Sloan Bashinsky

Aug 192016
Write-in Mayoral Candidate Sloan Bashinsky's Hilarious Responses to PBA Candidate Questionaire

DADE COUNTY POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION KEY WEST POLITICAL SCREENING Candidate Questionnaire August 12, 2016 Candidate: Sloan Bashinsky Position: Mayor Address: Contact Number (s): __________________ Date of Birth: 10/7/42 E-mail Address: Signature: _________________________ Background: The PBA places great value in the relationships it builds with elected officials. Therefore maintaining open lines of communication is of the utmost importance. Question (s): (a) Would you contact the PBA before speaking publicly for or against any issue of importance to the Association and/or law enforcement? Please explain your [continue reading…]

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Jul 012016
Aw Gee Whiz, Growing Greener Every Day?

by Sloan Bashinsky……. My random thoughts on Amendment 4 and related “growing greener every day” Key West, based on what I’ve seen, heard and read. Amendment 4 is a pro-solar energy Amendment to the state Constitution, on the August 4 ballot. Amendment 4 would offer a tax exemption to commercial property owners who install renewable energy devices in a state that already allows the tax break for residential solar power systems. Since it’s a proposed amendment to Florida’s Constitution, Amendment 4 requires 60 percent of [continue reading…]

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Jul 012016
White Street Pier Asphalting

The asphalted White Street Pier editorial I would have written: As a fairly frequent user of White Street Pier, I can say the surface of the pier did not need redoing. It never occurred to the city that resurfacing with black asphalt would make the pier a day time furnace during the hot months? Who, in the city government, made the decision to repave with asphalt? Who above that person approved using asphalt? The citizens are entitled to know. Why change the pier’s name? City [continue reading…]

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May 202016
Tribute to a Dying Breed: Key West’s Vicious Van Dweller Criminals

by Sloan Bashinsky……. Something happened yesterday, May 19, 2016, which caused me to go to my website,, and find the February 16, 2015 post: “Michelangelo Giuseppe Peluso, a Key West living treasure, did it his way”. I felt moved to pull excerpts from that post into an article for the blue paper. So here goes, ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What a sense of humor the angels have. A while back, I gave my Toyota Highlander to the mechanic who took care of it, for him to sell [continue reading…]

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Apr 012016
Homeless Medical Log Date, 1 April 2016 (I wish This Were an April Fools Joke, But it’s Not)

FIRST DO NO HARM by Sloan Bashinsky……. Sitting in the waiting room shortly before my homeless lady Kari’s surgery yesterday morning, at Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island, I closed my eyes like I might journey in other realms, and immediately was overwhelmed with huge emotion, love and silent love tears, filling the entire hospital, it felt like to me – how I feel about Kari. Then, she was wheeled out of the surgery prep room on a gurney. I leaned down and kissed [continue reading…]

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Feb 262016
Being Homeless in Key West with Life-Threatening Medical Conditions

by Sloan Bashinsky……. Pedaling my bicycle up to the Winn-Dixie the other day, I chatted with a homeless man standing at the intersection of Palm and North Roosevelt Blvds, waiting on the light to change. He said he only arrived here about a week ago, he’d come down with the flu, stayed one night at KOTS, the city’s homeless shelter, it was the dirtiest place he’d ever seen, he was not going back there. On same general theme, excerpts from recent emails written by my [continue reading…]

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Feb 192016
Continuing the Theme of Being Homeless in Key West ...

by Sloan Bashinsky……. I don’t suppose I’m a typical homeless person, if such even exists … How did I become homeless? I’m sometimes asked. I ran out of money, I say. Oh. Well, why don’t you work and make money and get yourself a place to live? I do work, very hard, but the job doesn’t pay money, and the kind of job you are talking about would not pay the rent in Key West, I say. Nor could I stand up to such a [continue reading…]

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Feb 122016
Being Homeless in Key West

  by Sloan Bashinsky……. There is a really different kind of homeless man in Key West right now. He has debilitating Raynaud’s disease, which causes a person to feel cold and want to live in a warm climate. This fellow said he took to traveling after his “normal” life stopped working well. On foot he mostly traveled. He told of trekking into San Diego, California with a small backpack and finding himself downtown surrounded by a S.W.A.T. team and snipers – they thought he had [continue reading…]

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Feb 052016
An Insider's View of Being Homeless in Key West

by Sloan Bashinsky……. When Naja and Arnaud Girard asked me the other day if I was interested in writing articles about homelessness for The Blue Paper, I said I’d be happy to do that. Why not? I was homeless off and on in Key West from late 2000-late 2005, and I’ve been homeless in Key West since March of last year, 2015. I spent a lot of nights at KOTs, the city’s homeless shelter, since last March. I ate a lot of meals in the [continue reading…]

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