Nov 212016


The caregiver for an elderly woman was arrested Saturday morning, charged with abusing her.

Deputies responded to the Sugarloaf Key residence at 1:30 a.m. after the 72 year old victim’s son called for a welfare check on his mother. He said his 21 year old girlfriend Megan Fedock had been acting as caregiver for his mother. He said Fedock came to his place of work on Friday and told him his mother was now “sleeping on the floor like a dog and got what she deserves.”

When deputies went to the home to check on the victim, they found her crying and shaking. Fedock had allegedly removed the furniture from the living room and blocked off access to the rest of the house. The victim claimed Fedock had made her sleep in the living room area on a blow up mattress on the floor.

The victim told deputies Fedock had grabbed her by the hair and had shaken her violently. The victim had chunks of hair missing from her head; the hair was strewn about the room and on the air mattress.

Fedock was located at a relative’s house in Key West. She was arrested and charged with battery on a person over 65 years old and with elderly abuse. She was booked into jail.


Note: The information provided in this crime report was received from a local law enforcement agency.  Please remember that suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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