Oct 232015
What You May Not Know About the Citizen Review Board

by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. The Citizen Review Board (CRB) is a big deal. Now 13 years old, the CRB is an independent city agency with the authority to investigate complaints involving Key West police officers. The reason this is a big deal is that, before 2002, there was no such agency here. Citizen complaints often just disappeared into a black hole inside the Key West Police Department (KWPD). What you may not know about the CRB is that it is unique among City departments, boards [continue reading…]

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Oct 232015

One of our readers pointed out an error in a recent story that involved Bob Dean’s service on the board of the Key West Housing Authority. The story should have reported that Dean receives no pay or benefits from the Housing Authority. All the members of that board are volunteers.

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Oct 232015
Commies and Socialists and Maniacs, Oh My!

by Alex Symington……. In his typical tedious and malicious style, Donald Trump called Bernie Sanders a “maniac” and a “communist.” When asked for a response, Sanders’ press secretary, Symone Sanders (no relation) said this about the school yard bully’s aspersions, “If we weighed in every time Donald Trump said something stupid we wouldn’t have time to do anything else.” Symone is wise beyond her twenty five years (and funny). I bring this up as an example of the confusion Trump and many others have in [continue reading…]

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