit Youth Empowerment organization serving the Monroe County School District, sponsored their 2nd Annual PeaceJam Beach Bash on Sunday, November 15th at Higgs Beach in Key West. Students from Key West High School and Marathon Middle/High School converged to participate in this leadership building event. Jaime Bayo, International Emcee for PeaceJam International, was on hand to lead the youth in this inspirational day. The message that was exchanged was that of the Power of One. PeaceJam is spreading their [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
The KWFF Weekend Program

Next weekend at the Key West Film Festival brings a packed schedule of films, inspired by our Critics Focus, and events. Whether you’re kicking back in a theatre, enjoying the scene on Duval Street, or rubbing shoulders with the visiting celebrities, you’re sure to find something appealing. Saturday, November 21: Florida Film Student Showcase Finals, Spotlight on Carol, and more. Saturday’s movies kick off at noon with Rams. Other films that screen midday include I Am Michael, The Armor of Light, and Sundance Shorts. Afternoon [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Coming Live from New Orleans:  Dirty Bourbon River Show

You’re listening to a track from the group’s most recent album release, Important Things Humans Should Know. The tune is called Ezmerelda. “A circus-like barrage of sound serving as entrance music for a magical mystery tour of whiskey-soaked French Quarter back alleys” – Rory Callais, Offbeat The Local Shows: Wednesday, Thursday, December 2-3: The Green Parrot, 601 Whitehead St., Key West, FL 9 pm on 12/2, 6 and 9 pm on 12/3 no cover Taking it back on the road after their acclaimed (AXS, mxdwn) IMPORTANT THINGS HUMANS [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Local Jazz Legend Beats Cancer, Returns to the Stage

Jazz Legend Michael Gillis Beats Cancer, Returns to the Stage. What: Local Jazz Legend beats cancer, returns to stage When: 3:30pm Friday, Nov 20th 2015 Where: 525 United Street, Key West FL 33040 – The Patio Bar Cost: Free Admission & All Ages It’s been a hell of a year for Michael Gillis. While in the hospital fighting stage 4 cancer, he endured emergency surgery on his back when an infection was discovered that was dissolving his spine. A few weeks after surgery his [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your dining and dancing pleasure … Salute! On The Beach and Steve Gibson present: Stefano on the mandolino, playing favorite Italian tunes, country dance melodies from the Abruzzo region, and also music from Greece, Russia, France, and the Caribbean, to enhance your evening out on the town. Enjoy delicious bistro food, a beautiful view of the sea, and delightful music, all at once. This is the best place to start the weekend. Yes, dancing is encouraged – just try [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

Thursday, November 19 thru Wednesday, November 25 Visit, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. Key West Happenings ARTISTS RECEPTIONS/EXHIBITIONS Thursday Harrison Gallery Presents Holst + Langer, 6 PM Artisans, design and produce wearable works of art. Harrison Gallery, 825 White St. 305-294-0609. Thursday Walk on White Gallery Walk, 6 PM Exhibitions & receptions at galleries & shops along White St, including Artists @ the Armory, Harrison Gallery, Stone Soup Gallery, Lucky Street Gallery & hIPSO facto at the Coffee [continue reading…]

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Nov 202015
No Bus Service on Thanksgiving

Trash and recycle pickup within the city limits of Key West will not be affected by the upcoming holidays. There will be regular pickup of trash on Thanksgiving Day. The Key West Department of Transportation wants to remind the community that there will be no bus service on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26th, to allow employees time off for the holiday to spend with their families. Bus service will resume on Friday, Nov. 27th. Key West City offices will be closed Thursday and Friday, resuming normal [continue reading…]

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