Sep 042015
Why Did They Lie?

Why did they lie? It was a simple matter: Whether Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority board member Melva Wagner was still living in the Keys or whether she had moved out of her house [in foreclosure] on Summerland Key and settled up the coast, in Naples. What meant so much to FKAA that its attorneys would go along with a deceptively complicated story about a homestead declaration and claim, so recklessly, that Wagner was still a bonafide member of the FKAA Board of Directors? It has been [continue reading…]

Sep 042015
Justice Department - Please Bid Our Pleas To Cleanse & Correct Wrongs...

by John Donnelly……. Words are insufficient in describing the outrage felt by citizens from all walks of life, regarding the lenient consequences dealt out to Special Agent Kathy Smith by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement; resultant from her misconduct. Many are inflamed by the degree of deception and malfeasance characterized by this misconduct; for which she received a 5 day suspension. Prior to this punishment, she was on a 91/2 month paid vacation (suspended with pay). Her $93,000 yearly salary, would bring it to [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Hometown!'s Question and Answer Forum

Who: Candidates for Key West City Commission, and Utility Board Where: Tropic Cinema, Carper Theater, 416 Eaton Street When: Wednesday, September 9, from 5:00 – 7:30 pm What: A great event as Candidates are questioned by political pundits The panelists for this event will be: Bill Becker, the radio voice of US1 Radio, 104.1 FM and the highly rated Morning Magazine program Kay Harris, Editor of The Key West Citizen Rev. Dr. Randy Becker, Minister to ONE ISLAND FAMILY (The Southernmost Unitarian Universalist Congregation) Mary [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Fact or Feeling?

by Alex Symington……. I wrote an essay about a year ago on the physiological difference between the conservative and liberal mind and how information and external data are processed. I won’t rehash it except to say, wow, they are different. Being of the liberal persuasion, I’ll give you my take on the simple question, “How are you?” When someone asks me that, I might pause and think about it. First, the answer depends on who’s asking. If it is a casual acquaintance or a stranger [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Just So Much Water Down the...

by Kim Pederson……. I was thinking of a Bo Diddly song just now, “Who Do You Love?” (written by Diddly as Ellas McDaniel). If you don’t know Bo’s version, you might remember the one done by George Thorogood or even the “homage” of sorts done by YG/Drake. The song title came into my head a little differently this time: “Who Do You Trust?” instead of “Love.” (“Believe” would have been a more accurate word than “Trust” but it doesn’t scan.) These mental gyrations occurred in [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Stieg Larsson and Lorenzo Silva

by Jerome Grapel……. (This is an essay I wrote about 4 years ago. I had no intention of posting it at this time until I read Martha Huggins’ excellent article on white collar crime in this very publication. Although it lacks the statistical minutia and professional expertise Dr. Huggins always enlightens us with, as a layman’s compliment to her work it might still serve a purpose). (10/11) The 2 people named in the title of this essay have written a good deal of the literary [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
A Message from the Sixth Signal Tower

by Ray Jason……. When the bus unloaded us at the Great Wall of China, our tour guide and her flock headed off in one direction, while I snuck off on my own. Such behavior was symbolic of my life in general. To escape the herd and transcend the humdrum has been a constant theme on my meandering Path. That contrary to ordinary behavior rewarded me splendidly on that day, and it has continued to do so down the decades. We had been instructed to “stay [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
On Consciousness

by Kirby Congdon……. Coming back to Mr. Donnelly’s question about the origin of consciousness, one bounces around in trying to define it. A country’s poetry is a convenient definition for its consciousness but this is about as vague as you can get in explaining this word. The dictionary hammers away at the synonym “aware,” for defining “conscious” while “consciousness” is awareness of one’s feeling or “the totality of one’s thoughts, feelings and impresions.” So there we are back in the hodge-podge of vague references. We think of awareness as another word for [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
What's the Definition of Extortion?

Dear Editor, To all 3000 LOOSERS, you and I are being EXTORTED by the Monroe County BOCC AND Their Running Dog Lackeys the FKAA. MYSELF and another Taxpayer have filled out the form. I sat in a county attorneys office and was told if I didn’t sign an easement my Homestead would be Passed By and my Property CONDEMNED. What’s the definition of Extortion? So step up to the plate and protect your rights. File a complaint. Or bend over. Dr. Geno

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Sep 042015

Dear Editor, This certainly sounds like extortion to me. What do you think? Black’s Law Dictionary defines extort and extortion thusly: The natural meaning of the word “extort” is to obtain money or other valuable thing either by compulsion, by actual force, or by the force of motives applied to the will, and often more overpowering and irresistible than physical force. Com. v. O’Brien, 12 Cush. (Mass.) 90. Extortion consists in any public officer unlawfully taking, by color of his office, from any person any [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Injunction Seeks to Restore Money to State’s Conservation Land-buying Fund

TALLAHASSEE – In a legal filing today, the Florida Wildlife Federation and three other citizen groups are seeking an injunction to stop state officials from diverting the state’s conservation land-buying fund to pay for other state functions. “The voters who approved the Water and Land Conservation Amendment 1 last November are clear – by a 75 percent majority – that they want this tax money to buy conservation land,” Florida Wildlife Federation president Manley Fuller said. “In our court filing today, we point out that [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
FL Congress Members Warn of Labor Day Hotel Booking Fraud – Travelers Beware

Miami, FL – Ahead of the Labor Day holiday weekend, U.S. Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Lois Frankel (D-FL) renewed their call today for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairwoman Edith Ramirez to investigate fraudulent hotel booking sites which solely exist to defraud consumers with “too good to be true” prices for lodging. Earlier this year, Ros-Lehtinen and Frankel lead a letter to the FTC from the entire 27 member Florida delegation pointing out the lost economic activity often manifested through additional fees, a lesser category [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Police Chief Commends Mentors

Chief Donie Lee has commended the members of the Key West Police Department who volunteer as mentors with Keys to Be the Change – Kids Win: Pathways to Success. Their efforts are helping shape the future of Key West’s youth. With Their guidance, children who might otherwise be at risk, have a better opportunity to develop into successful members of our community. He commended Officer Tom Clark, Lt. Areaka Jewell, Officer Michael Pettee, Officer Steven Torrence, Ben Rogers, Officer Cyndi Williams, Jean Zeman, Capt. JR [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Sanctuary Reef Exhibit Comes to Islamorada

Keys History & Discovery Center Hosts Traveling Exhibit from Mote Marine Laboratory Islamorada, FL – Sanctuary Reef, a unique traveling exhibit that gives a shrimp’s eye view of an oversized coral reef, is now on display at Keys History & Discovery Center in Islamorada, through Feb. 28, 2016. This interactive display developed by Mote Marine Laboratory brings the ocean’s coral reefs and vital scientific research to life through hands-on educational panels and videos. “The exhibit will allow our visitors to experience coral reefs as never [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
MCSD Awarded 21st CCLC Grant

Monroe County School District is pleased to announce we have been awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) grant for Gerald Adams and Poinciana Elementary Schools. The purpose of the Keys to Success (KTS) 21st CCLC program is to provide after school and summer activities that advance student achievement in reading, math and science that complement the students’ regular school day. The program also offers students an array of enrichment activities and offers literacy and other educational services to the families of participating children. Families must attend six parent workshops [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Greater Florida Consortium of School Boards' Proposed 2015-16 State Legislative Program

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The Greater Florida Consortium of School Boards met this past week to create their 2015-16 State Legislative Program. President Patti Good, Broward County School Board, hosted the eleven member school districts that include Broward, St Lucie, Palm Beach, Martin, Miami-Dade, Pinellas, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Collier, and Monroe County School districts. Following two days of considering proposals and debating language, the group finalized the document for all member districts to ratify in the coming month at their respective board meetings. For the program [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program Awards $2.7 Million for Gulf Research

NOAA’s RESTORE Act Science Program has completed its first funding competition and is awarding approximately $2.7 million to seven research teams. Each of the teams will address one or more of the Science Program’s short-term priorities for the Gulf of Mexico, which focus on assessing ecosystem modeling, evaluating indicators for Gulf conditions, and assessing and developing recommendations for monitoring and observing in the Gulf. These projects will aid current scientific understanding and management needs and inform the future direction of the NOAA RESTORE Act Science [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Florida Keys Children’s Group Meets to Discuss Childcare Availability and Affordability in the Keys

The Florida Keys Children’s Group will meet Friday, September 11 from 10 am to 12 noon at the Marathon Government Center, 2798 Overseas Highway. The topic of this meeting will be childcare availability and affordability for families in the Keys. The Florida Keys Children’s Group, serving under the Monroe County Community Alliance, meets quarterly to facilitate communication and integration of services for children and families in Monroe County; makes information available that supports children’s needs accessible to other professionals; and identifies and addresses unmet needs in [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
League Celebrates Women's Vote, Sets Priorities

The Lower Keys League of Women Voters met recently to finalize plans for the balance of their 2015 calendar, including Women’s Equality Day Aug. 26, their popular and informative Fifth Tuesday social and their educational Civics Lesson, President Joan Wallin announced. Women’s Equality Day this year marked the 95th anniversary of ratification of the Woman Suffrage Amendment on Aug. 26, 1920. A celebration co-hosted by the Key West chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) was held at the Pasta Garden in Duval Square. [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
FKHSC's Safety Program Assists Keys Parents

Not long ago, a local mom shared her story on Facebook about leaving their baby in the car inadvertently. We have permission to use her story, and the names have been changed. I’m writing through tears right now. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would leave my child in a car. Unfortunately, I did today. We closed on a house today so our routines changed. We were planning to leave both children with my in-laws, but the baby was fussy and [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Up Close & Personal

Drag queen Sushi reveals inside scoop as preface to special exhibit presented by Key West Art & Historical Society As many locals and CNN news watchers already know, Key West’s beloved drag queen Sushi is synonymous with a glittering red shoe and the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Some have also had the pleasure of enjoying one of her nightly cabaret performances, witnessing her gorgeously done-up face, spectacular hand-made dresses, and exuberant persona. But make no mistake. The House Queen of 801 is [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Short Film "THE LOVELIES" at Tropic Cinema, Filmed In Key West

  Using only an iPhone, a clip-on lense and microphone from and a light from Home Depot, one-time short film producer and director Jon Cannell collaborated with a team of actors and volunteer crew over the weekend of August 29 to create short film “THE LOVELIES”. The film was shot on Olivia Street in Key West, and has been entered in the third annual Tropic Cinema 72 Hour Film Challenge. The five minute ten second comedic black and white piece was written, shot and [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Save the Date: MusiciansFest, Sept 19-20

The 5th Annual Key West Musicians Festival Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 19 and 20 2 p.m. until 9 p.m. Smokin’ Tuna Saloon, 4 Charles St. Over 50 local musicians will perform, providing the finest music to be found from blues, rock, jazz, soul, country, reggae, funk, bluegrass, Latin, you name it. It’s non-stop great music all afternoon and evening! A portion of the proceeds benefit Sister Season Fund and admission is free. For more information contact Ginger King at (305) 849-0991. [optin-cat id=”26188″]

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Sep 042015
Poetry Guild Features Aleister Eaves Sept 6

Aleister Eaves is the featured poet at the Sunday, Sept. 6 gathering of the Key West Poetry Guild, at 7 p.m. upstairs at Blue Heaven, at the corner of Thomas and Petronia streets. In case of increment weather, please stay tuned for more information in the paper. Aleister Eaves is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist whose practice began in poetry at the age of seven. Eaves often works in the confessional style and stresses the importance of personal experience as a means of expanding global empathy [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

Thursday, September 3 thru Wednesday, September 9 Visit, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. Key West Happenings ARTISTS RECEPTIONS / EXHIBITIONS Thursday Kathmandu to Key West Opening, 6 PM Quilts for Kids Nepal Project employs women who create hand-sewn quilts. Its mission is to provide work for economically-challenged women and to finance education for underprivileged children. The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458. Friday Upper Duval Art Stroll, 6 PM Special art exhibitions and receptions at galleries [continue reading…]

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