Jul 242015
103 Bins, Zero Flies

by Rick Boettger……. I really like Tony Yaniz. He was the lone Commissioner who fought to get two-way traffic back to North Roosevelt Boulevard, saving desperate local businesses. I know he is always on the job, and believe he always tries to do what is good for his district and the city. But on returning to twice/week garbage pickup, we respectfully disagree, as in “Tony, you gotta be kiddin’ me!” We met by chance last Wednesday afternoon and I asked if I could get city [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
More Housing Crisis Fallout: The Chapman Family Community Farewell - Bike Auction & Fundraiser

The Chapman Family Community Farewell  Bike Auction & Fundraiser Sunday July 26, 2015 4:00 TO 9:00 pm HOG’S BREATH SALOON 400 Front Street (Duval and Front Street)   Live Auction of Mr. Chapman’s Bike and Ongoing Raffle of other Donations throughout the Event. Table will be set up outside the Bar on the Duval Street Side. Special Happy Hour Food and Drink Prices. Live Local Music (Chad Burch and Chris Toler plus a special appearance by Patrick and the Swayzee’s) You don’t want to miss [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
The American Nightmare

  by Jerome Grapel…….. [5/15, Spain.  This essay was the offspring  of a previous essay called “News From America,” where I discussed the Spanish reaction to the racial unrest in Baltimore, Md.] As mentioned in the essay “News From America”, other than giving me an idea as to what the Spaniards are paying attention to, this article had no educational value for me. But it did get me to thinking about our struggle with racism in America and where we’ve gone since the days of [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
The Code of the Sea Gypsy Tribe

by Ray Jason……. This is the conclusion of my short trilogy dealing with the Sea Gypsy Tribe in a post-Apocalyptic scenario. In order to understand it, I would encourage you to take a few minutes and read my two prior installments entitled The Stranger Arrives and The Shattering. ******* Hello again, Stranger. Our medical volunteers have informed me that yesterday, for the first time since your arrival, you were able to speak. That delighted our tribe immensely. However, we were even more pleased to learn [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
The Faint Breeze of Enthusiasm

by Kim Pederson……. We hear it (and say it) all the time. We should do this. We should do that. Everyone should act differently. Everyone should follow the Golden Rule. We must save the planet. We must wipe out ISIS. We have to balance the budget (national and personal). So many things that should be done, in our minds, and so many things that do not get done. This could be for one simple reason: we know what needs to be done but we don’t [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
Rhyme and Verse

by Kirby Congdon……. The term, “poem,” resonates. Robert Frost said, appropriately enough, that “poet” is also a praise word. It’s presumptuous to assign it to oneself. In the world of literature the term “verse” also has baggage with it that suggests another kind of self-congratulation. One gets a lot of verse and rhymes in the poetry groups who feel that their hobby will somehow work out as a poem. It never does. In their haste to produce work for the next get-together no time is allowed [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
Another View on Uber

Dear Editor, In addition to your good story on Uber economics and regulation, the thing that I miss in Key West is Uber’s convenience. When you arrive at your destination, you just get out. No fumbling for cash or 3 minutes in some ancient ink-based credit card ritual. The drivers are very incented to earn their 5 stars for each ride, and their cumulative rating is visible before you get in the cab. Uber now or Uber later. It is a superior, digital approach to [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
Open Letter to Mayor Cates and City Commissioners

Dear Mayor Cates and City Commissioners: Now that I have read that the White St. Partners’ approval of the $55m offer excludes the acreage available for 48 more affordables, I cannot support this purchase. At $350K per unit, I have to ask: 1. Can we do better buying up existing condos and paying condo fees, avoiding adding existing staff for maintenance, and applying the same regulations and requirements currently done on existing units controlled by the Housing Authority. (See my May letter) 2. Can we [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
Bernie Sanders for President; Key West Organizing Meeting

Wednesday July 29, 6:30 pm; The Gardens Hotel Bernie-for-President supporters take note!! Join other Democrats, progressives, independents and even some normally apolitical folks this Wednesday, as we begin organizing the Lower Keys for Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign. The meeting will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, July 29th at The Gardens Hotel, 526 Angela Street. Bernie will do a live telecast at 7PM. To register for Wednesday’s meeting, go to www.berniesanders.com and click on “Attend a Meeting” or call/text: 978 578 1546 or email [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
Secondhand Smoke Citizens Advisory Board

by Dottie Harden……. Did you know? Secondhand Smoke kills 1,200 people a day in the U.S. The more I work on secondhand smoke issues the more amazed that secondhand smoke is connected to the entire community, our health, children, pets, the air we breathe, our streets, trees, plants, beaches and our ocean. It is not just a person smoking a cigarette! It is what he/she does with that cigarette and what is going on around him or her when they are smoking. Is a child inhaling [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
Mid Year Stats Show Key West Crime Drop

Crime in Key West dropped over the past six months, when compared to the first half of 2014. Violent crime is down by 26 percent compared to the first six months of 2014, and overall crime is down by 6.2 percent. Each year the Key West Police Department reports its crime statistics to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. These numbers are compiled for the first six months of the year, and then again for an overall annual tally. These statistics are compiled for the [continue reading…]

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