Feb 132015
Good Morning Florida Keys With Jenna Stauffer Featuring "Stainless"

Videographer: Leo Martinez Review by Jed Dodds As the group of three artists from Havana known as Stainless open their exhibition at The Studios of Key West, it will inevitably be seen against the backdrop of shifting US-Cuban relations, and misconceptions born out of a half century cut off from one another. It’s likely to be a shock. For one, the sex. Far from the dour Soviet state one might imagine, Cuba remains incredibly sexualized, with few of the hangups that other cultures bring to [continue reading…]

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Feb 132015
Featured Artist: Firdavs Yuldashev

  Firdavs Yuldashev is a sophomore at Key West High School. Firdavs Yuldashev was born in Uzbekistan on April 26, 1998. Firdavs is most adept at working with graphite and charcoal but also has done some work in acrylic. He enjoys creating various types of art but is especially interested in exploring surrealism. His artwork is influenced by his parents who have encouraged Firdavs to explore his creativity since early childhood. This year in art class Firdavs learned several sketching and painting techniques. His favorite thing about art class is being surrounded by the creativity of fellow students.  

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Feb 132015

by Jerome Grapel Although I have not lived there for almost 50 years, I was born and raised in New York City and almost all my extended family still lives there. Anyone hearing the way I speak English can attest to the fact I still carry some of this place around with me — and always will. Bill De Blasio is the Mayor of New York City. People like him used to be considered a fairly normal strain of center-left Democrat, but since the appearance [continue reading…]

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