Mar 132015
"Free Dog Lady!" / Local Resort Uses Police To Grab Public Land

Article by JD Adler, Video by Arnaud Girard and Naja Girard…. Free Dog Lady! Saturday, February 7th, 2015: Key West native and charter boat captain, Kelsey Haas, heads to the Ocean Key Resort & Spa with her dog Mali to see one of her favorite bands, The Revivalists, perform on Sunset Pier at the foot of Duval Street. The band, transfixed by the cute little doggie, invites her onto the stage. After dancing for a few joyful minutes, Kelsey and Mali return to the floor. Facing the stage, she [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Inept Justices Rule Against Monroe

by Rick Boettger… The Third Court of Appeals has ruled that private corpations owning rental housing located on federally owned land associated with a military base do NOT have to pay local real estate taxes. This costs us here in Monroe almost $8 million/year in educational costs for those children, costs the rest of us shoulder, to say nothing about police, fire, roads, etc. The reasons the court gave were simply wrong. They say the Navy retains control over the property. But the point of [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Candy Coated School Accounting

by Dr. Larry Murray… The next time a student comes by and asks you to buy something or otherwise financially support a school activity, ask how much money is in his school’s internal account.  He will probably have no idea.  In fact, he will probably not know what an internal account is. However, as a taxpayer, you should. Each school maintains an internal account in which it houses all the money from all those fundraisers from car washes to candy sales. The rules and regulations [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Why War is Bad

 by Jerome Grapel… (This essay was written at a time when the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was making its way into the world’s consciousness. More than a decade later, the horrifying chaos now prevailing in the region is sickening proof of the colossal blunder the American invasion was.)     As I write this essay, the second Bush Oil War has become the fiasco it always deserved to be. The latest piece of firewood thrown onto the flames of this madness is the graphic international diffusion [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Stop Shallow Sewage Wells in the Florida Keys, March 22nd

What’s wrong with Shallow Sewage Wells in the Florida Keys? Well, do you enjoy seafood, diving or snorkeling, fishing, bird and marine life? We’re about to start swimming in sewage effluent. Our County Commissioners are refusing to pay for a Deep Well to dispose of more than 30 million gallons a month of partially treated sewage effluent. Instead, they want to use four shallow wells cased only to 80 feet into the porous limestone of the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. It will rise to [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Transgender Mosquitoes, Threat or Menace

by Michael Alan The first thing they tell you about serious writing is: do not, under any circumstances, write about anything serious. Everyone says so, and it is true, it tends to piss people off. What you should do is come up with a really good title. That is the key to it all. Readers can read the title and then they know exactly what you are going to say. That way they do not have to read the article per se and they can [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Letter to the Editor

It used to be you could expect some fairly unsophisticated and unprofessional behavior from the 435 odd members of the house, but one could always rely on cooler more restrained heads in the senate. We found out this week that is no longer the case. We saw forty seven Republican Senators shoot off a letter to Tehran to explain how they feel the president is over stepping his authority (he isn’t) when it comes to negotiating with Iran on nuclear arms. This following on the [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Catastrophic Progress

by Ray Jason, The Sea Gypsy Philosopher… The deep serenity down here in the Archipelago of Bliss soothes and inspires me. Sometimes AVENTURA and I find a tiny lagoon that is so tranquil that the silence almost seems to speak. In many spots the Jungle runs all the way down to the Sea. Such symbolism comforts me, because they are both such essential incubators of Life. Last week I found a bay so sublime that the voice of Nature was louder than the clamor of [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Save Our Pines, March 15

March 15, 2015 • 1–5pm • Under the Pines @ Fort Zachary Taylor   Come celebrate with us under the pines at Fort Zach on Sunday, March 15th, from 1-5 pm! This annual event marks the 7 year anniversary of the Save Our Pines organization and its successful campaign to stop the removal of our beautiful shade-providing Australian Pine trees at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. Also, thanks to Mayor Cates’ Proclamation, the third Sunday of March is now officially Save Our Pines Day! Signed Pines [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
328,000 LGBT Workers in Florida Lack Statewide Protections

LOS ANGELES — About 328,000 LGBT workers in Florida are vulnerable to employment discrimination absent explicit statewide legal protections, according to a new report co-authored by Christy Mallory, Senior Counsel, and Brad Sears, Executive Director, at the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute.  Currently, 31 counties and municipalities in Florida have ordinances prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public and private sector employment, but about 46% of Florida’s workforce is not covered by these laws. “A statewide law prohibiting employment discrimination based [continue reading…]

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