Feb 122016

Big Coppitt toppino reduce to 800 w

by Naja and Arnaud Girard…….

A one-room efficiency for $1,836/month, a one-bedroom for $2,097, a two-bedroom for $2,358. Those are the “affordable” rates that will prevail for the rental of 70% of the 213 affordable residential units the County Commission has approved for a Big Coppitt Key waterfront development project. Those rents are defined in the code as “moderate-income affordable.” Continue reading »

Feb 122016
The Missing $22,000 at Horace O'Bryant School: Why Potential Whistleblowers are Hesitating to Come Forward

Commentary by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. How smart do you have to be to serve on the Monroe County School Board? This would seem to be a logical question considering the Board members’ history of dealing with internal theft of taxpayer money– as well as their treatment of whistleblowers. Surely you remember the infamous Acevedo scandal. […]

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Feb 122016
Being Homeless in Key West

  by Sloan Bashinsky……. There is a really different kind of homeless man in Key West right now. He has debilitating Raynaud’s disease, which causes a person to feel cold and want to live in a warm climate. This fellow said he took to traveling after his “normal” life stopped working well. On foot he […]

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Feb 122016
The Curse of Self-Consistency

by Kim Pederson……. The world of physicists and astrophysicists is abuzz today because of a “faint chirp.” What’s the big deal, you might ask? I can hear mockingbirds sing right outside my window and it’s a whole lot more interesting than a sound burp from an event that took place a billion light years away […]

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Feb 122016

by Kirby Congdon……. God: Hello. Poet: What? God: I said Hello. Poet: Who’s there? God: I am your God. Poet: Oh, it’s you. What do you want now? God: I was just checking. Did you get my revelation? Poet: Oh yeah. I wrote it down. It’s a poem now. God: I know. But you changed […]

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Feb 122016
Liberating Students & A Nation From The Bondage of Self...

by John Donnelly……. Penetrating the implacable nature of invertebrate malefactors is not a task for the faint of heart. However, it can be done. Initiating a series of remedial actions via a multipronged strike upon illegitimate government and corporate practices, will resuscitate an abused citizenry reeling from the strangulating clutches of ‘exploitive authority and control’. […]

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Feb 052016
Key West: Your Landlord May Owe You For Overcharging For Rent

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. Donald Roberts lives in Peary Court with his mom Ruby.   They rent one of the 48 deed restricted “affordable” units. Their situation is puzzling. With a combined annual income of under $55,850, they qualify for “low-income affordable workforce housing.” Their rent should be $1,571/month, yet they pay around $2,400/month. At […]

Feb 052016
Who Owns Peary Court?

by Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D…….. A burning question was finally asked on Wednesday (2/3/2016) in a Key West Citizen Editorial—“Who is White Street Partners?” Well, that’s the wrong question if you’re after Peary Court’s current owners. Peary Court Holdings, LP (a Delaware limited partnership)– registered in Florida as a “foreign partnership”– is Peary Court’s owner […]

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Feb 052016
Who Knew What and When Did They Know It?

An Open Letter To The School Board Gentlemen: We are all anxiously looking forward to Superintendent Mark Porter’s report at next Tuesday’s Board meeting regarding the missing $20,000 in the daycare operation at HOB School. This is Superintendent Porter’s third try at determining what went wrong and who was responsible. They say that three times […]

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Feb 052016
"Unaffordable Housing"---The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

by John Donnelly……. Bamboozled, hoodwinked and indoctrinated for many years by government and developers into believing an inauthentic maxim has damaged our fragile aquatic ecosystem, while allowing the introduction of virulent toxins into our communities. Widespread fraud and deception by government officials are nothing new to the citizens of Monroe County. Research has produced evidence […]

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Feb 052016
Lenepe Park, PA

by Kirby Congdon……. At Lenepe Park they had a real roller coaster but I liked the merry-go-round best. My horse even gallopped. It was in slow motion but I held on tight. Later I heard that the Lenepes were a tribe of American Indians. “Where are the Indians?” I wanted to know. “They’re dead,” I […]

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Feb 052016
In Dubious Praise of a Litmus Test

by Kim Pederson……. With the finish of the Iowa caucuses, the 2016 presidential race is finally off and running after much pawing, prancing, whinnying, and mucking about in the paddock prior to the start. It struck me in watching the candidates (all of them) post-Iowa that it’s nearly impossible to make any kind of value […]

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Feb 052016

by Jerome Grapel……. Oh no, not him again. Is this all there is to talk about in the world’s only Stupid Power? Whatever happened to Brittany Spears? If only Michael Jackson were still alive. Can’t we go back to those good old days when the title of this essay only pertained to card games? Please, […]

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Feb 052016
Philosophical Acceptance

  by Ray Jason……. As I sail deeper into my Middle Years, my ship of self seems to be entering the Sea of Paradox. On the one hand, I am comfortable with the inescapable termination of my physical self. But on the other hand, I am troubled by the possibility that my work – my […]

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Jan 292016
The Bookie, The School District, and The Green Parrot

Commentary by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. The School Board is still scrambling to unravel the mystery of $20,000 in day-care funds that went missing over a year ago. Let’s put this amount into perspective. The annual 2015/2016 budget for the Monroe County School District is $163.7 Million.   This amount includes 95.1 Million for operations and […]

Jan 292016
“Capitalist Animal Farm: Beware, Technocrats!”

by Martha K. Huggins……. Set-Up: Results of Interactive Journalism This play about Stock Island’s landfill and its chemicals springs from last week’s contributions to my, “Let’s Write a Play: Scripting the Economics, Science, and Politics of Death: “Fifteen Shameful Lethal Acts,” in the Blue Paper (1/22/2016). Jerome Grapel, Alex Symington, and John Donnelly pointed out […]

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Jan 292016
Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

by John Donnelly……. Dr. Kelly McGonigal is an award-winning health psychologist teaching at Stanford University. Dr. McGonigal states: “It took evolution millions of years to deliver a prefrontal cortex capable of everything we humans need.” However, once born, is our value, worth and promise enduringly set in stone; before we even get out the gate […]

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Jan 292016
Old Mystic

by Kirby Congdon……. After the natives had built the stone walls for us to designate the legalities of the disorganized map of nature, the gravel tills, the knolls, and the ledges that the glacier had left in the debris of the land with its hills and gullies which the melt-down of centuries had left, we […]

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Jan 292016
Article II, Section 1

by Kim Pederson……. Many Americans may still operate under the mistaken impression that we elect our presidents. We do not. The US Electoral College does. I was reminded of this while reading Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States, which describes how our president and vice president are to be elected. […]

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Jan 222016
Let’s Write a Play:  Scripting the Economics, Science, and Politics of Death: “Fifteen Shameful Lethal Acts”

by Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D…….. In 1940, my father-in-law, George Findlay Willison, created and edited, Let’s Write a Play (Harper), a compendium of plays written by children attending the Hessian Hills School that he Co-Directed (1929-1935). A private progressive school located in New York State’s Croton-on-Hudson, designed in the spirit of John Dewey and other […]

Jan 222016
About School District Transparency: "Right and Proper Trumps Legal Every Time"

Chairman Griffiths: I have had an opportunity to read all of the documents that you sent me regarding the rules, regulations and procedures for conducting School Board regular meetings, particularly with regard to the preparation and execution of agendas. You are correct that School Board policy for agendas, “Electronic Posting of Agenda and Agenda-Related Documents,” […]

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Jan 222016
Article I, Section 9

by Kim Pederson……. A friend recently gave me a copy of The Constitution of the United States of America. It comes in a small blue booklet published by the American Civil Liberties Union. His comment was that everyone should have one of these on hand. I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve never read the […]

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Jan 222016
Why War is Bad

by Jerome Grapel……. (This essay was written at a time when the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was making its way into the world’s consciousness. More than a decade later, the horrifying chaos now prevailing in the region is sickening proof of the colossal blunder the American invasion was.) (5/04) As I write this essay, the […]

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Jan 222016
A Most Unusual Ship

by Ray Jason……. Three magnificent Tall Ships sailed into the Archipelago of Bliss yesterday and anchored only 200 yards away from AVENTURA. I consider the sailing ship humanity’s finest blend of form and function – or as I prefer to describe it – beauty and purpose. So, seeing such majestic examples of this artistry had […]

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Jan 152016
AFFORDABLE HOUSING: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Commentary by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. Key West’s City Commissioners are considering the purchase of the old Navy housing at Peary Court. According to Commissioner Weekley, the real estate deal will relieve some of the effects of the dire housing crisis that bleeds the island of its workforce. Yet The Blue Paper discovered this week, […]

Jan 152016

Music Video by local artist Miguel Perez, “90 Miles”, miguelperezmusic.com by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Last week, I was doing some research, looking through some of the early issues of The Blue Paper when I ran across a little article headlined “U.S. Could Authorize Travel to Cuba.” According to that article, which was published in our April […]

Jan 152016

by Kim Pederson……. Science is one of the many things that interfound (interest and confound) me constantly. Such is the case with the gravitational wave, the recent “rumored” discovery of which has many in the egghead community all a tither. Or as The Guardian put it, “scientists struggle to stay grounded after possible gravitational wave […]

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Jan 152016
Malcolm Willison

by Kirby Congdon……. In an age of the new evangelism among the uneduated along with the Donald Trump kind of power on the one hand and, on the other, the constant online connectivity, it is interesting how poetry has beome grout for both thought and emotion. It fills up the gaps left by tehnology and the […]

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Jan 152016
A Tale Told By Idiots...

by John Donnelly……. We all die. Before we do, shall we strive to authentically live a complete and awakened existence, recognizing our transcendent potential and incorporeal permanence? Making a fuss over the infinitesimal irregularities existing in the material world, which delusively masquerade themselves as factually important, during our brief stay, is impractical and unproductive. Living […]

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Jan 082016
PEARY COURT / What to do?

City Manager Weighing Options on Building Inspections 2013 Inspection Report Made Available by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. Some recent independent home inspection testing at Peary Court has brought a worrisome result. “My mold assessment led me to advise the tenants to vacate the apartment,” says Hugh Johnson. Johnson is the owner of “Inspect Key West.” He’s […]

Jan 082016
Let’s Write a Mystery Novel: “The Turkey Hawk Brief—A Key West Mystery”

by Martha K Huggins, Ph.D……. The Pitch: Everyone’s Good Ole Boy meets a softball champ at work. When the “Softball Queen” gets buried in debt from wagering in Good Ole Boy’s personally lucrative sports betting operation, she turns to pilfering money from her employer, just a little at a time over four years. Fortunately her […]

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Jan 082016
No National Merit Scholarship Program?  If Not, Why Not?

Editor: Some time before Christmas when the School District comes to a grinding, two week halt, I sent a simple and direct email to Superintendent Porter requesting information about academic activity. The question was: “Can you tell me if the Monroe County School District participates in the National Merit Scholarship Program and, if so, how […]

Jan 082016
Fellow Growlers & Grumblers - Let's Flip the Script...

by John Donnelly……. The malfeasant malignancies chronicled in the school district, FKAA, city government, state attorney’s office, KWPD and FDLE et al.; pose serious concerns for many conscientious citizens. Are these foreboding descriptions real, fictitious or imaginary? The burden associated with incompetency, negligence and criminal conduct; which may be affiliated with the aforementioned agencies, rests […]

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Jan 082016
The Appeal of the Dark Side

by Kim Pederson……. Rachel Maddow made an interesting and scary comparison on her MSNBC show Tuesday night: what if Donald Trump were George Wallace reincarnated? If you don’t remember, Wallace was governor of Alabama for sixteen years and ran for president in 1968 as an independent, the last independent candidate to win state electoral votes […]

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Jan 082016
Omnipotent Acoustical Ugliness

by Jerome Grapel……. I recently published an essay called “Music Revisited” where I included an excerpt from Milan Kundera’s renowned novel, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”. In it, he spoke of an “omnipotent acoustical ugliness” that is conquering the world. Right on cue, a recent incident in my life engendered this further expansion into the […]

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Jan 082016
Andy Warhol

by Kirby Congdon……. Having found my voice along with everyone else during the poetry movement after World II, I criticized a poem by Gerard Malenga that I had felt was too obsequious in its approval of success, wealth and connections. I assumed he and I would thereafter be enemies, but at the next coffee-house reading […]

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Jan 032016
Peary Court Deal Already Raising Eyebrows...

  Commentary by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. **UPDATE Jan 5, 2015 6:15 pm**  City Manager pulled the item from the agenda… ~~~~~~~ Surveyors hired by the City want $29,116 for travel, meals, and hotel expenses to inspect the housing units at Peary Court.  The survey is part of the due diligence process associated with the […]

Jan 012016
AN ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER WHO CAN'T VOTE -- or Serve on a Jury, or Hold Public Office or Possess a Firearm. So What's the Big Deal? This is Key West, After All

Journalism as a Contact Sport Commentary by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. If you are convicted of a felony in Florida, you lose more than your freedom for a few years (or more than a few years)– you lose a number of civil rights– like voting, serving on a jury, holding public office and possessing a firearm. […]

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Jan 012016
Missed Opportunity--Keeps Students In Darkness & Blinds The World...

by John Donnelly……. Children and the world at large continue to unnecessarily suffer in pain and ignorance. Abundant “Answers and Solutions” await these young ones, however, leaderless adults within the fabric of a broken society beckon approval from their Masters, while cowering before the ‘god of political correctness’. Empirical data with proven results are available […]

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