Oct 162015
State Attorney Will Take No Further Action in the Bob Dean Case

STATE ATTORNEY SPOKESMAN: “WE STILL THINK IT’S OBVIOUS THAT ROBERT DEAN LIVES IN KEY HAVEN.” BUT, BY LAW, THAT OPINION IS TRUMPED BY THE CANVASSING BOARD. Commentary by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. A couple of weeks ago, Bob Dean– through his attorney, Michael Halpern– virtually slapped State Attorney Catherine Vogel right in the face. Following a voting fraud investigation last month, Vogel concluded that Dean may have been voting illegally in Key West for years– because, she said, he doesn’t live in Key West. He lives [continue reading…]

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Oct 162015
1980: Refugee Crisis in Key West

History by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. The refugee crisis in Europe has been much in the national news in recent months. An estimated half million refugees from the Middle East– especially from war-torn Syria– have flooded into Europe and governments there are struggling to cope. If you were living in Key West in 1980, you will recall that, back then, we had a similar refugee crisis here, although on a smaller scale. The so-called Mariel Boatlift brought as many as 125,000 refugees from Cuba to Key [continue reading…]

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Oct 162015
WASTEWATER WORRIES: Scientists Say Treatment Plants Are Breeding Grounds For "Super Bugs"

Here in the Keys the debate over what to do with our wastewater often centers around nutrients and their effect on the offshore natural environment.  But, according to scientists that’s just one small part of why this issue is so important. Learn what scientists and engineers already know about wastewater treatment plants and the role they play in the proliferation of life threatening antibiotic resistant ” Super Bugs” and find out about a new project aimed at providing practical solutions to this worldwide problem.  Cleaning [continue reading…]

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