Mar 272015
TSKW Artist Studio Tours Comes to Stock Island

The Studios of Key West ventures off the rock to Stock Island, “the Brooklyn of Key West,” for their annual Artist Studio Tours on Saturday March 28 from 12-4pm . Sculptor Cindy Wynn’s phantasmagorical metal shop anchors the Tour, with optional transportation to and from the Tour stops made easy by Old Town Trolley. Tickets are $20 and are on sale at or by calling 305-296-0458. Trolley transportation is included in the ticket price. Visitors can peer into the workspaces of Stock Island creatives including Jimmy [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
Cudjoe Shallow Wells Need Deeper Look

by JD Adler… Environmental attorneys Caron Balkany and Christopher Byrd have issued a 60 day notice of intent to sue the government on behalf of local fisherman Mike Laudicina, due to failure to acquire proper review for the shallow well injection of municipal sewage in the Cudjoe Key area. They have issued a press release stating that Monroe County and the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) have utilized a “fake” environmental assessment report to support their contention that this method is safe. Their concerns spring from [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
US Law Enforcement Kills with Impunity-- Especially When the Victim is Black,  Part 1:

Genocide of African-Americans by Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D., Tulane University Emerita… The respected investigative journalism organization, ProPublica,[i] recently concluded, using the FBI’s woefully incomplete statistics on “justifiable” civilian killings by law enforcement (see Huggins, The Blue Paper #102), that between 2010 and 2012, “young black males…were at a far greater risk of being shot dead by police than their white counterparts—[in fact] 21 times greater….” While I would confidently agree that Blacks stand a far greater chance than Whites of being killed by law enforcement, [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
Guest Column: On Human Trafficking

by Reverend Dr. Magby…. I am Rev Dr Gwendolyn D. Magby. For nearly 13 years it has been my privilege to pastor Trinity Presbyterian Church, “The Church in the Heart of the City with the City at Heart and the Friendliest Church This Side of Heaven,” located at 717 Simonton Street, I am also the chair of Keys Coalition and it is in that capacity that I wrote this essay on human trafficking, to bring increased awareness of the issue in our community. I start [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
Genesis of the Keys Coalition

by Tim Gratz, Program Policy Chair, Keys Coalition… It really all began eight years ago this month. That is when the movie “Amazing Grace” was released. “Amazing Grace” has a brief scene with John Newton, the former slave-trader who wrote the lyrics to what became the popular hymn “Amazing Grace” but the film really tells the story of William Wilberforce, a member of Parliament who fought, with just a few followers, to end the slave trade in England, a fight that took him twenty years [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
Barbarism Du Jour

by Alex Symington… As Louis Petrone’s article, “Mass Killings Common” in KonkLIFE (link below) pointed out there is nothing new to the horrors of man’s inhumanity to man, referring to the latest incarnation that is ISIS. I could not agree more. Mr. Petrone recalled several examples of atrocities, starting with “our own backyard”, of mass killings and beheadings of Native Americans upon the arrival of the English to their shores and murders and beheadings of African salves that had the audacity to rebel against their [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
A Red Tag for Noah

 by Michael Alan… The earliest record of a code enforcement action was in the book of Genesis: “Good morning, Mr. Noah, do you have a permit for that?”  I myself am building a boat in my backyard, just like Noah. Naturally, there were certain problems to consider. How I would get it out to the street when it was finished topped the list. Whether I needed a permit to build it did not enter into it. I guess, like Noah, I felt that God had [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
Fractured Department--Free Falling In Disrepair...

by John Donnelly… The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has a significant number of ineffective leaders, compromised supervisors and rogue agents being recycled within their ranks. A plethora of documents and investigative reports have surfaced, attesting to this fact. A local (Key West) FDLE special agent is alleged to have violated her own “Ethical Standards” on how to conduct an accurate and viable investigation. In addition to disregarding these policy guidelines, it appears that this agent may have broken the law regarding her questionable [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
Fifty (less Fifty) Shades of Gray

by Kim Pederson… It’s hard not to think about the word “hypocrisy” when you watch The Daily Show. On Thursday’s program (March 12), host Jon Stewart had New Jersey governor Chris Christy in the cross-hairs. Governor Christy apparently saw fit to bypass the courts in a $9 billion environmental suit against ExxonMobil for polluting waters around its NJ refineries and settle for $225 million. He then spent that paltry money on filling holes in the NJ budget rather than restoration efforts. He tried to sell [continue reading…]

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Mar 202015
Letter to Editor: Ethics and Science

Editor:   The Key West Citizen ran an editorial on Sunday (3/8) that makes an appeal to science as the reason to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Key Haven and, eventually, the Lower Keys to prevent a dengue fever outbreak. While most reasonable people applaud the advances science has made in our society, including profoundly important medical discoveries, those same people know that strong ethical oversight must accompany good science. Science provides important information but without ethical oversight and good sense we also get hydrogen [continue reading…]

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