Jun 052015
Fracking? In Florida?

by Michael Welber……. Anyone who has followed this issue of hydraulic fracturing or fracking might be more than a little surprised to discover that companies want to frack right here in the Sunshine State. Most people consider it something that happens elsewhere. Like Canada. Or New York. It turns out that as recently as December 2012, Florida began receiving applications for permits to drill new wells in the Panhandle, in southwest Florida near Naples and Ft. Myers, and in the sensitive ecosystems around Big Cypress [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
Apartment Hunting in Key West Can Be Full of Surprises...

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..   Nina and Naomi Newton go apartment hunting with mom in Old Town Key West. What they find keeps them laughing for days….    

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Jun 052015
Environmental Groups Send Reps to Washington to Probe FDA About GM Mosquito Release

A representative from the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition traveled to Washington D.C. last week to meet with the FDA to convey local concerns about the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District’s plans to release genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes in the Keys. The mosquitoes are being bred by British company Oxitec. Barry Wray, executive director of FKEC, was joined by Genna Reed from Food & Water Watch, Dana Perls from Friends of the Earth, and Jaydee Hanson from the Center for Food Safety. The group pressed a [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
Hometown!'s Call for Candidates Event

“My vote is my voice…and the voice of all who struggled, so that I may have my voice.” (Lyida C. Obasi) REMEMBER: AN ELECTION IS DETERMINED BY PEOPLE WHO VOTE Key West, 15 July 2015: Hometown! ‘s “Call for Candidates” Event at Salute Restaurant, Higgs Beach at 5 p.m. Dear Members, Prospective Members of Hometown!, and all Candidates, Prospective Candidates and Those Merely Testing the Waters: Please join us on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, when Key West’s Hometown! will present declared and potential candidates for [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
Life - The Wonder and The Sadness

by Ray Jason……. Peer into this child’s eyes at your own risk. They have haunted me for 18 months. Every few weeks I look at this poignant image and try to decipher the message that those enormous brown eyes are sending to me – and to you – and to the world. I found this photo at Google Images and used it to accompany my final essay of 2013. It is of a little gypsy girl in Romania who has just received a Christmas present [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015

by Alex Symington……. These last few days I’ve been thinking how am I going to resolve my internal conflict with my total loss of faith in our ersatz “two party” system, but still be some kind of participant? Just when I was going to resign myself to the grim idea of the “choice” between Hilary and “Jeb” (whoever), along comes this disheveled rumpled suited Vermonter-via-Brooklyn guy named Bernie Sanders. Here is someone who is unafraid to speak the truth and just when I was at [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
Jenna Stauffer and Good Morning Florida Keys Featuring Kids Wish Network

Cameron Bonney was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells. She immediately started chemotherapy treatment. After seven rounds of the harrowing treatment and two bone marrow transplants, Cameron still faced more issues. In June 2010, Cameron’s body rejected her second bone marrow transplant, and she was diagnosed with chronic scleradormatous. This disorder causes a buildup of collagen between the muscle and skin which restricts movement. New treatment for both her cancer and scleradormatous caused a reduction in blood flow to her [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's"

  by John Donnelly……….. Something happened on the way to Key West. My mind was stretched in a new direction. It was different; nice and smooth; welcoming and unafraid. Kind of like that ‘Rocky Mountain High’ taken to verse by John Denver. My spiritual condition had been suffering of late. I had been too busy to participate in my devotional practices or give thanks to the God of my understanding, for the many miracles and protections, which my Creator has provided unto me throughout my [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
Seventy-Two to Zero

by Bryan Baese…………… I was on the back patio of a mail center in Key Largo when the greeting came from the foliage that topped the pergola in the adjoining retail space. HELLO. The voice was high pitched, slightly metallic, and had a back-of-the-throat kind of sound to it. I never saw the speaker but it was the first indicator that my adventure was off to a good start. Three days, two campsites, one snake, and a hundred miles later I failed spectacularly at a [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
What Am I Missing?

An Open Letter to the School Board 1. A first grade teacher in Key Largo is found by a parent, not an administrator, to be under the influence in the classroom with an open container of alcohol in her desk. Makes you wonder how long this behavior has been going on? Because of years of loyal service, she is allowed to quietly resign, effective with the close of the school year, and presumably nothing in her personnel file to alert a future employer. 2. A [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
Poll the Voters!

Dear Editor: I propose, in the public interest, a poll of the locals as to their thoughts of governments in general, and Monroe County in particular. I propose the following questions: Do you think you’re getting your tax dollars spent in your best interest? Do you think that BOCC officials are acting in your (the Voters) best interests or the influence peddlers? Do you think that you’re being told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth by your elected county officials? Do [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
Walmart to Pay $15 Minimum

Dear Editor: I can’t help but to inquire about the Walmart detractors now that Walmart raised the minimum wage at all Walmart stores to $15 an hour. That will really put the pressure on employers to pay a fair wage to attract the best and the brightest to work for them. What say you now? Walmart will bring jobs and jobs are what we need. Jobs with benefits and opportunity. Ken Sullivan Key West

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Jun 052015
Key West Resident’s Artwork Selected to Appear in National Creativity Calendar for Parkinson’s

Key West resident Timothy Vallilee is using his paintbrush to fight Parkinson’s disease. He is one of thirteen artists whose artwork was selected to appear in the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s (PDF) 2015 Creativity and Parkinson’s Calendar. His watercolor painting entitled, “Melanie’s Beach Party,” is the featured artwork for the month of June in PDF’s nationally distributed calendar that helps to raise awareness. After Mr. Vallilee was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2007, he says he discovered painting to be a “great blessing” and serve as a [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
Who Will Nab Cameo Role in New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Heather Graham’s Next Novel?

Have you ever imagined yourself in the role of moody mobster, dangerous dame or daring detective in a fiction novel? Now, organizers of the upcoming 2nd Annual Mystery Writers Key West Fest have announced that one Fest guest will walk into the pages of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham’s next novel. Every fan of mystery fiction that has registered for the Fest by midnight June 30 is eligible to win a cameo “character placement” role in the prolific author’s next [continue reading…]

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Jun 052015
NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council to Meet in Marathon

NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary will hold a public meeting of the Sanctuary Advisory Council in Marathon, Fla., on Tuesday, June 16, 2014. The focus of the meeting will be a discussion on marine events and concentrated uses such as party areas, raft-ups, and boat races to determine whether there are any management issues in need of potential action. Representatives from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and U.S. Coast Guard will bring their [continue reading…]

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