Naja Girard

Apr 222016
On The Affordable Workforce Housing Front...

by Naja Girard……. Last Thursday night Commissioner Sam Kaufman and planning consultant, Owen Trepanier, brought forward, for the first time, their preliminary proposal to require 100% of new building allocations to be assigned as “affordable workforce housing”.   Have a look at the video above of that Planning Board meeting. Developer Ed Swift [Historic Tours of America] and planning consultants Donald Craig [former Planning Director for the City of Key West] and Jim Hendrick [Critical Concern Consultants] all came out in opposition to the concept.  All [continue reading…]

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Oct 232015

One of our readers pointed out an error in a recent story that involved Bob Dean’s service on the board of the Key West Housing Authority. The story should have reported that Dean receives no pay or benefits from the Housing Authority. All the members of that board are volunteers.

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Dec 192014

by Naja Girard… UNANIMOUS!  REQUEST FOR DOJ TO STEP IN ON EIMERS CASE / BOARD WILL PROBE DEEPER INTO TASING OF MATTHEW SHAUN MURPHY “Garbage in. Garbage out.” That’s how Tom Milone, Vice-Chairman of the Citizen Review Board [CRB], described the concept of the Board relying on  investigative reports furnished by KWPD, FDLE, and SAO [State Attorney’s Office] when it comes to local police brutality cases. The CRB voted unanimously on Wednesday night to make a formal request to the US Department of Justice to investigate not only the in-custody-death [continue reading…]

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