Peggy Butler

My Heart Will Be There For All Of You And The Eimers Family


Thanks as always for your great reporting! The Eimers case is still such a sad thing to read about. Such a senseless death at the hands of the KWPD. And to learn the cops deleted a tourist’s video of the murder – no other way to describe it from this layman’s point of view – [more…]

One Has To Ask: Why?


The more I read about the death of Charles Eimers, the more nauseated I feel. It leaves me wondering what has happened to Key West in the four years since I left the island. Specifically, what has happened to Chief Donie Lee’s police department. When I lived there, I would have trusted my life to [more…]

Book Review: CODE OF HONOR by V.C. Weeks

Book Review:  CODE OF HONOR by V.C. Weeks

Code of Honor, a debut novel by V. C. Weeks, grabs the reader by the throat in the first sentence and doesn’t let go. The novel is the tale of Sargeant Hank Siemans, who opens this gripping story on reconnaissance in the mountains of Afghanistan, hunting for Osama bin Ladin and his al Queda crew, [more…]

“Woman in the Shampoo Chair”, a Short Story

"Woman in the Shampoo Chair", a Short Story

The shop was alive with the sounds of the holidays. The mood was festive. Christmas decorations filled every vacant spot on every wall. The receptionist wore a bright red hat of shiny material on her head. It had a fuzzy white ball on the top of it which tinkled every time she moved. There were [more…]

That Trailer Park Should Have Never Been Put Up For Sale


That trailer park [on Simonton Street] should have never been put up for sale. What happened to charity? So some of the folks were not paying rent any longer; it should have been charity, not for profit, in the first place. Shame on Peter Batty and the church to turn these people out, when it should [more…]

August 15th Will Be A Sad Day: Good-Bye “Top of La Concha”


The story by Rebecca Rankin [Party At The Top –  Issue #19, July 19, 2013] is so true. Every time I hear of another Key West tradition ending because the wealthy want it to, I feel heartsick and feel that another piece of the island I love is dying. I lived there for 8 years [more…]

Crane Point: Zipline Would Ruin Beautiful Natural Habitat

Crane Point:  Zipline Would Ruin Beautiful Natural Habitat

Dear Editor: Thank you for printing Spotted in [last Friday’s] Blue Paper. It’s no surprise about the ‘secret’ meeting. What is totally puzzling is that anyone who lives in the Keys and loves the Keys wants to desecrate Crane’s Point with a zipline! People walk or ride through Crane’s Point for a trip back to [more…]

Strength In Numbers


Yesterday, I joined a union for the first time in my life. At one time here in south Florida, between the 1960s and 1970s, we nurses tried to form a union and were threatened with the loss of our jobs if we continued to pursue it, so it never got off the ground. Last week [more…]