Artists Pam Eden and Michael Marrero on Display at the Gato Building

Watercolor “Frog Days of Summer”  by Pam Eden on exhibit in the Gato Stairway Gallery

Watercolor “Frog Days of Summer” by Pam Eden on exhibit in the Gato Stairway Gallery

Thanks to the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, Key Westers have another chance to take in the beautifully rendered watercolor paintings of former island resident Pam Eden. The public is invited to a reception on Friday, August 2nd in the Gato Building’s Stairway Gallery.

Much like the imagery evoked by her name, Eden’s intricate watercolors “remind us of a garden fraught with meaning, filled with life”. Ms Eden called Key West home for many years before life carved out a different path for her. Unfortunately, Eden and her animals were evicted from her Olivia street residence, she had no other choice but to leave the island and begin living in a small tent on undeveloped land.

Life has been a constant struggle for her and yet like so many others before her, she has sought refuge in the creation of her art.

Perhaps it is the intimacy with the natural world which allows Eden to draw from it so easily, creating paintings rich with natural elements and honesty.  Eden lays her enduring spirit bare on the canvas, and the way in which she portrays the animals in their habitats speak simultaneously of both vulnerability and strength.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the work of Pam Eden. The evening also serves as a reception for “Visions and Dreams” – Take Stock in Children Student Portraits by Michael Marrero, on display on the first floor of the Gato building. The public is invited to celebrate both exhibitions from 4:30-7:00. Free Parking.

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