Jan 292016



In preparation for the March 15th referendum on the purchase of Peary Court, the City sent out requests for bids to various banks. The City retained PFM, Inc [Public Financial Management] to help collect those proposals that would provide information on how the City would finance the 55 Million dollar purchase.

However, only one bank was interested. But even that bank, Centennial Bank, has rejected one of the fundamental conditions for the deal: The City wants the loan to be secured only by the rent roll and the property and it’s spelled out that way in the referendum. However, Centennial is offering to lend the money only if the loan is backed by a “general obligation of the City of Key West.” In other words, taxpayers would guarantee the loan together with whatever assets the City possesses. Continue reading »

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Jan 082016

Randolph “Randy” Becker, minister to ONE ISLAND FAMILY and involved community activist, has filed as a candidate for Mayor of Key West. Randy Becker, a resident in Bahama Village for the past nine years, has served Key West as one of the original appointees on the Bahama Village Redevelopment Advisory Committee and now is a […]

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Dec 042015
HOB Daycare Scandal:  Prominent Audit and Finance Committee Member, Bill Anderson, Resigns in Frustration!

“Public Embarrassment II,”  that’s how William (Bill) Anderson, Chairman of the Monroe County School District’s Audit and Finance Committee, referred to the latest School District financial scandal in his letter of resignation.   The AFC grew out of the Acevedo scandal to serve as an independent watchdog committee. Anderson has been on the Committee since its inception. […]

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Dec 012015
Sheriff’s Office Employee Arrested, Terminated

  Key West Police Detectives arrested an employee of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department today.  21 year old Deonte Stemage was arrested while working as a Records Assistant at the Monroe County Detention Center. He was booked into that same Detention Center on felony charges. Stemage was arrested for lewd and lascivious battery on a minor. Stemage […]

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Nov 302015
Superintendent Releases Finance Department's Review of Missing $20,000 in HOB Daycare Program Funds

Commentary by Dr. Larry Murray……. I have read what is purportedly the Finance Department’s review of the HOB Daycare Program. I say “purportedly” because the document is untitled, undated and incomplete. As best I can tell, the document was drafted sometime after February 25, 2015, although the date August, 2015 does appear in the document. […]

Oct 092015

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-BxnL_COmE&feature=youtu.be Video by Naja and Arnaud Girard……. Commentary by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Suppose that you are inclined to tell people that you own the Cow Key Channel Bridge and, furthermore, that you are willing to sell it for a reasonable price. And suppose that you hear that there are three Key West residents who might […]

Sep 252015
Property Owner Associations Offer Settlement Over Shallow Well Operations at Cudjoe Regional

The two property owners associations challenging the use of shallow wells at the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System treatment facility today submitted an offer to settle their litigation. The settlement offer by Cudjoe Gardens and Sugarloaf Shores property owners associations would allow for limited use of the shallow wells during construction of the required deep injection […]

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Jul 132015

From KWPD spokesperson, Alyson Crean: “Key West Police Detectives on Friday night made the first arrest of an Uber driver since city officials warned the illegal drivers about possible arrest. The City issued a final warning to all unlicensed passenger vehicle-for-hire drivers that, beginning July 1st, illegal drivers would risk arrest if they persisted in […]

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Jun 262015
Trooper Out of Control

by Naja and Arnaud Girard… OIG Investigation Report just in… In February we reported on the shocking tasing of an older gentleman by a state trooper on US 1 near the 18-mile stretch. Before a bystander’s cell phone video was made public, the trooper, Eloy Arias, had written in his incident report that he had […]

May 222015
"THE DRAGON UNDER THE LANDFILL": Sanctuary Experts Say Don’t Use Shallow Wells at Cudjoe Regional

BREAKING NEWS…. The South Florida Conservation Director of The Nature Conservancy and two eminent Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary scientists called on the BOCC to delay using the shallow wells at the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater plant. Describing the current system of septic tanks as the devil we know, The Nature Conservancy’s Chris Bergh told the […]

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Dec 122014
Officer Lovette’s Taser Recording Undergoes Enhanced Forensic Scrutiny / New Admissions Detected Regarding the Alleged Tasing of Charles Eimers

[responsive_youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9TW7j4XOVs] by Arnaud and Naja Girard… According to KWPD there was no Taser fired during the fatal arrest of Charles Eimers on Thanksgiving Day of last year. But after a few months of forensic clean-up and enhancement by the Eimers family’s legal team, Officer Lovette’s infamous taser recording speaks again and it’s not pretty: Officer […]

Aug 292014
Officer Gary Lee Lovette:  "Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head

The Grand Jury’s Final Report is in. No indictment will be handed out in response to the fatal Thanksgiving Day arrest of Charles Eimers. The report – no matter how beneficial it is for the officers who could have faced criminal charges – throws more fuel than water on that fire.   Indeed a summary contained in […]

Aug 272014
Grand Jury Clears All Officers in Death of Charles Eimers / Vogel Brings in Expert Police Officer Defense Witness

Commentary by Naja Girard……. “This allows the prosecutor to say I didn’t take the decision.  The Grand Jury did it.  The people did it.  But of course, how vigorously the prosecutor presents the case is everything.  It’s just the prosecutor presenting a case to these Grand Jurors.  If the DA doesn’t want an indictment or […]

Jun 272014
Medical Examiner Rules Death of Charles Eimers Accidental

“Mr. Eimers was at risk of a sudden death, at any time, due to either a chaotic cardiac rhythm or worsening of his congestive heart failure,” wrote the E. Hunt Scheuerman, M.D., the Monroe County Medical Examiner. Charles Eimers, 61, a Michigan native, died after losing consciousness while being restrained face down in the sand […]