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Jerome Grapel was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1945 and raised in the New York City area in what could be called a vintage middle class upbringing. He attended Temple University in Philadelphia where he played baseball and graduated with a B.A. in history in 1967. With a "noticeable lack of vocation for anything, and not knowing what else to do," he continued at Temple Law School, graduating in 1970. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More articles by Post Consumer Man prior to November, 2014.

Sep 112015
Immigration Revisited

by Jerome Grapel……. (Regardless of everything that has gone down since Donald Trump turned American politics into a pro wrestling show, the one issue that most brought him to prominence is the immigration issue, something he has demagogued right to the top of the Republican primary fandango. In so doing, he has made this essay, written almost a decade ago, quite timely once again.) (5/06) I write this essay just one week after the massive demonstrations by undocumented immigrants in America on May 1st, the [continue reading…]

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Sep 042015
Stieg Larsson and Lorenzo Silva

by Jerome Grapel……. (This is an essay I wrote about 4 years ago. I had no intention of posting it at this time until I read Martha Huggins’ excellent article on white collar crime in this very publication. Although it lacks the statistical minutia and professional expertise Dr. Huggins always enlightens us with, as a layman’s compliment to her work it might still serve a purpose). (10/11) The 2 people named in the title of this essay have written a good deal of the literary [continue reading…]

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Aug 212015
2015: Where Are We?

by Jerome Grapel……. (5/15, Spain) For a chicken soup philosopher like myself, one who breathes in all the stimuli around him — the politics, trends, the Beyonces and Lebrons, the Oscars, presidents, divas, movers, shakers, the technological hypnotism that has us so enthralled, the ebbs and flows of who’s in charge, how it’s going down and the whole paella-goulash-punch bowl we live in — woo! It gets complicated, overwhelming, does anyone have an aspirin? This essay, at least from a socio-political aspect, will try to [continue reading…]

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Aug 072015
Animal Rights and Dean Koontz

by Jerome Grapel……. (This essay is the companion to “Animal Rights and ‘60 Minutes’” where I took issue with CBS’s extremely negative attitude towards the civil disobedience of animal rights activists. (They were disrupting research on cranial bullet wounds using cats). Both were written in the early 90’s. More than 20 years later, with the eruption into our consciousness of the death of a famous lion in Zimbabwe at the hands of an American trophy hunter, its relevance regains its vigor.) Dean Koontz writes novels. [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
The American Nightmare

  by Jerome Grapel…….. [5/15, Spain.  This essay was the offspring  of a previous essay called “News From America,” where I discussed the Spanish reaction to the racial unrest in Baltimore, Md.] As mentioned in the essay “News From America”, other than giving me an idea as to what the Spaniards are paying attention to, this article had no educational value for me. But it did get me to thinking about our struggle with racism in America and where we’ve gone since the days of [continue reading…]

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Jul 032015

by Jerome Grapel……. Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, amongst many others, as well as the death toll taken on a daily basis within the confines of the world’s most advanced nation (as they tell us here in the good ‘ol US of A) — Guns. We’re talking a lot about guns lately. Perhaps it is a stain on our national legacy to say we’ve finally begun to think seriously about this insane proliferation of firearms only after 20 little children had to succumb to it, snuffed out, [continue reading…]

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Apr 242015

by Jerome Grapel… (4/15) (Note to the reader: On May 1st I leave for my annual 2 month hiatus on an island in the Spanish Mediterranean. As a result, I will not contribute again to this fine publication until I return at the end of June. First and foremost, I must thank Arnaud and Naja for allowing me to vent on a regular basis in their wonderful creation, one that has become the only source of serious news and commentary in Key West. I’m also [continue reading…]

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Apr 102015

by Jerome Grapel… Although I’ve written before about the “libertarian” concept, a recent discussion I had with a number of such adepts has propelled me into a need to respond more formally. Let’s begin with my theory as to how this trend found its traction on the American socio-political landscape. One of the few people working in our country’s legislative body who I have a genuine respect for is a black congressman from Georgia named John Lewis. We have just celebrated the 50th anniversary of [continue reading…]

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Mar 272015
Penn State

by Jerome Grapel… With the NCAA basketball tournament — “March Madness” — in full swing, this essay becomes timely. Using the abuse of young boys by an iconic football coach at Penn State University, Jerry Sandusky, as a vehicle, it gives voice to my outrage at the “Big Lie” the collegiate sports industry is. As I write on November 12, 2011, the minimalist quality of this essay’s title is more than enough to convey its subject matter. If you are not aware of the recent [continue reading…]

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Mar 132015
Why War is Bad

 by Jerome Grapel… (This essay was written at a time when the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was making its way into the world’s consciousness. More than a decade later, the horrifying chaos now prevailing in the region is sickening proof of the colossal blunder the American invasion was.)     As I write this essay, the second Bush Oil War has become the fiasco it always deserved to be. The latest piece of firewood thrown onto the flames of this madness is the graphic international diffusion [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015
The True Left

 by Jerome Grapel        This is part of a series of essays that were written in Spain last summer, when a totally unknown political entity called “Podemos” (we can) broke onto the political landscape, catching all the “literati” by surprise in the wake of the 2014 European Parliamentary elections. In less than a year, they have begun to outpoll the 2 traditional centrist parties in the country. They are the offspring of Spain’s version of the Occupy Movement, “Los Indignados”. Their leftist politics have [continue reading…]

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