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Arnaud and Naja Girard
Arnaud and Naja Girard, owners and editors of the new, digital, Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) previously reported for the former Key West The Newspaper, Key West’s longest running independent weekly, published by Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D., from January 1994 until November 2012. The Girards are perhaps best known for their discovery of and extensive research surrounding the US Navy’s 1951 claim of ownership of Wisteria Island but are also responsible for top investigative stories including breaking news coverage of the highly controversial in-custody-death of Charles Eimers on Thanksgiving Day 2013, the catastrophic police tasing of Matthew Shawn Murphy, and the property tax scandal involving Balfour Beatty to name a few. Arnaud and Naja have lived in Key West since 1986.
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  16 Responses to “Is The Blue Paper Shutting Down?”

  1. I do wish that at all of the stands on Duval had some way to drop change or bills as that seems to work for the other papers. We just simply do not trust credit card info going out with automatic hits as that far too often works out badly.. I do believe many would donate if as easy as drop in some money. Truly hope some method could be set up to help it stay running.

    This is the only paper with the guts to print the corruption in KW
    Just simply do not find the time when visiting to drop money off.
    Nobody would think twice about dropping $5 or even just change at the stands

    • Sidewalk newspaper stands accept bills? The only newspaper stands I ever saw and used only accepted coins.

      But what has that got to do with the blue paper, which only publishes online once a week and uses newspaper stands to tell the public that the blue paper exists and here are a few juicy headlines that can be read all about online..

      I imagine half of more blue paper readers do not live in Key West in any event.

      You don’t use a credit card, Jiminkeywest? You don’t shop online? If not, you are a rare bird these days.

      You just pay with cash?

      You don’t write checks, or use money orders?

      You can’t send the blue paper a check or a money order, by US mail? Or drop by Naja and Arnaud’s home with bills?

      I think if you actually gave a shit about the blue paper, you would have found a way to get money to Naja and Arnaud.

      • As an x lawyer you dam sure show why your homeless.
        We use our credit cards for very select items.Never food , drinks or tips.
        When in KW and that is often we use cash for dam near everything. Other than place we are staying it dam near is always cash.
        With the leg issue I have sometimes don’t even bring my bike. Yes know where they live and can’t walk that far. Just who in the hell are you to judge how we care to pay ? So the machine can’t take bills, then how about a pocket full of quarters. It needs not do any math as it is just what ever amount they care to drop in. I very much so want to meet Naja but often hard to get everything in a few short days and with current leg problems can be a problem. You seem to miss the point. Dozens of people would likely toss coins in a machine or bills as they pass the stands. Maybe be not enough to keep it running but might help. No we do not live full time but still enjoy the paper and KW. For reasons an x lawyer should understand , some people have plenty of cash to drop but want no paper trail. For reasons like KW corruption we would only hand over cash. Perhaps your not near as smart as you think you are. Yes ,cash stands a chance of theft and dam sure the KW cops would not be of much help. My suggestion is not intended to fund the paper in full but might help keep it going. Even locals likely would drop some money. Try reading and thinking before speaking.
        You seem to know little of the business world.Some of us just want no paper trail. Would my idea work is hard to tell but nothing else has worked. I very much so want to keep it alive. Maybe a printable deposit slip at a local bank.

        • Every homeless person I have known, including me, was homeless due to lack of money to live inside. I’m not homeless now, I rent the small flat in Naja and Arnaud’s home for $1,000 a month. I pay with a bank check. The blue paper newsstands do not accept money, never did. When the blue paper was a paper newspaper, the online version was rarely anywhere close to up to date. The printed on paper blue paper was given away. The owner, Dennis Reeves Cooper, relied on advertising to pay bills and, I think, he used his own money, too. The blue paper was always a stretch for him financially. Somebody finally subsidized him, for a while. I know enough about business to know that if suddenly there were no credit cards, America and the world economies would be destroyed, because they would not be able to sell their products and services. You seem to have a large streak of paranoia in you, and a large streak of immaturity. What you comment into the blue paper tends to be ignorant of reality and insular in thinking, like you cannot see beyond your own navel. I told Naja and Arnaud yesterday that the way they take on the establishment attracts nut cases, as well as intelligent, concerned people. I named you and a few other regular blue paper readers as nut cases, I told Arnaud and Naja this attempt to get blue paper readers to pay the costs of publishing the blue paper is not going to work, but calling out their readers is something they need to do as part of the blue paper’s life process. I also told them there are blue paper readers who can write a check foi the $60,000 annual expenses, and another check of same about for Arnaud and Naja’s wages, and not even break sweat. You remind me of Republicans and Democrats who want free rides, something for nothing, and who whine a lot , contribute nothing, take no personal risks. LIke Ben Anders, who also hides behind a fake name and reminds me a lot of you.

          • It dam sure is nice of them to offer you such a cheap rate.We both know that is far below the going rate. As far as nut cases go you are a huge one.

            And you and I both know you need to leave KW if you are that poor. Perhaps something in Homestead is more in line of a person of such low income.

            As to us we choose who we hand our credit card info to and not you. Identity theft theft is a major problem and we stay as safe as we know how. Your opinion of me is of no value. The opinion of a lawyer that ends up living on the street is hardly one I care much about.

            My suggestion was made to them long ago. As to it being a fix I do not know but it sounds like nothing else has worked. Yes the paper is highly needed. Our reasons to only wishing to help by cash has a lot to do with the corrupt system KW has. We don’t want or need it to bite us in the ass if they ever get hacked or closed down. Really would be concerned if I was them to live in a city that allows murder to go on with no firings or prison terms scares the hell out of me.

            Seriously if you were ever much of a lawyer you should own a house not renting a room.

            Our hopes is out of love of the paper they try to keep going.

            I will be sending them a money order or cash as might be a few months till we can return. Not at all sure if they can even begin to slow such corruption down.

            Naja please e mail us your address as we do want to see this paper stay alive. Perhaps send a printable deposit slip to your bank and if near Duval maybe others would help. Yes you need paid. Understand when we are in Key West we park our Mustang at the Curry mansion and it does not move till we are headed back home.

          • Our mailing address is 1214 Newton St., Key West, FL 33040

            Business name is Key West The Newspaper.


          • Your point about my lawyering is well taken, JiminKey West. I had a hard time making a living at practicing law. I was seriously ill, too. The combination caused me to give it up, but not for want of trying. My clients seems to appreciate me. Some told me I had saved them. I wrote three books about my experiences practicing law, which drew nice reviews and one got a kudo from Ralph Nader’s Raiders. But like my law practice, and despite the great reviews, the books did not take off, and I can take blame for some of that, as I was too anxious to promote them before they were in bookstores, that was long before the Internet. On the other hand, the publishers simply were not up to the task.

            As time passed, I realized there was some kind of spirit block on me earning a living by what I did. That really bugged me. Made me feel like a real loser. Even today, that lingers. But the tradeoff was the angels grabbing me and changing me in ways I could never have imagined before the changes began. The person I was receded. A new person started moving in, and it was not easy, and still is not easy. The angels are relentless in their discipline of me.

            As for the $1000 monthly rent I pay Naja and Arnaud for the small, actually one-room with a shower bath and motel kitchen in their home, from 2007-2017, I pay $1,150 for a much bigger flat in the back of a building, the front of which faced Duval Street. It had a full kitchen. Utilities were paid by the landlord. It had one free parking space for my car. It was restricted affordable housing. Today, I imagine the rent is probably higher.

            Arnaud and Naja set the rent on their flat. There was no negotiating. They had let a homeless woman friend live in the flat for a good while in the past. They had a nice apartment coming up in the house they own in Old Town, which they had converted into apartments. I wanted to rent that apartment at considerably more rent, which a recent inheritance would allow me to do, but they told me they hoped I would rent the flat in their home, because they knew me well, they had let me stay in it for about a year off and on when I had no money, in 2006 and 2007. They preferred me to someone new they did not know. For which I was most grateful, for living on the streets of Key West, or on any streets, is a grim existence that cannot remotely be imagined. It has to be done to to appreciate it. As does spending nights at KOTS, the city’s homeless shelter.

            Regardless of my circumstances, rich, which I have been via inheritances, poor, which I have been by being too generous with my inheritances and making one really bad, in the capitalistic sense, purchase of an overpriced trailer and an acre of beautiful wooded land on Little Torch Key, which I loved and called it “Walden”, right next to a state wildlife refuge, and spending a good bit of money running for local office and saying what no other candidates were saying, I ran out of money, again. But for the angels, I would not have run even once for public office. Back when the angels first got me into politics, I detested politics. But I dud what I was told to do.

            In 2007, the angels led me into having my own websites, blogs actually. They arranged topics for me to cover provided by other people, or a topic was suggested in dream or in some other serendipitous way. I allowed my readers freedom to comment. I did not edit their comments, even when the tore into me. Like running for public office, the blogs gave me a larger platform and audience. I upset a lot of people, and, based on feedback, a lot of people liked what I was saying and publishing. I understood the politicking and blogging were my job, even though I was not getting paid money. I understood getting paid money was not the point. The point was doing the job in the best way I could with the angels’ ongoing corrections and suggestions guiding me.

            Last night, my dreams pointed me toward love, away from truth. So today, I am approaching topics from love, which speaks truth in its own way.

            I’m glad to see in a later of your comments under this blue paper piece that you are going to send the blue paper a donation. I hope every blue paper reader will take your lead and follow suit. The blue paper has performed an invaluable service to Key West and the Florida Keys. A service that cannot be priced in money. A service capitalism does not recognize. Naja and Araud have put their bodies and their lives on the line many times. I wonder if there are blue paper readers who fear making money contributions to the blue paper will be found out and then their bodies and lives will be a risk? Perhaps so.

            I wonder if there is someone in Key West or the Florida Keys, who would like to take over the blue paper and continue its brand of investigative journalism in his or her own special way? I wonder if I should do that? I have my doubts, because what I see Naja and Arnaud endure investigating and preparing for publication each piece they publish is far beyond my technical ability with video cameras and computers, and much different from the way I investigate and report. The courts of man do not recognized angels, serendipity, dreams, visions and messages from above. The court of man do not recognize the 5th Amendment. Before God, there are no fig leaves or secrets. Before God, I stand trial everyday of my life.

            Perhaps what Arnaud and Naja need is simply a vacation. A break. From the blue paper. Perhaps in a later time they will feel inclined to take it back up. Perhaps it’s not really about readers paying for the blue paper’s expenses, but is Naja and Arnaud are burned out? The load they carry is enormous, I witnessed it first hand by living in their home and talking with and listening to them. There is no way to begin to imagine what they endure, by simply reading what they publish each Friday. On that I am God’s witness. On their diligence to get to the bottom of topics they cover, I am God’s witness. On their humanity, I am God’s witness. They are the most remarkable couple I have ever had the good fortune to meet.

            Just Arnaud’s biography would make a runaway best seller in my opinion, but try as I might, I have not been able to persuade him to tell it in serial form at the blue paper.

            I will share something Arnaud told me the day before yesterday.

            That back a ways in time, when people were discussing the solution to the situation in Korea, he said the solution is unification. Now, the Winter Olympics are in Korea. North and South Korean athletes are on the same Korean Olympics team. A opportunity has happened. We can only hope it leads to unification, which I agree is the solution. The other thing Arnaud said, when I said there are many problems on this world, was nuclear war was the worst thing that could happen. Of course, he was right. There is nothing worse that could happen. Yet given who is running North Korea and who is running America, nuclear war is a real possibility. Let us hope the Winter Olympics lead both countries in a far better direction.

        • Cashier’s check mailed to them. Write “For Deposit” on the back.

          • Good idea and will do so. Far rather just mail cash as lot easier.

            You have no idea how busy we stay to even make a stop at Amscott or something.

            Seriously surprised that locals don’t care.

  2. Readers, while I have had regular columns in The Citizen and Konk Life before, only the Blue Paper would publish my investigative journalism. If you don’t support the BP, my investigative career is at an end. There is no other outlet for First Amendment journalism, according to my research, in the state of Florida. Please contribute not only to the BP, but to fulfilling the ideals of our Constitution, for yourself and for the survival of our highest American ideals.

    • I think we both know why the citizens would not risk publishing such reports.

      • Perhaps it’s not that locals, as least some of them, do not care. Perhaps many locals fear buying blue paper advertisements for their businesses, or giving the blue paper money donations, they will be found out, there are local hackers who have gotten into and messed with local websites the establishment did not like, then half the city will boycott their businesses. They will be shunned socially. Their children will be shunned, and harassed at and away from school.

  3. Would like to think it would not turn out that badly. Many such as me enjoy reading the truth. But yes a paper hated this badly by the local corrupt officials just might retaliate .

    As said are thousand reading it but offer no support.

    All I am suggesting is a simple way to bring in some cash. Perhaps some older boxes that could be salvaged. Keep in mind they need not work mechanically as they are just letting money dropped in and does not need count the change and likely could take bills if folded and dropped in the coin slot. People simply will not walk that far to drop of some small amount but many will drop the change or small bills. Will they get rich ? Not likely unless ads start showing up with perhaps coupons. Many places will do anything to get you to try them once in hope of future visits. It can work and with thousands watching with cell phones they are reasonably safe.

    • The simple way, JiminKeyWest, is for the thousands of blue papers readers not already financially supporting the blue paper, thank you to the relative few who are, start using the online donation methods provided under the blue paper documentary, or they start sending cash, personal checks, cashier checks or money orders to Key West the Newspaper, C/O Arnaud and Naja Girard, 1214 Newton St., Key West, FL 33040.

      The other day I heard of a prominent Key West business man saying he had a lot of money and would love to give some of it to the blue paper, but if he got found out, city police and government would cause him a lot of grief. If that is hard for you to believe, Jiminkeywest, then you have not been paying any attention during your time here.

      Have you ever given the blue paper any money, Jiminkeywest? You wrote in the a reader comment that you were going to do that. Did you do it. Are you just a mooch? Are you terrified you will be found out and retaliated against by city police?

      If I were a city police officer, I would love the blue paper for doing what I dare not do openly, because of the thin blue line rule that police officers do not rat out their fellow officers. In secret, though, I would figure out a way to leak to the blue paper what needs to be brought into plain view. I might even use a fake name, like you do.

      • That is the key problem in that I do not want issues with a cop as corrupt as Lee. But will risk sending cash and soon as I they let me know the mail is safe will send more. Plan on being down in May and hope to meet Naja and you Sloan. Sorry if the way I worded it was bit rough.