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Feb 072016


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A Marathon man who allegedly robbed a woman after promising (but not delivering on) a little hanky-panky was arrested early today [February 7, 2016].

The Sheriff’s Department reports the victim said she met 31 year old Phernando Hill at the Brass Monkey bar. He told her his name was Todd Johnson. She said they left the bar to go to her place to have sexual relations. She said he wanted to make a stop, and asked her for $200. She said she stopped at Tropical Apartments on 41st Street, but had changed her mind about giving him the money. She said she had the money in her hand and he grabbed it from her and jumped out of the car. As he jumped out, his hat fell off and was left in the vehicle. Continue reading »

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Feb 052016
County to Vote on Contorversial Big Coppitt Rezoning on Wednesday

by Blue Paper staff……. For the second time (in three months), land developers, led by Frank Toppino and Rockland Operations, LLC, will be asking the Monroe County Commissioners on Wednesday to alter the zoning of 14 acres of vacant land on Big Coppitt Key so that they can build 213 affordable housing units. The developer’s […]

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Feb 022016
Possible Old Military Device Found Near Knight’s Key

  Something which appears to be an old a military device of some sort was located on Knight’s Key in Marathon today. A man called the Sheriff’s Office at 9:45 a.m. to report finding something he said looked like a “torpedo” in shallow water offshore of Knight’s Key. Sheriff’s deputies evacuated campsites around the location […]

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Jan 292016
PEARY COURT PURCHASE / Banks: Thanks, But No Thanks…

BANKING INDUSTRY: ‘THANKS, BUT NO THANKS…’ In preparation for the March 15th referendum on the purchase of Peary Court, the City sent out requests for bids to various banks. The City retained PFM, Inc [Public Financial Management] to help collect those proposals that would provide information on how the City would finance the 55 Million dollar purchase. However, […]

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Jan 152016
Man Says Threatened at Gunpoint by Fellow Hotel Guest for... Talking on Phone

An Iowa man was arrested Thursday night after he pulled a gun on another man staying at the same motel according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. According to reports by Deputy Thomas Amador, both the victim and the suspect are staying at the Creekside Inn at the 90.6 mile marker of the highway. Deputies responded […]

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Jan 152016
Last Stand Annual Meeting Features Photographer Mac Stone

Last Stand will hold its annual meeting on Thursday, January 21st, at 6:00 pm, at The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton Street in Key West. This year’s program features the award-winning photography of Mac Stone. Now based in Gainesville, Stone grew up in Central Florida and shares his adventures in springs and swamps, glaciers […]

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Jan 152016

The Land Authority Governing Board is holding a special meeting to select a new executive director to replace Mark Rosch, who held the position for 22 years and is stepping down for quality of life reasons. Rosch will continue to work in Land Authority as a senior property acquisition specialist; and he will work closely […]

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Jan 082016

Randolph “Randy” Becker, minister to ONE ISLAND FAMILY and involved community activist, has filed as a candidate for Mayor of Key West. Randy Becker, a resident in Bahama Village for the past nine years, has served Key West as one of the original appointees on the Bahama Village Redevelopment Advisory Committee and now is a […]

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Dec 292015

The Sheriff’s Department reports two men were arrested late Monday after a stabbing incident on Stock Island. Deputies responded to reports of a fight and possible stabbing at Roy’s Trailer Park, 6500 Maloney Avenue on Stock Island at 8:30 p.m. When they arrived, they found the victim bleeding from several injuries, including a stab wound […]

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Dec 292015

The skeletal remains of a human body were found in a vacant lot on Summerland Key Monday afternoon. Two men and a woman visiting the Florida Keys told Deputy Freddy Rodriguez they stopped at about 3 p.m. to explore a fenced empty lot at 23801 Overseas Highway. They said as they were looking around, they […]

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Dec 252015
Islamorada Man Charged With Attempted Murder

An Islamorada man is in jail, charged with attempting to murder his neighbor shortly after midnight on Christmas Eve. Deputies Michael Onsgard, Garrett Test and Titus Hodges responded to 82207 Overseas Highway in Islamorada just before 1 a.m. after the victim called to report being stabbed with a knife. When the deputies arrived, they initially […]

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Dec 142015

UPDATE 12/17/2015:  The Monroe County Sheriff reports there may be an arrest soon in the case of false bomb threats called into two Keys’ High Schools on Monday morning.   According to investigators, it appears an out of town suspect made the calls in order to help a friend get out of going to classes at Marathon High. […]

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Dec 112015
Real World Math Challenge! Up to $150,000 in Scholarships Available for High School Juniors and Seniors

[responsive_youtube] Competition Gives High School Students Access to Tools for Learning Applied Math You’ve heard it before – the age old complaint from students across the U.S. and beyond, “Why should we learn math that we’ll never use in real life?” While this is nothing new, modern day math teaching often relies heavily on pure […]

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Dec 092015
HARC Guidelines Workshop / December 9th at the Eco Discovery Center

The Historic Architectural Review Commission will host a workshop for proposed new guidelines for new construction as well as new guidelines for signage for the Historic District. The workshop will be held at 5:30 on December 9th at the Eco Discovery Center at the Truman Waterfront. For more information, please contact Enid Torregrosa, Historic Preservation […]

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Dec 082015

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department reports a bicyclist was airlifted to a Miami hospital after a hit and run crash involving a Hummer on Stock Island. Deputies Lazaro Valdes and Freddy Rodriguez were at Bernstein Park at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday when a citizen told them about the crash between a yellow Hummer and a bicyclist on […]

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Dec 062015
Inmate Attacks Cellmate Over Loud Snoring...

An inmate at the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island was charged with aggravated battery on his cellmate on Saturday afternoon. The corrections deputy working in the cell block told Deputy Seth Hopp he heard cries for help coming from one of the cells at about 3 p.m. Saturday. The Sheriff’s Department reports that […]

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Dec 042015
*UPDATE* Second Suspect Apprehended...  for Robbery, Kidnapping, Battery, Home Invasion and Grand Theft

Dec 4, 2015 3:12 pm: **UPDATE**    Key West Police Detectives have arrested the second suspect — John Paul Walker, Jr. — in this case. Both suspects are charged with robbery, kidnapping, felony battery, home invasion robbery and grand theft. Dec 4, 2015 11:53 pm:  Key West Police Detectives on Thursday arrested one man and […]

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Dec 042015
Key West Woman Arrested for Defrauding Adoption Agencies

Sheriff’s detectives say a Key West woman took money from two separate adoption agencies after promising to place her unborn child into their care for adoption. She then arranged to give the child to an adoptive family in exchange for money. In February of 2014, one of the agencies – American Adoption Services – reported […]

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Dec 042015
HOB Daycare Scandal:  Prominent Audit and Finance Committee Member, Bill Anderson, Resigns in Frustration!

“Public Embarrassment II,”  that’s how William (Bill) Anderson, Chairman of the Monroe County School District’s Audit and Finance Committee, referred to the latest School District financial scandal in his letter of resignation.   The AFC grew out of the Acevedo scandal to serve as an independent watchdog committee. Anderson has been on the Committee since its inception. […]

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Dec 012015
Sheriff’s Office Employee Arrested, Terminated

  Key West Police Detectives arrested an employee of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department today.  21 year old Deonte Stemage was arrested while working as a Records Assistant at the Monroe County Detention Center. He was booked into that same Detention Center on felony charges. Stemage was arrested for lewd and lascivious battery on a minor. Stemage […]

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Nov 272015
Superintendent Porter Explains His Handling of Unaccounted for $20,000 in HOB Daycare Program Funds

Mark Porter’s Public Statement, in full: November 27, 2015 “Recently there have been several news stories regarding the HOB daycare program that was initiated in 2014-2015. I would like to offer the following points of factual clarification and personal responsibility for this unfortunate situation. This is intended as a public communication and can/should be used […]

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Nov 272015
Marathon: Man Airlifted After Fight; Others Attack Responding Deputies

One man was airlifted to a Miami hospital for injuries he sustained in an altercation on 15th Street in Marathon just before midnight Wednesday. Several men were arrested after they attacked deputies attempting to investigate the circumstances of his injuries. Deputies responded to reports of a fight and found the victim, 48 year old Ignacio […]

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Nov 272015
How Influential Was the City Attorney in Canvassing Board's Bob Dean Decision?

HERE’S WHAT THE BLUE PAPER ASKED THE CITY ATTORNEY ABOUT THE CANVASSING BOARD’S DECISION SHAWN: I am drafting a potential opinion piece concerning the concept that the City Attorney is the most powerful person in city government. Before you read the rest of this email, know that I consider you one of the best city attorneys […]

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Sep 112015
Harry Bethel, In Response to 'Why Did They Lie' [Sept 4th Issue]

Following publication last week of the article, Why did They Lie, about the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority [FKAA], we received a call from former City Commissioner Harry Bethel.  Mr. Bethel had been head of Customer Service at FKAA for many years after retiring from a similar position at Keys Energy Services.  Mr Bethel indicated that contrary to […]

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Aug 282015
Sunday Donavon Frankenreiter Key West Concert Update - Rain or Shine

Sunday’s scheduled early evening Donavon Frandenreiter concert at Fort East Martello parade grounds in Key West will take place rain or shine. “We’ve got tents to protect the band and their equipment, and more tenting for concert attendee’s,” said Evan Haskell, co-owner of Key West Concerts, who is producing the show in partnership with the […]

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Jul 132015

From KWPD spokesperson, Alyson Crean: “Key West Police Detectives on Friday night made the first arrest of an Uber driver since city officials warned the illegal drivers about possible arrest. The City issued a final warning to all unlicensed passenger vehicle-for-hire drivers that, beginning July 1st, illegal drivers would risk arrest if they persisted in […]

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Jun 302015
Uber Fires Back...

This just in from spokesperson, Bill Gibbons, on behalf of Uber in response to KWPD’s announcement today that Uber drivers in Key West that don’t possess a vehicle-for-hire license will be arrested beginning tomorrow, July 1, 2015: “It is unconscionable that the city would seek to limit safe, reliable transportation ahead of one of the deadliest weekends […]

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Jun 302015
A Message From KWPD to Uber Drivers

“Key West has an ordinance that prohibits independent Uber drivers. Beginning July 1, drivers for Uber/Lyft may find themselves under arrest if they continue to drive passengers without a City vehicle-for-hire license. For several months, the City has attempted to inform the community that it provides only 56 such licenses, all of which have been […]

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Jun 262015
The Long Poem

by Kirby Congdon…. We have a tradition of the long poem as an historical account in ancient history on through to the contemporary meditative reflection. A cousin of mine, around 1944, could recite Hiawatha (1855) by Longfellow. Few people outside of the schools have even read any long poem today. As a nation we tend […]

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Jun 122015
Goal Posts

by Alex Symington……. An informal tally of pro and con responses to my essay in last weeks Blue Paper on Bernie Sanders was about 50/50, but the content of the pro and con responses was telling in and of itself. The pro Bernie responses were well written expressions of varying concurrences with the essay and […]

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May 152015
March Against Monsanto - MARATHON - Saturday 11:00 am

FACEBOOK EVENT WORLDWIDE – On May 23, 2015, hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals will gather across 38 countries and 428 cities to join in peaceful protest against the Monsanto Company as a part of the March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign. This movement seeks to raise awareness to the dangers surrounding Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds and cancer-linked herbicide Roundup. The […]

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May 012015
FIRM [Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe] is Accepting Nominations For Board of Directors and Advisory Team

The Board of Directors of Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) is now accepting nominations of individuals interested in serving on their Board of Directors and Advisory Team. FIRM, a grassroots organization formed in February, 2006 is comprised of homeowners and residents who are united to fight against excessive, discriminatory and unaffordable residential, condominium and […]

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Feb 272015
An Open Letter to Kathy Reitzel

Kathy: Congratulations! I understand that Thursday, February 26, 2015 will be the 5th anniversary of your suit against the Monroe County School District for wrongful termination. For many, it is a timely reminder of what you did and the importance thereof. For others, it is an opportunity to inform the new and uninitiated about the […]

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