Jerome Grapel

Jerome Grapel was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1945 and raised in the New York City area in what could be called a vintage middle class upbringing. He attended Temple University in Philadelphia where he played baseball and graduated with a B.A. in history in 1967. With a "noticeable lack of vocation for anything, and not knowing what else to do," he continued at Temple Law School, graduating in 1970. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More articles by Post Consumer Man prior to November, 2014.

Dec 192014

by Jerome Grapel…. For the average contemporary American, the title of this essay would not be metaphorical, but a direct reference to an iconic film made in 1992. Let’s take a phrase association test: “a few good men” – famous movie starring Tom Crews, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon, about a military incident where 2 Marines are accused of — so forth and so on. You’ve seen it, right? As mentioned previously in this ever growing mass of dubious philosophical patter, I have [continue reading…]

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