Jul 032015

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. “I was the first to qualify as a Uber driver in Key West,” says Hank Allen with a look of disillusionment. We caught up with him on the steps of the Monroe County court house last Tuesday where he was on his way in to face the criminal charges the City of Key West had brought against him for driving his Uber car without a City permit. Just what Uber is [or isn’t] depends entirely on who you talk to. [continue reading…]

Jul 032015
Hostage Standoff on Duval Street: “In typical Key West fashion: 'Nothing' happens in the most spectacular way.” ~ Mike Mongo

  UPDATE Thursday July 2, 3:35 pm by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. The 911 call went something like this: ‘I stabbed my wife. I stabbed her in the chest and the abdomen, both. I have a shotgun. I’m in my room at Duval House and I’m holding my 13-year old niece hostage.’ KWPD went running, set up a perimeter, locked down the 800 block of Duval Street and sharp shooters took position. Reinforcements were called in. The mobile command post was deployed and police negotiators [continue reading…]

Jul 032015
Tony Yaniz Reelection Bid District IV

Four years ago my neighbors and friends suggested I seek the District IV Commissioner seat. Together we formed a coalition of families, senior citizens, Key West youth and workers and identified a Fresh Approach platform: Accessibility and Transparency. I’ve listened and worked hard and learned. I strongly believe I have kept the promises I made to those who supported me for my first term. I believe the role of a Commissioner is to gather feedback from the people from my district and to promote, discuss, [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Key West Photojournalist in Haiti – Part 7

by Jeane LaRance……. It was around the year 1910 when officials in Jacmel decided they would demolish Saint Jean Baptiste Catholic Church. I can’t say for sure, but from what I have learned about Haitian culture, the people in LaVallée must have been devastated by that news. So they joined together and moved the entire church to Ridoré. They carried it by hand, piece by piece, stone by stone! There were no roads or vehicles back then and that area is extremely rough terrain. Even [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Financial Literacy in School

by Jim Chilton……. Are Schools Failing Students When It Comes To Money Matters? Educators Must Make Financial Literacy A Priority, Says CEO Of Society For Financial Awareness Something may be missing as high school seniors across America accept their diplomas this graduation season. Those years of K-12 learning likely provided them opportunities to learn about historic figures, find Canada on a map and dissect a frog. But superintendents at most school districts across the country have failed to include required classes in the core curriculum that would help [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Hometown!'s Call for Candidates Event

“My vote is my voice…and the voice of all who struggled, so that I may have my voice.” (Lyida C. Obasi) REMEMBER: AN ELECTION IS DETERMINED BY PEOPLE WHO VOTE Hometown!’s Call for Candidates Event Key West, 15 July 2015: Hometown! ‘s “Call for Candidates” Event at Salute Restaurant, Higgs Beach at 5 p.m. Dear Members, Prospective Members of Hometown!, and all 2015 Candidates, 2015 Prospective Candidates and Those Merely Testing the Waters to be a possible 2015 candidate: Please join us on Wednesday, July [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Death by a Thousand Cuts

by Kim Pederson……. I started reading Paolo Bacigalupi’s novel The Water Knife a few days ago. To give you a capsule summary, here’s how Jason Heller’s NPR article “The Water Knife Cuts Deep” describes the book: In his equally powerful sophomore novel [after The Windup Girl], The Water Knife, he [Bacigalupi] takes a similar approach to an inorganic substance without which human life wouldn’t exist: H2O. But where The Windup Girl takes place hundreds of years from now in Southeast Asia, The Water Knife hits [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
American Exceptionalism

by Alex Symington……. I would have thought by now nothing would surprise me, but the reaction to my essay last week on guns and racism was an eye-opener for a couple of reasons. Last week I committed the journalistic cardinal sin of writing about TWO subjects at the same time and inadvertently discovered which is more important to the readers. Yes, it is anecdotal, but still troubling. The less disturbed casual reader does not feel compelled to respond to someone like me and goes about their [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015

by Jerome Grapel……. Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, amongst many others, as well as the death toll taken on a daily basis within the confines of the world’s most advanced nation (as they tell us here in the good ‘ol US of A) — Guns. We’re talking a lot about guns lately. Perhaps it is a stain on our national legacy to say we’ve finally begun to think seriously about this insane proliferation of firearms only after 20 little children had to succumb to it, snuffed out, [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Breed Airedales - Get Airedales

by John Donnelly……. An un-awakened consciousness, triggers all manner of mayhem and confusion. I’m not startled by the acts of horror, violence and degradation that are committed by human beings. There aren’t any limits to the violence and pain that an individual will inflict upon another; after they’ve been brainwashed, duped and deluded via an upbringing constituted upon the propagandized conditioning set forth in our ‘materialistic world’. The types of dogmas and teachings proffered by the orchestrators of said ‘rat race’, frequently produce desperate individuals, [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015

by Kirby Congdon……. My readers are younger and want to be au currant. Heaven and hell are bribes or threats for them and they dismiss the two categories as uneducated and dishonest references. This still leaves us with “God” to relieve us of the inexplicable, the uncontrollable or the unbearable. The term God is almost an expletive for joy, astonishment or grief. Like slang itself, it facilitates casual expression. We human beings do not expect references to God or to faith to apply to situations in [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Guns - Kids - Key Deer

Dear Editor, Biz Baz radio 104.1 just let one of their advertisers a Jewelery and Pawn Shop in Marathon advertise all the guns and assault rifles and amo they have for sale. Biz Baz policy is – you can’t advertise guns on their show. – When I called Biz Baz to say: ” Guns kill more family members than intruders and a 14 year old was just killed by a gun by his best friend in Key West. Your policy is we can’t advertise guns [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Chicken of the Trees

Yes folks they do taste like chicken–iguanas. They are an invasive species and should be dealt with as required–Killed. All U bunny huggers get a life. If you want to do something positive stop the government from euthanizing kitties & puppies. Back to imported pests. There are NO laws protecting these reptiles. It is shown that they eat eggs of ENDANGERED species and also protected plants. They also spread disease. They should be killed. If U don’t want to eat them give them to Ur [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Mandatory Drug Testing

Dear Editor: In light of all the problems that have been brought to light regarding the BOCC, the FKAA, and the CRWS and the latest editorial in the KW Citizen something Must be done. For a Public agency to use Extortion to force Select property owners into giving up their property rights when they have already made use of the existing vehicle(easement) to install their water lines, meter boxes, and now sewer piping. I hand delivered a letter to an FKAA rep. requesting FKAA to [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015

Dear Editor, Having been disgraced, seriously injured and punished for his mistakes; at what point in time shall a man be forgiven? Perseverating upon another’s imperfection is the mark of a weak and enfeebled individual, fearful that their own flaws and shortcomings may be called to light. For many years Randy Acevedo served the children, parents and taxpayers of this county in a distinguished manner. He was a popular, dynamic and effective Superintendent of Schools. As our chief educator he was a brilliant, inspirational and [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
An Evening with the Grateful Dead’s Music to Benefit Reef Relief

Best Seat in the House: Key West! Join us for an intimate showing of the “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead” live from Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on July 5, 2015. Reef Relief has teamed up with The Jerry Garcia Foundation and The Tropic Cinema to bring you this special event which will include a reception prior to the show featuring hors d’oeuvres from local Key West restaurants, an open wine bar, and a silent auction displaying a limited edition archival [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Secondhand Smoke Citizens Advisory Board

by Dorothy Harden…… Did you know that under the 2014 Florida Statutes Chapter 386? The Duty of the Department of Health 386.01 Sanitary nuisance. A sanitary nuisance is the commission of any act, by an individual, municipality, organization, or corporation, or the keeping, maintaining, propagation, existence, or permission of anything, by an individual. municipality, organization, or corporation, by which the health or life of an individual, or the health or lives of individuals, may be threatened or impaired, or by which or through which, directly or [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Veterans Call on Israel to Free International Flotilla, End Siege of Gaza

U.S. State Department Should Demand Immediate Release of all Passengers St. Louis, MO. Veterans For Peace applauds the international Freedom Flotilla 3, including prominent VFP member, Colonel Ann Wright (USAR Retired), and the courage of all who attempted to break the Israeli siege of Gaza this week. We deplore the Israeli government’s illegal seizure, in international waters, of the lead boat, the Marianne of Gothenburg from Sweden, and the illegal abduction of her crew and passengers. We call for the immediate release of the ship, [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Key West Art & Historical Society’s Custom House Museum Undergoes Phase II of Larger Restoration Effort

While not apparent to those passing by, one of Key West’s most prominent national landmarks is currently undergoing major renovation. The Custom House— the red brick, award-winning museum that towers over Mallory’s historic seaport— is undergoing a complete overhaul to update the fire suppression, electrical and plumbing systems. “This phase of the renovation targets some of the most important system upgrades to the building,” says Key West Art & Historical Society Executive Director Michael Gieda. The 124 year old building— built in the Richardsonian Romanesque [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

Thursday, July 2 thru Wednesday, July 8 Visit keysarts.com, Cultural Calendar for more listings and events throughout the Keys. Key West Happenings ARTISTS RECEPTIONS and EXHIBITONS Thursday Anja Marais, Being Shore to Ocean Opening Reception The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458. tskw.org Also on view, 3rd floor gallery, Summer Solstice Watercolors Exhibit, work by students of Susan Sugar. Exhibits thru July 31. Friday Upper Duval Art Stroll, 6 PM Special art exhibitions and receptions at galleries and shops along Upper Duval from [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Plantation Key School Project Moving Forward

The Monroe County School Board met on Tuesday, June 24, 2015. Pat Lefere Executive Director of Operations and Planning introduced Michael Skrodinsky the new Facilities Planner for the Monroe County School District. At the meeting, the School Board discussed moving forward on the Plantation Key School construction project. This effort will replace the existing school in Tavernier with a new state of the art K-8 facility on the existing site. One of the first steps for the District is to proceed with the process of [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Beachgoers Asked to "Fish, Swim, and Play from 50 Yards Away"

(Washington, D.C., June 29, 2015) As millions of vacationing Americans head to their nearest beach destination for surf and sun this summer, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is urging beachgoers to be mindful of the many beach-nesting birds that will be tending to their nests and newly hatched young. “Young birds have a tough go of things during their early days, so they really need our help. They face being trampled by unaware beachgoers, run over by motorized vehicles, or killed by predators. Even people simply [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Manatee Summer Adoption

Save the Manatee Club, an international nonprofit organization, was co-founded in 1981 by world-renowned singer/songwriter, Jimmy Buffett. Funds from our adoption program go toward emergency rescue response for sick and injured manatees, and for waterway signage, public awareness and education, research and more. Read about our manatee conservation efforts at: savethemanatee.org/smchist.htm.

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Jul 032015
KWFD Reminder: Be Safe!

The Key West Fire Department is reminding everyone to use extra safety precautions as we go into the Fourth of July holiday. That means stay away from any kind of home fireworks and, instead, enjoy the public display off White Street Pier. “Remember, if it explodes or if it flies, it’s illegal,” said Key West Fire Chief David Fraga. “So we’re encouraging everyone to just come out and enjoy the display being sponsored by the Rotary Club.” The Fire Department will be diligent about stopping [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
LWV Fifth Tuesday Social

  The Fifth Tuesday social hosted by the Lower Keys League of Women Voters this week featured highlights of the legislative session and the recent Florida State LWV Convention held in Del Ray Beach. The reports were given by local league President Joan Wallin and Treasurer Sandy Bergin, delegates to the convention. Initiatives coming out of the convention included the open primary study, to increase voter participation. It is important to compile data, Wallin said. “For instance, they analyzed the 2014 Congressional primary. The end [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Environment Florida Report

Report: Florida leadership critical foundation for an international agreement on climate [St. Petersburg, FL] – Florida is poised to play a major role in U.S. progress to address climate change, a new report said today. In the next decade, the state will cut the seventh most global warming pollution of any state in the country. The Environment Florida Research & Policy Center report comes as pressure mounts on the U.S. to play a leading role in negotiations for an international climate agreement in Paris. “The [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015
Love Lane Gang - They're Just Plain Fun!

The Love Lane Gang is a homegrown band that charms and thrills both locals and visitors with their rollicking raucous ruckus. They have revamped their lineup and material, resulting in a sound that is stronger than ever. The addition of Lance Taylor on guitar and vocals and his smartly written songs add more depth to the already wide-ranging repertoire. The highly esteemed Leah Orlikowski adds her strong vocals and stage presence to the act. Gary Mackey has joined the band, bringing his extraordinary talents on [continue reading…]

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