Blue Paper Editor

Naja Girard

May 052018
Dear Editor...

Dear Editor, I first wrote to you (and had my letter published) about two years ago, explaining that I was an ‘older’ person in England who couldn’t wait to open and read the Blue Paper every week. Colin (my husband) and I first visited Key West in 2006 and instantly fell in love with the Island. So much so that we returned three times more, once for two weeks and twice for three weeks in late May/early June, and each time it felt harder to [continue reading…]

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Apr 132018
Blue Paper Editor Naja Girard Calls it Quits

Dear Readers, Unfortunately The Blue Paper has not been able to reach its financial goal and I have decided to step down as the Editor in Chief. A heartfelt thank you to the 99 people who have pledged monthly support to keep this important mission going. Thank you to those who have contributed through one time donations, large and small, over the years. Without you we would not have been able to continue our efforts for this long.

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Mar 302018

BLUE PAPER MAY LIVE ON AFTER-ALL… Dear Blue Paper readers, Things were looking pretty bleak.  When we added up our Patreon pledges, our Paypal recurring payments, and our lump sum donations we were still far from our goal [less than $3000/month with a $5000/month goal] and we were ready to announce our final day.  However, we heard from several supporters this past week and we now have some real hope. So… we are happy to announce that, while our future is not yet certain, we [continue reading…]

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