Sep 042015
Why Did They Lie?

Why did they lie? It was a simple matter: Whether Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority board member Melva Wagner was still living in the Keys or whether she had moved out of her house [in foreclosure] on Summerland Key and settled up the coast, in Naples. What meant so much to FKAA that its attorneys would go along with a deceptively complicated story about a homestead declaration and claim, so recklessly, that Wagner was still a bonafide member of the FKAA Board of Directors? It has been [continue reading…]

Sep 042015
Justice Department - Please Bid Our Pleas To Cleanse & Correct Wrongs...

by John Donnelly……. Words are insufficient in describing the outrage felt by citizens from all walks of life, regarding the lenient consequences dealt out to Special Agent Kathy Smith by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement; resultant from her misconduct. Many are inflamed by the degree of deception and malfeasance characterized by this misconduct; for which she received a 5 day suspension. Prior to this punishment, she was on a 91/2 month paid vacation (suspended with pay). Her $93,000 yearly salary, would bring it to [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Hometown!'s Question and Answer Forum

Who: Candidates for Key West City Commission, and Utility Board Where: Tropic Cinema, Carper Theater, 416 Eaton Street When: Wednesday, September 9, from 5:00 – 7:30 pm What: A great event as Candidates are questioned by political pundits The panelists for this event will be: Bill Becker, the radio voice of US1 Radio, 104.1 FM and the highly rated Morning Magazine program Kay Harris, Editor of The Key West Citizen Rev. Dr. Randy Becker, Minister to ONE ISLAND FAMILY (The Southernmost Unitarian Universalist Congregation) Mary [continue reading…]

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