Oct 282016

Key West Police

A homeless man was taken into custody shortly after robbing the Whitehead branch of Centennial Bank on Tuesday. Stephen Daniel, 36, is being charged with robbery and falsely reporting an explosive device.

Key West Police received a report of the robbery at 12:32 on Tuesday afternoon. According to witnesses, Daniel walked into the bank, demanded money and told the teller he had a bomb in his backpack.

Witness say after the robbery Daniel left the bank and went over to a nearby bar for a drink. He paid with a $50 bill from the robbery, telling the bartender to keep the change. When he heard sirens, he apparently returned to the bank and was apprehended. All of the money was recovered.

Daniel was arrested without incident, and police called out the Monroe County Sheriff’s bomb squad to ensure that Daniel’s backpack did not contain explosives. It was deemed safe, and the area was reopened to traffic.

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  3 Responses to “Bank Robber Leaves with Cash, Buys a Drink Next Door and Returns to Bank When He Hears Cop’s Sirens”

  1. Could only happen in Key Weird….

  2. The man has serious mental issue . Hopefully he will get help. I missed it by about 5 minutes. Sure was enough cops. Just glad nobody got hurt.

  3. Kind of sad, obviously a disturbed person who needs help , despite the seriousness of his offense. On a lighter, but similar note does anyone remember the guy who tried to rob the bank in Peary Court with a pitchfork! ?