Mar 242018
Missed Opportunities--Shared Incompetence--Neglect

Guest Column by John Donnelly……. A precise antidote for violence and murderous school rampages is available for every teacher and school administrator in the American Public and Private School Systems.  It’s free of charge, established via empirical data developed through the ages, since the inception of Man and Womankind.

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Mar 032018
NRA Members Perform Great Works

by John Donnelly……. The picture appearing as a lead to this article is a “Commissioned Sculpture” presented to me recognizing my achievements as an “Outstanding Educator” in South Florida. I’m a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA). Although very much imperfect, the God of my understanding saw fit to bring a cadre of courageous, determined and magnanimous people into my life. These individuals allowed me to team up with them to do some truly incredible things. We successfully fought against injustice, [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018
Over-Development To Begin

by John Donnelly……. Monroe County Commissioners, County Administrator Roman Gastesi & Planning Director Mayte Santamaria are on the verge of executing a plan that will end life as we know it in our beloved island homes, neighborhoods and communities. My message to them is as follows: I’m at the Miami VA and unable to attend this important meeting. I adamantly oppose and will do all within my power to resist these specious, fallacious and unconstitutional changes under consideration that will destroy our way of life [continue reading…]