May 292015
The White, the Black, the Blue ... and His Dog

by Naja and Arnaud Girard…………….. This week Blue Paper reporters stumbled across a very secretive drug interdiction operation in the Florida Keys. And what we discovered is a trove of information that brings us closer to understanding the issue of racial profiling in the Keys. The operation was called, “Blue Lightening Strike Force.” It took place on March 19, 2015 on US 1 just outside of Key West.   DID YOU LIKE THIS STORY?  SUPPORT THE BLUE PAPER Help us continue to bring you local investigative journalism… [continue reading…]

May 292015
Photo Documentary: Key West Marches Against Monsanto

by Terri Brentnall………………. Terri Brentnall came to Key West from Germany with her husband George in mid-2004 and opened her freelance photography business. Over the intervening years, she refined her unique perspective of island life and developed her photojournalism skills. Terri, who is a member of Professional Photographers of America, has been the recipient of the Best of Key West – Photographers Award for 2014 and 2015. She can occasionally be found with her magic Canon out and about in Key West, documenting island life.

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May 292015
Fear and Loathing

by Alex Symington…………… Last week in Key West the Newspaper [The Blue Paper], I wrote about the quiet coup of corporate co-option of our government and listed the glaring evidence to that truth. Towards the conclusion of the essay I had used the word “revolt” in, what I thought, was contextually appropriate. I submitted the piece and after the editors read it they cautioned me on the word “revolt” and sent me a link to The Cornell University Law School web site “Legal Information Institute” [continue reading…]

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May 292015
On Writing

by Kirby Congdon….. As in prose, the subjects for poetry are almost limitless. Oddly enough, however, there seem to be inhibitions about writing poems on personal relatives or in any area that is so familiar–like politics or business–that it has lost any aura of mystery. Actually the subjects in a poem we write are not chosen. We may be attracted to write down an idea or even just a phrase but it is unlikely that we will know all that much about it beforehand. A [continue reading…]

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May 292015

by Ronald Sands……………….. For decades I have existed in the realm of darkness; a place of deceit, the precise location of iniquity. And I was totally resigned to die there, with a crack pipe in my mouth, a drink in my hand and the facial orifice of someone vehemently bobbing on my lap. On the twenty ninth day of June 2014, I for reasons at that time unknown to me, left my family’s estate in Key West and voyaged in what, looking back to that [continue reading…]

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May 292015
Madok Declares Candidacy for Clerk of Court

Kevin Madok announced today that he has filed as a candidate for the office occupied by Amy Heavilin. “I’m running to restore competence and accountability to the Clerk’s Office,” explained Madok. “It was a model agency before Heavilin took over in 2012.” Currently, Madok serves Monroe County as Senior Director of Strategic Planning. Prior to Heavilin’s arrival, Madok worked for eight years in the Clerk’s Office under long-time Clerk of Court Danny Kolhage. “During my years in the Clerk’s office, Danny Kolhage led a professional, [continue reading…]

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May 292015

Dear Editors: DID GAYS ELIMINATE MORAL AUTHORITY IN IRELAND? THE WEST? It’s hard to believe that an estimated 10-percent minority could overthrow the absolute moral authority of a major world religion. Yes, the indomitable spirit of gay Hibernians has undercut the Roman Catholic Church’s 1,600 year long, moral stranglehold on western civilization. How could this happen? How could a despised minority garner the support of a majority that was taught to fear and denigrate it as human condition? On Friday, May 22, 2015, Ireland held [continue reading…]

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May 292015
Open Container Law Targets the Homeless

Dear Editor: The newspaper has blamed the Police for targeting the homeless. The fault lies not with the police, but with the City Commission. Our open container law, Ordinance 18-87 is designed to target the homeless. In order to violate the statute, you must be drunk while drinking in public. Then, on the first offense, the police can only give a warning. When the Police encounter a drunk tourist drinking, they are required to take away the open container and issue a warning. The tourist [continue reading…]

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May 292015
Writers Contest and Award to Honor Late Author Jeremiah Healy

The inaugural Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award – “The Jerry” – will be presented at the 2nd Annual Mystery Writers Key West Fest, August 14-16 in Key West, Florida. The winner will claim a book-publishing contract with Absolutely Amazing eBooks, free Mystery Writers Key West Fest registration, hotel accommodations for two nights, and a captivating bobble-headed Jerry trophy. Sponsored by Absolutely Amazing eBooks, the award salutes the author’s legacy as a beloved and influential mentor credited with helping and advising many aspiring writers. Candidates wishing [continue reading…]

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