Mar 242018
Thy Neighbor's Tree

by Rick Boettger…… Late fallout from Irma is that I’m filing a lawsuit to enforce an important provision of Florida’s law on Trees and Landowner Responsibility. Part of this is simple, and part gets complicated. The simple part is, for healthy trees, “. . . the landowner with the tree located on his or her property is not liable for damage caused by the branches or roots. The adjoining landowner may, at his or her own expense, trim back the branches or roots as he or [continue reading…]

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Mar 162018
SAO Report: Witness Swears He Saw a Real Gun in Student Backpack at HOB After-School Event

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. The State Attorney’s Office has released its investigative report on gun threat allegations at HOB Middle School. Christopher Weber, the SAO’s Chief Investigator, at the end of his thorough 9-page report, concluded that there is not a sufficient basis to bring criminal charges. However, Weber did collect a statement from a witness who claims he remains certain that a student brought a real gun to an after-school event on January 16th.

Mar 122018
Killing Cats in Key West

Click here to see the list of  “euthanasia outcomes” for KWSPCA shelters in Key West and Marathon in the past two years. Clarification regarding the 844 cases of “euthanasia”:  We thought we could equate the number of bona fide merciful euthanasia cases to the number of kills for “medical” reasons and “feline lukemia” however we realized that some of the animals put down by “owner request” could fall under the “medical” category and some of the cases categorized as “medical” may not rise to the [continue reading…]

Mar 112018
I'm NOT Running for Mayor

…(but I Will Run against Heather) by Rick  Boettger……. I have been advised to run against Heather in 2020 instead of against whomever this year in District 2. Only if George Neugent has another surprise change of heart will I run against him, in order to call him out at every election stop for the rest of the year. I’ll be in the elections office at 11:30 AM on June 22, checkbook in hand, filling out forms, so that if George swoops in at 11:59 with [continue reading…]

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Mar 112018
Capitol Punishment: Or, Keeping House is too Expensive

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Politico reports on a letter to US Representative and House Ethics Committee chairwoman Susan Brooks (R-IN), from more than two dozen members of the Congressional Black Caucus, requesting an investigation into “the legality and propriety” of lawmakers sleeping in their offices. Among their complaints are that the free lodging and associated perqs constitute a “direct violation of the ethics rules which prohibit official resources from being used for personal purposes,” and that the risk of seeing a naked politician creates a [continue reading…]

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Mar 112018
"Sanctuary State" Suit: The Trump Administration versus California and Federalism

by Thomas L. Knapp……. President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions find  California’s “sanctuary” laws inconvenient, and are asking the courts to rule in favor of their convenience rather than affirming the US Constitution. That’s the  takeaway from  United States v. State of California, a US Department of Justice lawsuit filed on March 6. The case sounds like it’s about immigration — and the administration can be counted on to play up that perception in the secondary court of public opinion — but  it [continue reading…]

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Mar 112018
Sheri Lohr and the Fair

by Kirby Congdon……. Sheri Lohr’s outfit, Seastory Press, has provided a service for those of us who have not yet been adored by the commercial, academic or popular institutions of our literary world. Eight or nine years ago she tried setting up an annual get-together at the Heritage House under the auspices of Jean Porter. Ms. Porter had originally encouraged local writers in her garden area, having already been a host to Robert Frost while Lawrence Ferlinghetti had been a personal friend whom I met [continue reading…]

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Mar 112018
Review of South Florida Symphony Orchestra Concert

by Malcolm R. Willison……. There was a packed hall at the Tennessee Williams Theatre on College Road for a concert by the renowned South Florida Symphony Orchestra on February 28 First to be heard was a movingly subdued and atmospheric introductory string elegy by contemporary composer Lisa Nardi. It was dedicated to those who lives were lost or injured in the then-recent shooting at the Parkland school. From there the conductor of the South Florida Symphony, Sabrina María Alfonso, took expressive, sinuous lead of a [continue reading…]

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Mar 032018
State Attorney Expands His Investigation of Gun Threats at HOB

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. A police officer at HOB Middle School has been put on paid leave for lying to the FBI. The disciplinary action follows an investigation by The Blue Paper into an alleged cover-up of gun threats at that school. The issue quickly turned into a local “media war”. The daily paper (the Citizen) faithfully reproduced the official version: that the HOB gun threats had been “thoroughly investigated”. The Blue Paper, challenging that version, was asking to see the Sheriff’s report that [continue reading…]

Mar 032018
City Leaders Enable FDOT Tragic Follies

by Rick Boettger……. Two weeks ago I wrote about the guy on a moped who got sent to Ryder Trauma Center for seven staples in his head (even with a helmet) after he was rear-ended and knocked 30 feet when he lawfully stopped at the killer crosswalk on North Roosevelt at the Kmart Plaza. My point was that the crosswalks transferred the danger from lawbreaking jaywalkers, who if they get hit it’s their own fault, to law-abiding citizens. With these dangerous crosswalks, the people in [continue reading…]

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Mar 032018
America's Democracy Hypocrisy

by Thomas L. Knapp……. In late February, Venezuela’s government began accepting presidential candidate registrations and announced a snap legislative election for April. The country’s opposition denounces the process as a sham and Maduro as a dictator, both of which may be true. Oddly,  a third voice — the US government — also weighed in. Per US state media outlet Voice of America, “the United States, which under President Donald Trump has been deeply critical of Maduro’s leadership in crisis-torn and economically suffering Venezuela, on Saturday rejected the [continue reading…]

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