Apr 102015
Letter to the Editor: On the AFC

Editor:        Recent nominations to the School District’s Audit and Finance Committee, along with public comments from the Board members accompanying the nominations demonstrate two things:  To serve on the AFC, one must be a retiree along with a willingness to swear that they have no interest in ever running for the School Board. Larry Murray

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Apr 032015
Racial Profiling in Paradise

by Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D…. What Traffic Tickets and “Disorderly Conduct” Reveal… What would you think if you were stopped by Key West police, on average, three times a year over 5 years—5 times in 2011 alone? To your credit, you had no stops for DWI. Your traffic infractions were for such things as not wearing your seat belt—a violation discovered after you’d been stopped for loud music; how about ‘failure to stop’ and ‘to yield,’ ‘driving at an ‘unlawful speed,’ and going the wrong [continue reading…]

Apr 032015
Dog Lady is Free! Ocean Key Investigated...

by JD Adler… In February Ocean Key Hotel, subsidiary of the Nobel House corporation, held a for-profit concert on Sunset Pier during which the band, the Revivalists, invited local citizen Kelsey Haas and her dog Mali onto the stage to dance with them. Police, at the request of hotel management, removed and arrested Ms. Haas for being in the “VIP section” without, allegedly, having paid a $150 entrance fee. As reported exclusively in The Blue Paper, Sunset Pier is on submerged public land leased from [continue reading…]

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Apr 032015
Wal-Mart Announces Plans for 2017

by JD Adler… At the monthly luncheon of the Key West Business Guild, member Owen Trepanier of Trepanier & Associates introduced representatives from Walmart with whom they are collaborating on a plan to be the anchor tenant at the shopping center being developed for Rockland Key. Michelle Belaire, a senior manager of public affairs and government relations for Walmart, spoke to the membership for roughly 10 minutes and took questions afterward. “Walmart has operated in the state of Florida for 33 years. We’ve probably been [continue reading…]

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Apr 032015
Letter To the Editor: Bad Manners

If the subject of global warming/climate change and the reactions it elicits are any indication of the subject’s incendiary nature, I guess we can add that to the things to never discuss at a dinner party; Politics, Religion and Climate Change. Actually there is very little that remains to discuss that hasn’t been painted with the left/right political brush now that weather has been politicized to the point of paralysis. What used to be considered harmless conversation is now a minefield of highly charged emotional [continue reading…]

Apr 032015
Tunatoons - Bad Kitty

by Richard (Tuna) Rohe…   Our dear friend Kate died of cancer due to harmful chemicals in the kitty litter, it’s about all the chemicals that will cause Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Cancer and (crap poop) toxoplasmosis Gondi. Watch out for all the kitty litter and nasty Cats! For more about the toxicity of Kitty Litter click here…

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Apr 032015
Poetry Guild features Professor Elliott April 5

Established poet and Professor Elizabeth Elliott, a snowbird from Tavernier who makes meetings occasionally for a sleepover in the city, will be Key West Poetry Guild’s featured poet on Sunday, April 5 at 7 p.m. upstairs at Blue Heaven, Petronia at Thomas streets in Old Town. J.M. Varela will moderate. The meeting will, as is the tradition, include at least one “lightening round” in which attending poets are invited to read one original poem. “Until she was in her twenties,” the featured poet reports, she [continue reading…]

Apr 032015
Free Film Warns Fracking Could Come to Everglades, April 8

Health and Environmental Organizations Bring Anti- Fracking Film Tour To Florida Fracking could come to the Everglades Key West, FL— Local community groups will host a screening of Groundswell Rising: Protecting Our Children’s Air and Water, a film about fracking—one of the most controversial methods of drilling for oil and gas. Craig Stephens, one of the film’s subjects who has seen the devastation that fracking can cause firsthand, will speak to viewers and answer questions about fracking. The groups will present the film, which is free [continue reading…]

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Apr 032015
ACLU, Florida Keys Chapter, to host Annual Town Hall Meeting

 The forum presented by the local Florida Keys Chapter of the ACLU will be: “Policing Issues in Paradise”, with a panel discussion by noted author Barbara Ehrenreich, Key West Police Chief Donnie Lee, Public Defender Patricia Docherty Gibson, Citizen Review Board member Larry Beaver, and City Commissioner Clayton Lopez. Highlighted will be treatment of minorities and the disadvantaged and the Bill of Rights. The Constitution is our nation’s framework to ensure the rights of all our citizens. Recent police and community actions have highlighted the [continue reading…]

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Apr 032015
22 Monroe County Students to meet with Nobel Peace Laureate

Historic Tours of America is the lead corporate sponsor for Keys to Be the Change and their PeaceJam trip which will be on April 10 – 13. Twenty-two students from Monroe County will be traveling to Florida State University to attend the annual Leadership Conference. Students will meet and work with a Nobel Peace Laureate  during the weekend conference. Historic Tours of America donated funds to help with scholarships that provide this opportunity to youth who otherwise would not be able to afford this trip. [continue reading…]

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