Apr 202015
Sheriff Ramsay’s Remarks Political / Rate of Arrest of Blacks Three Times Greater...

by Dr. Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D…. Assistant Public Defender Trish Gibson, a 20-year veteran of Key West’s Public Defender’s office, is running for Public Defender. This makes Sheriff Ramsay’s attempt at discrediting her in The Citizen (4/19/2015)–Political. Gibson had the honesty to state cautiously on the ACLU’s “Policing in Paradise” panel (4/13/15) that, in her experience, ‘selective enforcement can be seen by where we are getting our arrests for drugs–Bahama Village.’ Attorney Gibson went on to say, ‘I have never heard someone say [to a [continue reading…]

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Apr 172015

by Naja and Arnaud Girard… The Florida Keys Chapter of the ACLU held their annual meeting last Monday at the Harvey Government Center.  A panel of criminal justice experts explored the issues involved in “Policing Paradise.” DID YOU LIKE THIS STORY?  SUPPORT THE BLUE PAPER Help us continue to bring you local investigative journalism…  Click on the image to make a donation [NOT tax deductible].

Apr 172015
Cudjoe Deep Injection Well Funded But Shallow Well Battle Continues

by JD Adler… March 5, 2015: A team of environmental scientists led by Dr. Briceno of the Florida International University have gathered under blue skies on Cudjoe Key. Their mission: to determine whether the shallow injection wells installed for use in the Cudjoe regional wastewater treatment plant will successfully contain wastewater or whether the ground will prove too porous allowing partially treated sewage to migrate to nearby national marine sanctuary surface waters. By March 19th they would have already found the answer, as described in the report released April 11. “We [continue reading…]

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Apr 172015
3 out of 4 Key Haven Residents Oppose Release of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

by Michael Welber… By a wide margin, Key Haven residents oppose the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in their neighborhood. At its next board meeting, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, is likely to approve a contract with British company Oxitec, which breeds the mosquitoes. Mosquito Control plans to release the insects this spring if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves. Over the past three months, a team of volunteers personally surveyed 283 households on the peninsula in the lower Keys and found a [continue reading…]

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Apr 172015
Dump the Pumps Announces Intent to Sue Federal Agencies

by JD Adler… The law firm of Reiner and Reiner, on behalf of Dump the Pumps, has made a public announcement of intent to sue over lack of environmental impact assessment for Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. 60-DAY NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE VIOLATIONS OF THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT; THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT; THE MARINE MAMMAL PROTECTION ACT; THE NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARIES ACT; COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT ACT; THE CLEAN WATER ACT AND THE CLEAN AIR ACT; REGARDING MONROE COUNTY AND THE FLORIDA KEYS AQUEDUCT [continue reading…]

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Apr 172015
South Florida Plaintiff Group to Attend US Supreme Court Hearings

Set for the morning of April 28th, the historical landmark hearings for Marriage Equality will take place in Washington DC. Aaron Huntsman and William ‘Lee’ Jones, accompanied with their PR & legal team, Restivo, Reilly & Vigil Farinas, will depart on 26 April from Ft Lauderdale International Airport. The team, consisting of 25, representing Key West, Monroe County and Florida will be accompanying multiple Florida Marriage Equality plaintiffs also en-route to DC to participate in this historic event. Local Key West citizens Dan Bready and [continue reading…]

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Apr 172015
Review of Key West Poet Laureate, Rosalind Brackenbury's, "Bonnard’s Dog"

by Malcolm Willison…  Bonnard’s Dog by Rosalind Brackenbury (Brooklyn, Hanging Loose Press, 2015) Bonnard’s Dog, just out, offers fifty excellent poems by the estimable Key West poet, Rosalind Brackenbury, just about to become the next Key West Poet Laureate. This collection is a riff on the 1917 painting by Henri Bonnard of bathers, bugs, a man sleeping, and his dog in a hot Provencal landscape. Brackenbury’s light, firm, persuasive poetic voice opens up a whole range of such emblematic experiences–people, and places, times and conditions, [continue reading…]

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Apr 172015
Letter: Parking Changes

I awoke this morning eagerly awaiting the scheduled re-striping of our street (800 block of Thomas) to clearly designate the “Residential” spaces.   But as I looked at the markings on the street laying out the new striping, it became apparent that what had been 7 spaces (presently 5 residential, 2 open) in our section of the block were being remarked for only 6 spaces, and in talking with the crew it was revealed that only half of the new spaces would be residential permit parking [continue reading…]

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Apr 172015
Letter to the Editor: Dick

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the computer, there he is, Dick Cheney, blithering on about Obama being “the worst president the country has ever had!” I think it’s safe to say history will prove that statement false. Once again, Dick entertains us with his stunning projection and denial that is a medical textbook case study in projection and denial. The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud first coined the word “projection” to identify the mental aberration “that thoughts, motivations, desires, [continue reading…]

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