Sheriff Rick Ramsay—Detectives, Deputies & Staff Under His Command—Deliver Commendable Result…

evidence cropped

Words are insufficient in describing the extraordinary brilliance demonstrated by Sheriff Rick Ramsay and his magnificent team of officers, when it comes to their apprehending the individual, who allegedly tortured and killed an innocent dog, because it snored.

Monroe County Sheriff’s detectives and investigators did not have much to go on in capturing their suspect. An exemplary effort, with an inordinate amount of work was necessary to gather the intelligence required to get their man. Continue reading

Shine Your Light—Make It Bright…


The first line of defense against incursions upon our rights and liberties, are law-enforcement officers. Members from policing agencies either protect and serve the citizenry, adhering to a legal and professional standard of conduct, or from the onset, denigrate and deny an individual their Constitutional and God given rights.

Just because the violence or intrusive actions utilized by a police department upon a citizen are determined to be legal, it doesn’t mean that their conduct was appropriate, reasonable or correct.

On the front lines, during the heat of battle, the meaning and intent, along with obedience to the law, can become blurred and obscured for police officers seeking to rationalize and justify improper or illegal conduct. Continue reading

Kindred Acknowledgements–Spur Curiosity, Intellect & Optimism…


Anguish and struggle are  a part of life.  It doesn’t mean that we are doing something wrong or need to be saved. If we’re willing to acknowledge that these experiences are integral components of life, the fear and despair associated with these states of mind can be eliminated.

Focusing on exterminating or avoiding any mood, outlook or sensation, which are central to our  growth and evolution as human beings, is a neurotic expenditure of energy. Continue reading

Justice System In Default–As Bad Cops Continue To Maul & Execute Innocent Men…..

canstockphoto18562148Walking or driving while Black or Homeless can be a grave offense. Perhaps a serious crime, capable of   causing the offender to be summarily executed on the spot.

United States Marine and Black Insurance Executive Arthur McDuffie was killed  by 12 Miami police officers because he ran a stop sign on his motorcycle, causing the police to pursue him. He stopped his motorcycle, raised his hands in the air and said: “I give up”, as sworn to by 3 police officers. Continue reading

Police Investigating Police — Will Not Expose Criminal Cops — Nor — Protect Citizens …


All members of law-enforcement that I’ve spoken with, upon questioning, were willing to address the continuing abuses that are systemic within their agencies, resultant from “cops investigating other cops”.

I challenged them on the extent to which “The Blue Wall of Silence” actually applies. Are there any limits on the types of misconduct covered under this ‘code’?

I mentioned several hateful and savage crimes, and asked if the offending police officer would be shielded from their barbaric conduct by their silence. After obfuscating a clear response and upon being pressed for an answer, they all said Continue reading

Electing Devious & Inept Bumblers–Destabilizes The World–As Children Die & Humanity Suffers…


Individual excellence and personal achievement does not require the endorsement or approval of others. It rises up deep within an individual and manifests itself in their ideas and behavior; stimulating, attracting and motivating others to live exceptional lives.

Authentic leadership is a quality that cannot be purchased nor  acquired at a college or university. It cannot be learned from a book nor bestowed upon an unworthy candidate. Its characteristics are not  clearly delineated nor readily defined. However, most of us are keenly aware when we are in the presence of an extraordinary individual. Their  tangential energy has been changing the course of human events since the inception of ‘Man’. Continue reading

Invalid Investigation–Derides & Mocks The Death Of An Innocent Man…

Issue 48 investigation for web

An innocent man was killed while in the custody of the Key West Police Department. This disabled 61 year-old met his fate at the hands of police officers, as he laid down on the ground before them. This defenseless and helpless citizen  appeared compliant to all commands that were directed at him.

An onslaught of aggression was executed upon Mr. Eimers. He was face down in a prone position, with his arms extended above his head. He did not pose a threat to anyone. Continue reading

Conditioned Minds–Attract Duplicitous Ideologies… Continued


As an inner city high school student in an economics’ class, we were required to pick ten stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange, which we believed showed signs of growth and profitability. Our assignment was to trade these stocks as we saw fit, keeping the class abreast of our progress throughout  the year. The goal was to see who could accrue the most profit from their initial investment. With guidance and direction from our teacher, along with my summer job experience on Wall Street, I secured the highest profits ever recorded by any student taking that class. As I remember, one of the stocks I really liked back then was Disney. As an adult investor,  Telefones de Mexico has served me well.

I’ve had opportunities to acquire all the affluence and abundance that this world could offer. These riches were mine. I just had to work within a group, which was conducting the same business being performed by our government. Continue reading

Conditioned Minds–Attract Duplicitous Ideologies…


You can purchase a T-Shirt with this design at:

Since man’s inception, the drive for wealth and power has been intrinsically woven into the species.

Many of the world’s movers and shakers are possessed with an inflamed primordial drive, requiring expression via “whatever means necessary”.  The weak and feeble are often recruited to serve as mouthpieces for those ‘calling the shots’.

Some government policy makers care little of the strategies and tactics employed to realize their power and monetary objectives. Wars, famines, ethnic cleansings and genocides have been honed into the crafts of their trade. Continue reading

The Good–The Bad–The Ugly…


I am not one to compliment the government and staff of Monroe County. However, if I’m to be fair, I must acknowledge my involvement with them, as it relates to their extraordinary handling of an issue that had the potential to break and injure a family.

The incredible willingness of the county staff to relentlessly confront a difficulty that was harming some residents, exhibited their dogged determination to ease the suffering of these taxpayers.

The brilliance and magnificence displayed by County Administrator Roman Gastesi and his incredible staff, represents a dedication and commitment to serve, which is not often found in government. Continue reading

Injuring Innocent Felines


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, through its Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge in North Key Largo, has instituted an aggressive domestic cat trapping policy. Cat hunters are baiting traps and snaring these creatures.

FWS staff were directed to “cooperatively interact” with  “affected parties” prior to launching their cat trapping agenda. Furthermore, all decisions reached between FWS and the “affected parties”, must collaboratively reflect the “humane handling and treatment” of these animals.

These directives aren’t being followed. FWS is cherry-picking data provided by bureaucrats dependent upon them for employment, to justify their inhumane conduct. FWS recruits support from organizations that benefit from agreeing with them. Continue reading

Powerful Governments–Compel Obedience–Punish Dissent…


Deliberately administering any type of cruel and violent punishment to an animal is a serious criminal act. There is not, nor will there ever be, a law that sanctions such behavior.

Most societies and cultures that butcher animals for food, adhere to a merciful means of terminating their lives. In accordance with the ‘United States Humane Slaughter Act’: “No method of slaughtering or handling in connection with slaughtering, shall be deemed to comply with the public policy of the United States, unless it is humane”. This compassionate law applies to a food source, while many believe the actions being taken by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, directed at creatures who have become our pets and a part of our families, to be callous and heartless.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, through its operation at the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge in North Key Largo, has initiated an aggressive policy that has triggered an ardent cadre of cat hunters, who are truculently stalking, baiting and trapping domestic cats (felis silvestris catus).

According to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife news release (9/16/11), this agency has: “No National Policy” on the trapping of cats. During a formal meeting the FWS approved a policy: “to protect native wildlife from predation, disease and other impacts presented by feral and free-ranging cats”. This policy does not call for the FWS to kill cats, nor does it outlaw the practice of Trap-Neuter-Release programs. Continue reading

Marketed Fear & Distortion Conceal Ineptitude…

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) is a dismal testament to the failure of our school system to provide a world-class education for our children.

Taxpayers are being fleeced and our students are being deprived of their opportunity to compete on the world stage.

The FCAT, which evaluates a teacher’s ability to successfully impart knowledge and academic skills to their students, has been co-opted by a bureaucracy that refuses to deliver on its promise to America. The FCAT  has been politicized and attacked by individuals unwilling to terminate incompetent teachers and negligent principals.

This measurement evaluates the absolute minimal skills and competencies that a student should have become proficient with, upon the completion of a particular grade cycle. Continue reading



468px-Crispus_AttucksIn 1770, Crispus Attucks, a black man, became the first casualty of the American Revolution when he was shot and killed by the British in what became known as the Boston Massacre. Mr. Attucks sensed that his hope and dreams to one day live as a free man, might best be realized with the revolutionaries he died with on that day. This ‘patriot’ embodied the courage, spirit and determination that birthed our nation.

“My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country”, “Give me liberty or give me death”, “Uncommon valor was a common virtue”, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”; are quotes that have defined us throughout our history. Continue reading

“Injustice anywhere—Is a threat to justice everywhere…” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wisteria Scales of Justice

The wheels of justice grind slowly for a reason. Rushing to judgment often brings about a self-fulfilled and inaccurate outcome. Bias and prejudice, along with a predetermined perspective of guilt and innocence, have wrongfully sentenced many individuals to death.

Conditioned and inflamed ‘mind sets’ frequently give way under the weight of emotional appeal. I’m profoundly disturbed and saddened by the events surrounding Mr. Eimers’ death.

My life’s experience has required me to directly address several incidents where police conduct brought about the death of innocent men. In the last incident, the state, with malice and forethought, decided to execute a man they knew to be innocent. Over time they were systematically beaten back, so as to settle for three life sentences without parole. Continued pressure brought a dismissal of all charges and his release. Continue reading

Mother Earth Sustaining Wounds—Shall Her Cry Be Heard…

Earth Shot From Apollo 17

Earth Shot From Apollo 17

Lighted cigarette butts, beer bottles, cans, fast food debris and fecal ridden diapers tossed from vehicles traveling along US1 has significantly increased since the construction of the new Jewfish Creek Bridge in Key Largo.

Combined with the present epidemic of noise pollution, along with the exhaust and engine contaminates discharged from every make and model of land and watercraft; what was once paradise, is slipping away from us.

Each day that these toxins are discharged into the fabric of our fragile aquatic ecosystem, our planet is less able to sustain itself. Continue reading

Spiraling Towards The Abyss vs Pax Romana


Rome wasn’t built, nor destroyed, in a day. Over time there was a break down in the culture, consciousness and structure that made them viable. Their empire fell apart, never to regain its greatness.

The forces that destroyed the Roman Empire are alive and well in the United States. It’s reflected in the cultural decadence that has taken hold of our society; manifesting itself as the new normative standard by which our acceptability and competency are determined.

Anger, violence and other forms of hostility are reflected in many art forms. Murderous spectacles are routinely produced and presented to our society as entertainment. Continue reading

Spiritualized Curriculum–Promotes Cures, Solutions And Positiveness


“In the vault of the mind lies all the chains of bondage, as well as the keys to freedom”

–Paramahansa Yogananda.

Unwilling to teach truth and wisdom, we’ve been ‘dumbed down’ to a point of dependency upon our overseers to manufacture the reality they’ve engineered for us.

“We’re not a wisdom society–we’re a knowledge society; knowledge becomes outdated very quickly, and therefore old people become obsolete” –Ram Dass.

Unable to benefit from the experiences and insight accrued through the ages, the hidden truths understood by our predecessors have become obscured. Their study into the nature of creation and the cosmos, are filled with perspectives that provide answers to the dilemmas of existence. Acceptance of this wisdom radically alters the way we’ve been taught to view the phenomenon of consciousness.

Flying by the seat of our pants, the blind have continued to lead the blind into conditioned boxes of disquietude. Lacking the knowhow, with few alternatives available, these instructors teach us to languish over life and assign fault to people, places and things for our suffering. This conditioned reaction perpetuates cycles of anger, violence and malcontent.   Continue reading

Amateurish Governance—Distasteful And Dangerous…


An analysis of the government’s ineffectiveness when it comes to protecting its citizens from terrorist attacks, provides us with a record of gross misconduct, incompetence and inefficiency.

Intelligence gathering failures by the government are voluminous. Misuse and abuse by the political appointees heading up these bureaucracies are alarming.

Since the Islamic militants declared war on the United States, there have been 70 separate and successful terrorist attacks launched upon Americans, while living within the United States. These radicalized Muslims have killed 3,101 innocent men, women and children. They seriously wounded 2,283.

Those numbers do not include Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan’s murderous rampage at Ft. Hood, where 13 soldiers were killed and 32 wounded. This incident was deemed as an act of workplace violence rather than an act of terrorism. Continue reading

Government Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction…..

top secret

“The practices of arbitrary imprisonments have been, in all ages, the favorite and most formidable instruments of tyranny.”–Alexander Hamilton.

The following is based on information that was anonymously presented to me, by an unknown author. I’ve researched and studied the data, putting it together for the purposes of this column. Some sections of this article duplicate segments from the aforementioned information.

Since the events of 9/11/2001, our government has insisted that our safety requires that they have ever greater authority over us. To keep us safe, they need to know every detail of our financial, personal and private lives. We can never be safe until our bank, tax, telephone, internet, credit card, and medical records are fully available to the authorities.

NSA has been spying on every American citizen, in every way possible. The NSA director is being investigated for perjury, regarding his testimony before the House of Representatives. It appears that there are similarities between Obama’s ‘kill list’, Bush’s ‘drone strikes’ and the undertakings of the NSA. Continue reading

Indoctrinating Children—Disables And Confuses Them…

John Donnelly

John Donnelly

As a young child I was wisely instructed that: “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you”. As this empowering information was reaffirmed by my teachers, I cultivated a tenacious resolve that shielded me against the unkind things that would inevitably be said to me throughout my life.

Frequently frolicking outdoors, I discovered that my playmates had received a similar instruction. However, there were times when we departed from our parents’ admonitions and directed indecent comments towards one another. Upon recognizing this infraction, with feigned pity and disgust, we took great pride in robustly scolding the unfortunate playmate who had violated the parental directive that we all had received.

Gleefully, we would persuasively recite in cadence the aforementioned refrain: “sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you”. Didn’t these wretched simpletons know that they had no power to harm us with their words? Without exception, the ‘name callers’ would abruptly cease their taunts and insults.

As children we were aware that the verbalization’s of another did not have the power to hurt. This liberating reassurance freed and protected us from the unkind utterances that can be expected from kids and misguided adults. It formed an indispensable foundation, which prompted us to think, dream, explore and express ourselves in a manner that was independent of the opinion of others.

In stark contrast to that emancipating wisdom, we have a school district that teaches our children: “Words Can Hurt”. A large banner prominently displayed at the entrance to an elementary and middle school greets our students every day with this frightening and debilitating notion. Instructional programs within the school district celebrate and reinforce this dishonest and injurious proposition.   Continue reading

Confronting Violence Prepares The Soul To Be Healed…

On March 30, 2001, Mr. Obama was the only Illinois senator who rose to speak out against a bill that would have protected babies who had survived a late term labor-induced abortion.

Mr. Obama explained that he voted against this bill because it determined that a nine-month-old fetus, living outside of the womb of its mother, which survived a late term labor-induced abortion, would be deemed to be a person, therefore, it would have a constitutional right to live.

Mr. Obama further explained that he could not vote for a bill that designated this late term abortion survivor as a person. For if he did, this young life would have to be safeguarded under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which would not allow the life of this unwanted baby to be terminated.

Therefore, this living child lying on the surgeon’s table, instinctively crying for help, had to be deemed a discardable fetus. Continue reading

Citizens Are Free To Arm Themselves–Servants Are Denied Such Right…

bill of rights

New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof published a recent column: “Killer Speaks Blunt Truth About Gun Control”. It’s a long winded piece of drivel, substantially devoid of the credible and analytically reasoned analysis that this topic deserves.

Mr. Kristof’s rant reaches epoch proportions, as he proffers the perspectives of a convicted murderer in support of his anti-gun agenda. The expert Mr. Kristof quotes is incarcerated in a maximum security prison for killing an acquaintance during a drug quarrel.

Mr. Kristof’s distortions and convoluted reasoning stands in the face of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Madison.

The horrifying lessons of history indicate that governments are capable of committing atrocities against their people. In every case these genocides began with gun-control.

Cognizant of government’s inherent tendency to fixate on grasping more power and control, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “It’s the right and duty of the people to be armed at all times”. Laws disarming honest citizens, declare that the government is the master, not the servant, of the people. Continue reading

Serpentine Leadership Maintains Status Quo–World Counterparts Thrive

It’s unfortunate that some employed by our school district aren’t measuring up to the enormous responsibility that has been entrusted to them. It’s frightening that the fate of our nation rests in their hands.

Placing flawed, corrupted and incompetent individuals with our students is a staffing practice enjoyed by too many school systems. Cronyism and politics are formulated into determining the fate of these children.

Duplicity appears to be a valued pre-requisite when selecting a principal. A school rotten at the top discharges a toxic venom that cascades downward infecting all. I’ve read “SACS” accreditation findings that used similar language when describing a principal at one of our schools.

Ineffective leadership and instruction leads to discipline problems. Kids know you love them, when through your extraordinary effort a spectacular classroom experience is created, which challenges, excites and titillates their imaginations. Once bonded, these children will follow their teacher to hell and back. Appreciative students are cooperative allies. Continue reading

Nothing Changes—If Nothing Changes

The cultural decline and vacuum confronting our children has been filled by a plethora of entertainment whose technological emphasis is on violence. Internet games and videos have seductively taken the minds of these very young and impressionable kids to a place where some find joy, comfort and excitement when they are able to rapidly kill the characters set before them on their video screens.

Their skills are sharpened as they progress towards the upward realms of each challenge. Upon maxing out their ‘confirmed kills’ on one level, they promptly move to their next murderous challenge. These mindless scenarios are continuing to play themselves out in epidemic proportions.

The emotional, spiritual and physical decline of our children is a clear and present reality that is playing itself in our educational system. At present, our students rank behind Vietnam, Lithuania and Hungry. Continue reading

Consciousness Projected–Consequences Deserved

There’s always enough money to fight a war. Eradicating the slums of the world, while feeding children starving to death, are undertakings that have never been funded.

We attract and create the causes of our own suffering. The energy projected by our wrongful thoughts and actions are recycled, as matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Changing form, it continues to birth destruction throughout the world. The cumulative damage of the wrongful conduct of all human beings is unfathomable.

Mastering and conquering the delusions, disturbances and evil that lurks within oneself is the antidote to suffering. Equanimity is an internally developed attribute. Any individual thinking positive and peaceful thoughts, projects concordant energy via their conduct.

Most schools are sorely lacking in delivering any type of instruction that reflects this ‘wisdom of the ages’. Their negligence and failure are legend. Continue reading

Unregulated Chemicals In Drinking Water

tap water

Photo: canstockphoto

Although pharmaceutical residues are polluting our tap water, utilities and regulators defend the safety of South Florida’s drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency has decided to identify and measure these contaminates in water treatment plants across the nation.

There are tens of thousands of chemicals in use in the United States. The EPA acknowledges that it does not know what harm these pollutants pose to human life. Irregardless,  these chemical threats are making their way into our drinking water.

More than 100 pollutants from farm herbicides, factory solvents and human waste have shown up in Florida’s tap water during the last five years. Twenty-five percent of these contaminants exceeded federal standards at least once, as documented by an environmental group. Continue reading

Trojan Horse Should Be Cut Off At The Head

Our public servants are in the process of granting approval to a development project that is not in the best interest of Monroe County residents. It is a government give away to developers under the guise of a senior citizen housing project that is intended to be built in Key Largo.

It will not help our seniors, as in previous built projects similar to this one, it will serve as a magnet to Miamians, along with any other outsiders who have learned how to tweak the system.

Monroe County government officials and staffers have not put into place safeguards that will protect the taxpayers from the hostile take-over’s that will come from non-residents, if this development is allowed to proceed.

I don’t know how in the world individual’s in a position of responsibility, could come up with such a destructive use of Monroe County’s ROGO units. Utilizing these precious commodities for the benefit of those not living in the Florida Keys.

At present, the ‘LIHTC’ method of funding that is being used will open up the flood gates to all Miami, as well as everywhere else, as outsiders will rush in again and take away the alleged intent of this building project. They will bring their trash, noise, traffic congestion and pollution, with little or no interest in the welfare of the Florida Keys. They will place their increased demands on our already over stressed infrastructure.

A corrupted idea at the top, will once again continue the destruction of our fragile aquatic ecosystem. This ‘Trojan Horse’ must be cut off at the head.

As it stands now, I am dead set against any development of any kind at this proposed site.

Upon my return home, I will explore any and all legal action that can be taken to terminate the malignancy of this diseased folly, as it will further sicken our dying environment and rob us of our constitutional rights, as they are adjudicated in the state and federal constitutions.


John Donnelly

Bastions of Freedom

The ‘American Press’ was adjudicated specific constitutional rights by our founders. It was hoped that they might rigorously expose the institutional abuses that are inherent and systemic within a powerful government. The architects of this nation knew that politicians would be insulated from the citizenry once they were elected. Their authority, privilege, control and influence would shield them from any coercive fraud that may have been a part of their political campaigns. Responding to the needs and expectations of the people who put them into office may not, or might cease to be, a priority in their lives. Continue reading

Term Limits: Combatting the Corrosive Nature of Power

Term limits are not about liking or supporting a particular candidate. They are about good governance.  The founders of this nation never wanted a permanent political class. They wrote: “nothing is so essential to the preservation of our government as a periodic rotation; preventing the perpetuity of office in the same hands for life”.

Along with the veniality and imperfection of all elected officials, the corrosive nature of power often rationalizes their deluded and detached decisions. Their actions then cross the line, negatively impact the lives and well-being of the people they serve. Continue reading

Homelessness: Stimulating Resolve and an Awareness of the Solution…

Individuals choose shelter in accordance to the realities that confront them. Ones’ home resides between their ears. No structure or parcel of food are equivalent to the thinker of the thought. No human power, principality or government can alleviate the so-called homeless issue.

Successful civilizations were designed to reinforce and reward preeminent achievement and greatness. Not cater to, or accommodate a segment of society unwilling to take advantage of the plethora of assistance and opportunity that is available for them. For too long, the homeless have been enabled in their plight, rather than addressed with some cold hard facts about themselves (tough love). The rigors of their troubled lives are often manifested in destructive conduct. Continue reading

To DEP: Don’t Sell Our Conservation Lands

An Open Letter To DEP Staff Members,

The blood, sweat, tears and lives of many Florida Keys’ residents have gone into protecting tracts of land that are critical to the preservation of all life in Monroe County.

Any reasonable individual can understand, safeguarding our habitat and fragile aquatic ecosystem is an uphill battle when facing off greedy developers and corrupted politicians.

There is always some builder friendly nuances being proposed by those who are uninterested in preserving the quality of life of our citizens.

We cannot continue to allow our environments to be torn apart for the sake of profit. The delicate balance that must be maintained so our string of tiny islands can remain viable will be put in jeopardy, if you remove these life sustaining parcels from the protected list.

The Florida Keys are an “Area of Critical” concern. Please demonstrate that you are willing to perform the duties, as implied by the nature of your position, that you have sworn to uphold.

Please stand firm in your resistance to any and all weakening of the laws, policies and ordinances that will place are land at risk.

I earnestly request that you do not place any conservation properties on the proposed surplus lands list in Monroe County.

I ask that you consider this communiqué when making your decision and that you also make it a part of the record. Thank you.


John Donnelly

Key Largo, Florida

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Brokering credible relationships with a sovereign state is the mark of a distinguished leader who is taken seriously and trusted by the partnering nations. Eliminating skepticism and disbelief decreases the threatening nature of cultures and ideologies that we’re unfamiliar with.

Unable to infiltrate and penetrate the regimes that ‘cross the red line’, we find ourselves lacking the confirmable intelligence necessary to determine if and how we should respond to the events in Syria. Lacking credible information concerning the splinter groups and outside factions warring  in that nation, we are powerless to accrue real time facts. Just as in Benghazi, we are clueless as to what is actually happening.

Rather than surveilling Americans, the NSA needs to secure some reliable and accurate information, which authenticates and corroborates the salient details developing in Syria. Without a verifiable and transparent assessment, we haven’t the means to design a plan of action. Our claim to be the purveyors’ of truth and justice does not substantiate an attack.

Unintended consequences abound once we launch cruise missiles targeting people from a country whom we’re in disagreement with. Only despots and tyrants unilaterally decide to pursue this course of insanity. Continue reading

Not Very “One Human Family-ish”

To the Editor:

A disappointing experience is guaranteed to anyone who dares to challenge the logic and veracity of the emperor. Unabashedly naked, his ideologues have adorned him with glorious garments, attempting to conceal the true nature of their totalitarian desires. The worship and devotion rendered unto him by his minions is a national disgrace.

These devotees tightly grasp their indoctrinated beliefs and dogmas. Lacking depth and empirical data to discern the plausibility of political perspectives that confront them, they adopt the delusionary persuasions that provide them with comfort, rationalizing their incompleteness and dependency.

These citizen disciples have been successfully targeted by the ruling elites. Marketing techniques that stimulate and drive the baser instincts of this power source has generated political outcomes. The moral and spiritual instruction that would offset this type of propaganda is strictly prohibited.

Has it ever crossed your mind, perhaps the government doesn’t want its citizens to receive a world-class education? A confident and well-informed public would not settle for the garbage being peddled their way.

Enemies of the state have done much to dismantle the republic that birthed our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution. Their allegiance is to the acquisition and maintenance of power and control. Prioritizing the personal liberties and freedoms of the American people isn’t formulated into their manner of governance. As our servitude increases, the abuses and mistreatment by government will accelerate.

At one time, inflicting fear and harm into the lives of its people was not the role of the United States government. Using its might and force to attack those that it disagrees with, is not why three successive generations of my family were awarded five Purple Heart Medals.

Apparently, an intolerant and calculating contempt by our government towards those citizens that it does not like has prompted it to act malevolently.

Benghazi, IRS retaliations, journalistic spying, the president’s “Kill List” and torture are not the trademark of my country. The toxic notion that Americans can be secretly targeted for drone strikes within the United States, is as lawless as it gets.

Not very “One Human Family-ish”.


John Donnelly

Thank You Boy Scout Troop 588 and The Tavenir Elk’s Club

To The Editor:

Boy Scout Troop 588′s heartrending flag retirement ceremony at the Tavernier Elk’s Lodge stirred my mind and emotions, as I reflected upon the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Scouting advanced the foundation upon which my core values were constructed. It aroused within me an appreciation of nature and the outdoors, while teaching me the skills to competently live in concert with God’s creation.

Growing up in the South Bronx, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to hike and camp confidently in the wilderness. In a few short years I would utilizes my scouting skills to safely traverse enemy trails in the jungles of Vietnam.

The United States Marine Corps and the Boy Scouts of America had trained me to the point that no matter where we were dropped off during a battle, I knew my location. My attention was solely concentrated on the enemy at hand. I credit the Boy Scouts with instructing me in the basic techniques that upon application saved my life.

The red stripes in the flags that the scouts retired represent the blood that has been shed in securing and maintaining our freedom. The flag symbolizes the principles and constitutional guarantees that our illuminated in our founding documents. It has served as a rallying point during our nation’s darkest hours.

It is the garment that is placed upon the bodies of our men and women who have been killed while answering the call of duty.

A charismatic African-American Marine carried a small American Flag during our combat operations. He wanted to hold it with his comrades on our last mission and have a group picture taken.

Several bullets tore through him and the flag that he carried. During the battle his flag was used to to apply pressure to the wounds that eventually killed him. This flag rested upon this Marine’s lifeless body as he was moved to a landing zone to begin his journey home.

Appropriately retiring the colors of our nation recognizes that the liberty guaranteed to us in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are worth defending. It validates and sanctifies the scarifies of those who have preceded us; so that their blood offerings may not have been made in vain.

My sincerest thanks to Boy Scout Troop 588, the Elk’s Club and all those who made this magnificent ceremony possible.


John Donnelly

A Tribute To The Military, Sheriff Ramsay, and Captain Lefere

To the Editor:

Amidst the morass of media negativity, an invigorating current ran through the recent Military Affairs Committee Meeting at the Fly Navy Building on Trumbo Point in Key West.

A gathering of accomplished individuals convened to recognize a cadre of military professionals for their distinguished service. It was a potent antidote to the chronic cynicism and disingenuous rhetoric proliferating the airways.

Within this room of polished, proficient and savvy virtuosos lies the answer to many problems that we face as a nation and society.

Those assembled aren’t theoreticians. They’re not shielded form the consequences of their behavior by committee talk, board discussions or nepotism. Administrative failure and miscalculations are not tolerated, as individuals will die behind their errors.

The ‘esprit de corps’ resonating within the room was palpable, as the commanders of their respective units acknowledged the authentic and exemplary performance of a select group of men and women.

As this meeting drew to a close, Sheriff Rick Ramsay’s long-standing diligence and determination to make certain that our Wounded Warriors have a safe and successful bicycle ride was recognized by Captain Patrick Lefere.

The energy and enthusiasm that Sheriff Ramsay and his deputies have generated to insure that these riders are exposed to the full medical and psychological benefits that this event is designed to deliver, is legend.

The brilliant operation developed and managed by the Sheriff’s Office has guided hundreds of severely injured men and women on their rides from Key Largo to Key West.

Captain Lefere’s team incorporated and organized all of the details necessary to make this award presentation a reality. His love of country and community is reflected in the pivotal responsibilities that our nation has placed upon his shoulders. It’s reassuring to know that the United States of America has determined that our survival as a nation and our fate as a people rests in the hands of a gifted leader, the caliber of Captain Patrick Lefere.


John Donnelly

Key Largo, FL 33037