Mar 162018
SAO Report Reveals Witness Maintains Allegation of Real Gun at HOB After-School Event

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. The State Attorney’s Office has released its investigative report on gun threat allegations at HOB Middle School. Christopher Weber, the SAO’s Chief Investigator, at the end of his thorough 9-page report, concluded that there is not a sufficient basis to bring criminal charges. However, Weber did collect a statement from a witness who claims he remains certain that a student brought a real gun to an after-school event on January 16th.

Mar 122018
Killing Cats in Key West

Click here to see the list of  “euthanasia outcomes” for KWSPCA shelters in Key West and Marathon in the past two years. Clarification regarding the 844 cases of “euthanasia”:  We thought we could equate the number of bona fide merciful euthanasia cases to the number of kills for “medical” reasons and “feline lukemia” however we realized that some of the animals put down by “owner request” could fall under the “medical” category and some of the cases categorized as “medical” may not rise to the [continue reading…]

Mar 032018
State Attorney Expands His Investigation of Gun Threats at HOB

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. A police officer at HOB Middle School has been put on paid leave for lying to the FBI. The disciplinary action follows an investigation by The Blue Paper into an alleged cover-up of gun threats at that school. The issue quickly turned into a local “media war”. The daily paper (the Citizen) faithfully reproduced the official version: that the HOB gun threats had been “thoroughly investigated”. The Blue Paper, challenging that version, was asking to see the Sheriff’s report that [continue reading…]

Mar 032018
Caroline Street Cat Colony in Jeopardy - Can you Foster or Adopt? Urgent Need...

For over 10 years, a fractured stray colony of 30 plus cats has been tended to by Key West locals on Caroline Street. Local waitresses, bar managers, renters, neighbors, store owners, and Key West cat lovers have been leaving food and water for this incredibly affectionate and docile colony of cats. The cats live in the middle of a small dirty courtyard where bars and liquor stores back up together. They come out from under the structure of the stores, look over the roof easements [continue reading…]

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