Aug 072015
PEARY COURT PURCHASE: Some Thoughts and Questions

by Maureen Bramlage……. An Open Letter to the City Commission Dear Mayor and Commissioners: Something I learned from the good Jesuits when I pursued my higher education degrees was to stay open always to change in the light of new information. Thanks to Mr. Weekley, and to Mr. Scholl’s A+ radio delivery on the subject Saturday of affordable housing, I am 100% behind this purchase, and in fact would encourage the City to consider contracting with the present owners/developers to build the 48 more units [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
80 Years Later: Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935

It was 80 years ago, on Sept. 2, 1935, the fiercest storm (even today) to hit North America, came ashore in Islamorada, wreaking death and destruction from Tavernier to Duck Key. The event marks a significant period in the life of the Upper Keys, a time that should never be forgotten. For the 80th anniversary, Keys History & Discovery Center brings together the history of the storm, the impact on the families and lives lost, as well as lessons learned and the vulnerability of our [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
2015 Key West Elections Information

DEAR HOMETOWN! MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS, 2015 Key West Elections Information 1) City of Key West Qualifying is Noon, August 17th to Noon August 21st 2) Key West General Election – October 6, 2015 Last day to register to vote for the General Election is Sept. 8, 2015 Early Voting September 21st to October 3rd. Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Early voting on Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Absentees will be mailed approximately 35 days prior to election. 3) Key West Runoff [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
WILL CARS BE NEXT? An Open Letter to Monroe County Commissioners

Will Cars Be Next? by Dr. Larry Murray….. There appears to be a growing belief in Monroe County that government has a responsibility to provide “affordable housing” for a select group of people. That group invariably includes police and fire (first responders), teachers and nurses. I am not entirely sure why these occupations are singled out for government assistance in that most of them have starting salaries in excess of $40,000/yr. with rapid increases after that. Be that as it may, if government is expected [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Sufficient Wages Would Help Keep Workers Here

Dear Editor, We need sufficient wages for all workers, not cheaper housing for a select few. It is my opinion that establishing perpetual subsidized housing has consequences. One known is that those properties will not be on the tax rolls. Another consequence is that subsidized businesses and workers will be at a competitive advantage to those unsubsidized. It just is not fair. Nor is it a sustainable long-term solution. Not being able to live where one works is a problem. … A real, everyday, no-bull [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Why Did the Monroe County BOCC Choose to Discriminate Against Some of Their Taxpayers?

Dear Editor, Discrimination is such an UGLY term. In America we were brought up to believe that all men were created equal. Judge Miller was heard on U. S. 1 radio talking about “The Rule of Law” where everyone is EQUAL under the law. The Florida Constitution alludes to EQUAL treatment. We all pay taxes to Monroe Cty. with an Equal constant factor. When the FKAA installed their first sewer system in Little Venice-City of Marathon which I had the privilege of being the senior [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Animal Rights and Dean Koontz

by Jerome Grapel……. (This essay is the companion to “Animal Rights and ‘60 Minutes’” where I took issue with CBS’s extremely negative attitude towards the civil disobedience of animal rights activists. (They were disrupting research on cranial bullet wounds using cats). Both were written in the early 90’s. More than 20 years later, with the eruption into our consciousness of the death of a famous lion in Zimbabwe at the hands of an American trophy hunter, its relevance regains its vigor.) Dean Koontz writes novels. [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
May The Force Be With You

by John Donnelly……. Can individuals witness or study an identical event, and come away with an entirely different understanding as to what they just viewed? Can they have contrasting perspectives to what they just experienced? Measurement, in classical physics, means evaluating a pre-existing definite event or state of an object. However, in quantum theory, objects do not possess a predetermined and definite state; rather, they are in superposition of every probable state simultaneously. As in ‘human consciousness’, there is never a fixed or absolute interpretation [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
A Bad Case of Bathtub Envy

by Kim Pederson……. Does it seem to you that it’s always some other person who gets the brilliant idea and retires swimming in money at age 28? Take the guys who founded YouTube for example. They — Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim — opened for business in February 2005. As Chad Hurley said in an interview, they bought the domain name for $20 and then, a mere nineteen months later, they sold YouTube to Google for $1.65 billion dollars. And here’s another example. [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Global Multi-Award Winning Suspense-Thriller Writer Jeffery Deaver to Headline August 14-16 Mystery Writers Fest at Key West Marriott Beachside

The 2nd annual Mystery Writers Key West Fest launches this Friday, August 14, with international bestselling and global multi-award winning suspense-thriller writer Jeffery Deaver headlining a Who’s Who of world class story tellers whose tales keep readers up all night – and often with the lights on. Open to published authors, aspiring authors and non-writing mystery-buffs, the Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel is the main setting for the “Murder & Mayhem in Paradise” themed Fest – a weekend of total mystery immersion via panels, presentations, [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Some More of Subjects for Poetry

by Kirby Congdon……. The subjects for a poem are a matter of personal taste. Each person’s experiences are individual ones. After the preeminent subjects of love and death almost everyone is drawn to nature. This is usually in a domesticated version as in flowers, pets, or an immediate locale. Even in 1816 Keats’ cricket is hunkering down by the stove while a hundred years later Robert Frost is reflecting on rural New England lanes. We tend to come back now-a-days to more personal experiences when the [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council to Meet in Marathon

NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary will hold a public meeting of the Sanctuary Advisory Council in Marathon, Fla., on Tuesday, August 18, 2015. The meeting will start off at 9:00 a.m. with scientific presentations on the ecology of the Tortugas Ecological Reserve and Pulley Ridge. At 11:00 a.m., the superintendent of Biscayne National Park will present an overview of their recently updated Management Plan. In the afternoon, a NOAA economist will present results of socio-economic monitoring in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, followed [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015

From surf rock to doo wop, rockabilly to beach music, Patrick & The Swayzees have created a current, yet still wholly nostalgic blend of early rock ‘n’ roll sounds that bring crowds to their feet from opening to encore. Their sets include original songs and instrumentals as well as a mix of well-known, crowd favorite cover tunes, so there’s something for everyone. See more great interviews from Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer on their FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE pages.

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Aug 072015
Cuban Migrants Land in Key West

At about 4 a.m. Monday, a group of 24 Cuban migrants came ashore on South Roosevelt Blvd. in Key West. The 23 men and one woman said they left Cuba last Friday. Key West Police and Fire and Rescue responded. Several of the migrants were treated for exposure to diesel fuel, but no one was transported to the hospital. They were tired and thirsty but in good spirits. They said that they all came in the tiny makeshift boat the named Mariana, which was just [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Hot Cars A Danger to Children and Pets

A good Samaritan this week spotted two dogs left in a hot car and quickly alerted the Key West Police Department. Bicycle Officers Scott Standerwick and Frank Betz arrived and immediately called the Florida Keys SPCA and Arnold’s Towing to rescue the distressed dogs. Luckily, the family of tourists returned, frantic about their pets and relieved to find them rescued. Please remember: NEVER leave your pets or children in a hot car. Even with a cracked window, interior temperatures skyrocket within minutes. And don’t trust [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
PEER: Backyard Mosquito Misting Systems Use False Advertising

FTC Complaint Targets Dangerously Deceptive Claims of Safety and Efficacy Washington, DC — Automatic pesticide misting systems marketed to homeowners use false claims about their safety and effectiveness, according to a complaint filed today with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The complaint takes aim at advertising touting misting systems’ ability to kill mosquitos and ticks, as well as assurances that the insecticides used are safe. Marketed under brand names such as Skeeter Beaters, MistAway and Mosquito Nix, outdoor [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Firefighters Reach 20 Year Mark

Two members of the Key West Fire Department this week received gold watches in recognition of the 20 years of service to the City of Key West and the community. Driver/Engineer Jacob Perry and Capt. Christopher Saunders have both served with dedication and professionalism.

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Aug 072015
Tripp Promoted to Lieutenant

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee swore in a new lieutenant Tuesday during the city commission meeting, one of two recent promotions within the Department. Lt. Joe Tripp has served twice with the Key West Police Department. The Florida native has a degree in criminology from Florida State University. He started as an officer in 1991 and was promoted to sergeant in 1997. He left the department in 1999 but returned a decade later as an officer and quickly earned the rank of sergeant again. [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

Thursday, August 6 thru Wednesday, August 12 Visit, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. Key West Happenings ARTISTS RECEPTIONS / EXHIBITIONS Friday Upper Duval Art Stroll, 6 PM Special art exhibitions and receptions at galleries and shops along Upper Duval from United to Truman. Including Frangipani Gallery, SoDu Gallery, Cocco & Salem, Island Arts, Key West Pottery, Cork & Stogie, Millionaire Gallery, Dog Tired Studio & Gallery and Rock House Gallery. CLASSES and WORKSHOPS The Studios of Key West – [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Fantasy Fest Seeks Parade Ambassadors

Volunteer to have a ringside view and help keep the party on track! Fantasy Fest is seeking volunteers to be Parade Ambassadors for the 2015 Fantasy Fest Parade on October 31. Parade Ambassadors will be right in the middle of all the fun, chaos and excitement that is the All Hallows Intergalactic Freak Show. It will be like nothing you can imagine – but Parade Ambassadors also play a key role in keeping the Fantasy Fest Parade safe and fun for everyone. Stationed along [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Key West Writer One of Four Finalists Announced in Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award contest

Key West author Crichton Lewis is one of four announced finalists in the nation-wide competition for the inaugural Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award, to be presented at the second Annual Mystery Writers Key West Fest, Aug. 14-16, in Key West, Florida. The finalists and their titles are: “Square Grouper” by Crichton Lewis of Key West, FL; “All Hocked Up” by Jack Bates of Rochester, MI; “Portside Screw” by Gregory S. Dew of Ponce Inlet, FL, and “Dark End of the Rainbow” by J.E. Irvin of [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Key West Shrine Club Fund Raiser

At Bottle Cap Happy Hour 5 to 8 pm on August 21, 2015 A fund raiser for Mahi Shrine Transportation fund, that is used to transport injured, handicapped, burn victims, and crippled children under the age of eighteen, to and from Shrine Hospitals for children. The children are transported by vans, ambulances, or airplanes to receive medical treatment at no charge to the families. We are looking for donations of gift cards, prizes, gifts, money donations, etc … for a raffle to be held that evening. Silent auction [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Time for United Way's Stuff the Bus

Keys kids need school supplies like paper, pencils, notebooks and highlighters in order to succeed at their studies. But some kids can’t afford even these basic supplies. That’s why United Way of the Florida Keys and its community partners are proud to support their annual “Stuff the Bus,” an effort that will hopefully produce truckloads of school supplies to be distributed to all Monroe County schools from Key Largo to Key West. Local companies can become sponsors of “Stuff the Bus” by pledging to provide [continue reading…]

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