Jun 262015
Trooper Out of Control

by Naja and Arnaud Girard… OIG Investigation Report just in… In February we reported on the shocking tasing of an older gentleman by a state trooper on US 1 near the 18-mile stretch. Before a bystander’s cell phone video was made public, the trooper, Eloy Arias, had written in his incident report that he had tased the man because he “attempted to run into the oncoming southbound traffic.” The video footage previously published by The Blue Paper [above], however, clearly shows the man,  Mr. Marc [continue reading…]

Jun 192015
Protecting Sexual Predators

by Arnaud and Naja Girard…….. She’s a ten-year old Key West girl. He, her stepfather, crawls into her bed, “grabs her hand and puts it on his penis.” He touches her breasts and at times he tries to touch her “private parts” but she fights him off when he does that. Sometimes she “gets sticky stuff on her hand.” The whole thing is repulsive, heart-wrenching, and according to an FDLE investigation, it went on for over a year where he would come into her bed [continue reading…]

Jun 192015
Irish Need Not Apply

by John Donnelly……. I grew up around a lot of cops. Most adult men in my neighborhood were employed as construction workers, firemen or police officers. Many of these individuals were tough, hard drinking and athletic. They were identified via their Irish Heritage, Catholicism and love of America. They took their jobs seriously, while excelling in the performance of their duties. They valued knowledge and made enduring sacrifices, so that their children might receive a real education; the formal schooling that many of these men [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
A Very Different Summer Reading List

by Ray Jason……. I refer to it jokingly as “THE QUESTION.” It used to bother me, but now it just amuses me. Usually, it is phrased like this, “Ray, how did you get this way?” My standard playful response is, “Are you referring to what great physical shape I am in considering my age?” This catches them off guard, but then they continue. “No, I mean how did you get all of these … odd … and … radical … ideas?” If I am feeling [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
Key West Photojournalist in Haiti – Part 6

by Jeane LaRance….. I will try to pick up where I ended last time telling you more about life and culture in LaVallée, de Jacmel, Haiti. I was ready to start teaching photography, I finally had all the photo equipment we needed for classes to begin but I still had not figured out how I would pick and choose the first students. I knew I couldn’t do it. So I asked the principals of the schools to do it for me. I couldn’t have handled [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015

by Kirby Congdon……. A function of poetry is to have an outlet that none of the other arts have. That function provides a kind of scale for human activity, as in documenting an experience, absorbing a landscape, describing varieties of love and loving, be it a pet or a person, coping with all the other emotions, explicating the finite or explaining the infinite. This writer got recognition for writing an essay in his Philosophy class that claimed that there was no time without motion since some [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
Why the Silence on Sanders?

Dear Editor: I find it very telling that the mainstream media is diving into the 2016 presidential coverage sixteen months in advance of the actual event and is blithering on about such republican long shots as Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina and on the “left” it’s Hilary, Hilary, Hilary 24/7, as if divinely chosen, but is silent as a tomb on Senator Bernie Sanders. The Ministry of Propaganda is concentrating on the perennial shopworn issues of is this or that candidate too young, too old, [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
SHAL Monthly Report for May, 2015

REPORT TO THE CITY OF KEY WEST For May 2015 THIS MONTH’S HIGHLIGHTS • SHAL was pleased to be recommended to the Monroe County Commission for a $50,000 award by the Monroe County Human Services Advisory Board. These funds will be used for programs that include housing support to help move homeless persons into full time, permanent housing up and down the Keys. • SHAL is scheduled to open an office at Rural Health Network (RHN) on North Roosevelt, next to their medical and dental clinics. Starting in June, [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
FAC Awards Commissioner Heather Carruthers with the Presidential Advocacy Award

-Carruthers given award for going above and beyond during 2015 Legislative Session- The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) presented Monroe County Commissioner Heather Carruthers with the Presidential Advocacy Award during the 2015 FAC Annual Conference & Exposition in St. Johns County “Florida is the nation’s third largest state. It is gratifying to be working with colleagues from other counties to effect Federal policy that impacts so many Floridians,” states Carruthers, “that is an award in itself, and I thank FAC for the opportunity.” Commissioner Carruthers [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
Veterans Call for Diplomacy in Iraq, Not More U.S. Bases and Troops

  Veterans For Peace Proposes Concrete Steps for Diplomatic Solution to Middle East Wars St. Louis, MO. Veterans For Peace is dismayed by news that the Obama administration is sending 450 more troops to Iraq, and is considering building additional U.S. bases in the war torn country. We remind President Obama of his own words, as reported by many news outlets in August 2014: “There is no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq… The only lasting solution is for Iraqis to come [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015

by Richard (Tuna) Rohe……. Rachel Dolezal was elected president of the local NAACP chapter. She took leave of absence so she could go to The Island of Bones and visit the Barracuda Bar ! More trouble from the (Island of Bones Police ?)

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Jun 192015
Midsummer’s Night Dream & Spectacle

Midsummer’s Night Dream & Spectacle event at Fort East Martello welcomes all in its co-creation. On Saturday, June 20 from 5-11 pm, historic Fort East Martello will be transformed into a magical world where all are invited to discover their dreams and creativity in celebration of Midsummer’s Eve. The family-friendly Midsummer’s Night Dream & Spectacle—co-produced this year by Key West Art & Historical Society and Michael Shields’ Java Studios— was started 9 years ago by Shields as a way to celebrate the creative people of [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
Mel Fisher Days Call for Volunteers

Event organizers are on the hunt for volunteers for Mel Fisher Days in Key West Thursday, July 9 through Sunday, July 12. While volunteers are needed during all 4 days of fun events, the most support is needed at the Rockin’ Block Party on Duval Street on Saturday July 11th. We’ll need help running the kid’s games, dunk tank, beer booths and more! In addition to feeling great about volunteering, you’ll receive an exclusive 30th Anniversary of Atocha’s Mother Lode discovery Mel Fisher Days’ Volunteer [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
One Will Claim Cameo Role in New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Heather Graham’s Next Novel

Many have fantasized about authoring the perfect crime fiction story; now, in an unexpected plot twist, organizers of the upcoming Mystery Writers Key West Fest have announced that one Fest guest will walk into the pages of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham’s next novel. Every fan of mystery fiction that has registered for the Fest by midnight June 30 is eligible to win a cameo “character placement” role in the prolific author’s next work. Graham, who has more than seventy-five [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015

The Florida Keys Southernmost Car Club (FKSCC) holds its Summer monthly ICE CREAM SOCIAL this Saturday , June 20th. 4 to 7pm. This event is for the lovers of classic, custom, and street rod automobiles and trucks of all years and makes. If it cool and on wheels it will be here. The fun event as always is at the Sugarloaf Lodge, on Sugarloaf Key. MM17. Prizes, cold beverages at the Tiki Bar are available. The Club’s sound system will provide 50’s and 60’s music. Bring [continue reading…]

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Jun 192015
Music for Newborns, Tots & Families

  Music Together in the Keys’ six-week summer term starts July 7, with all new CDs and books. The international, science-based program offers family fun for newborns through 4-year-olds and their adults. Trained, registered Music Together educators teach sophisticated musical concepts with play, sparking amazing development in young brains. Summer classes meet weekly, on Tuesday or Saturday, in the rectory behind St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 404 Duval St. Visit musictogetherinthekeys.com or call 305-797-1999.

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Jun 192015
Love Lane Gang - They're Just Plain Fun!

The Love Lane Gang is a homegrown band that charms and thrills both locals and visitors with their rollicking raucous ruckus. With an age range among the members of over thirty years, they bring a wide variety of experience and musical tastes to bear and appeal to music lovers of all ages. They’ve brought back skiffle and updated it for the present. They have revamped their lineup and material, resulting in a sound that is stronger than ever. The addition of Lance Taylor on guitar [continue reading…]

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