Invalid Investigation–Derides & Mocks The Death Of An Innocent Man…


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An innocent man was killed while in the custody of the Key West Police Department. This disabled 61 year-old met his fate at the hands of police officers, as he laid down on the ground before them. This defenseless and helpless citizen  appeared compliant to all commands that were directed at him.

An onslaught of aggression was executed upon Mr. Eimers. He was face down in a prone position, with his arms extended above his head. He did not pose a threat to anyone.

The violent force exerted on him to effect an arrest, was not commensurate with the submissive actions demonstrated by the decedent.

Placing their lives on the line every day to protect and serve our community, law-enforcement is a noble profession. Split-second, life or death decisions are required of them each day. When needed, we value and applaud those who have chosen such a career. On the fateful day in question, their state of mind remains a conundrum.

Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed police misconduct on more than one occasion, which resulted in the loss of life and a subsequent cover-up, to conceal crimes. These heavily armed organizations are capable of malfeasant and murderous actions.

It appears that the conduct of some police officers arresting Mr. Eimers were the source of his death. In one sense, this obedient and compliant individual may have had the life beaten out of him.

Credible evidence indicates that immediately following the death of this elderly man, as he laid lifeless at the feet of his executioners, some police officers allegedly misinformed the responding EMT’s, as to the factual details that caused the subject’s fatal injuries.

Misrepresenting these details and the manner in which Mr. Eimers acquired his injuries, to the arriving paramedics may have cost him his life. Such behavior is a serious breach of the public trust and may constitute a crime.

An independent investigation revealed that rather than gathering witnesses and collecting statements capable of establishing a basis of fact, which described the tragedy that had just occurred, it appears that the Key West Police Department did their best to chase and scatter away all observers to the their actions.

In addition, apparently there was a cadre of vacationing New York City police officers having something to eat, as this incident unfolded before them. It’s suggested that argumentative words were exchanged between this group  and the KWPD. It appears that this visiting group vociferously voiced their disapproval of the tactics   employed by the arresting officers. It’s my understanding the FDLE and the KWPD did not take any statements, nor record any data attesting to the identity of any witnesses to the event that had just killed an innocent man in their custody.

A subsequent independent investigation suggests that two KWPD officers may have returned to the scene of this fatality, in an effort to silence all employees who witnessed this tragic incident. A witness to this fear tactic, stated that one of the individuals appeared to pose as an FDLE agent. As chronicled by some other witnesses, these alleged investigators utilized veiled threats to invoke the censorship they desired.

It’s apparent from the start that the relationship formed between the KWPD and the FDLE, based upon their own guidelines, protocols, policies and common sense; violated the basic tenets required of any credible and reliable examination of the facts.

According to the findings of an independent examination, Carol Frederick (FDLE Supervisor) of the Eimers’ killing, was contacted by an eyewitness who works for the U.S. District Court system in Maryland via voicemail on January 30, 2014. This woman possessed a plethora of relevant information related to the immediate events surrounding the police action that caused an in-custody fatality.

Evidence suggests that this voicemail was ignored by Ms. Frederick. She apparently refused to review or record this pertinent testimony. This primary sourced evidence was not made a part of the investigation . Along with all the witness statements that were not gathered, this critical evidence  was not available to the medical examiner. Apparently, this information will not be included in the findings presented to the ‘grand jury’.

FDLE violated three policies contained within their own Investigative Code of Conduct. Kathy Smith (FDLE ), the ex-wife and mother of Capt. Smith’s child, violated all investigative doctrines when she assumed the duties to examine Mr. Eimers’ death. Her former husband (Capt. Smith) is a Commanding Officer in the KWPD. All of the police officers under scrutiny in the aforementioned killing are linked to Capt. Smith.

As it appears, the questionable conduct and poor judgment exhibited from the start, and throughout the FDLE investigation, constitutes a brazen disregard of jurisprudence. The apparent negligence and neglect in this matter, invalidates their investigation. As such, it cannot be proffered before a ‘grand jury’. To fraudulently proceed with a document that maligns the integrity of the court, would constitute a serious crime.

Reviewing the data secured thus far, it suggests that either the KWPD and the FDLE are attempting to intentionally mislead or they have been grossly negligent.

State Attorney Catherine Vogel, if you do not stop this deception dead in its tracks and immediately initiate an independent investigation, the rats will abandon ship as you take her down to the bottom. This is not solely a Key West issue. Renowned individuals and reputable institutions world-wide are waiting to call in the cavalry, if there are any appearances of impropriety. I believe that you’re underestimating the ubiquitous nature of the depraved indifference, projected by this tragedy.

The Mayor, City Commissioners and Chief Lee have a problem on their hands. A pattern of behavior that appears to be dangerous and reckless (actions that have injured or killed) has been exhibited by their police department. These public officials have not shown any interest in taking a detailed examination of the events that resulted in the Eimers’ killing. This innocent man’s life was taken for ‘no just cause’.

It’s unfortunate that so many individuals appear willing to destroy their careers, reputations and finances, because they are unable or unwilling to professionally adhere to their oaths and codes of conduct. They prefer to roll the dice, rather than lead through the force and might of the character.

A ‘cover-up’ runs long, hard and deep. It exacts a heavy toll on all involved, never relinquishing its maddening grasp on all participants. Relentlessly squeezing the very essence of life from one’s existence.

Denying an American their right to live is a serious crime. Federal and State Prisons host such violators. As the plot thickens, the web of culpability will increase. As the noose tightens around the necks of some, they will squeal.

Madam State Attorney, please head off the discernible harm that will be resultant by your inaction. Enduring the toxicity of recurrent themes and speculation originating from a below par investigation, will serve to satisfy no one, while disrupting all.

Initiating a proactive stance in light of the facts that have been presented, is the right thing to do. Catherine, please do not squander this opportunity to rise and shine for the sake of your community. Assuming a leadership role now, will birth a reconciliation and healing that will be forever remembered and appreciated.


John Donnelly

John Donnelly

John Donnelly, a resident of Key Largo was born, raised and went to high school in the South Bronx. Upon graduation he was awarded several scholarships to college.  He chose to enlist in the United Sates Marine Corps. While serving in Vietnam John was wounded in action. He received two meritorious promotions, one during combat. Upon discharge and return to America, John had a difficult time transitioning back into civilian life. He found himself homeless for the next 4 years. As he worked out some troublesome concerns, he began to yearn to make some sense of his experiences via education. He sought and received his GI Bill benefits. He applied and was admitted to New York University. He later transfered to the University of Miami where he graduated on the President’s Honor Roll. John secured a teaching position at a Maximum Security Prison Facility for criminally insane adolescents. While working there he earned a Master of Science degree from Florida International University. He graduated Summa Cum Laude.  More…


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  21 Responses to “Invalid Investigation–Derides & Mocks The Death Of An Innocent Man…”

  1. It’s become apparent by now that FDLE exists solely for the purpose of covering for any wrongdoing by police departments in this state. The entire Eimers investigation or lack thereof is the status quo for FDLE. It really pisses me off if taxpayer money funds FDLE because they definitely do not serve the public in this state. If there is not an investigation into this entire sordid mess we need to step up and demand one. We should have the balls to stand up to the KWPD and FDLE to hold peaceful demonstrations until something is done. It’s apparent our worthless Mayor and Commissioners aren’t going to do anything. The only way things will change is if we care enough to do something.

  2. Catherine Vogel MUST step up to the plate. She is the only one left at this level who can find out the truth and let the chips fall from the top down. Citizens should not have to fear their supposed protectors.
    The two officers who revisited the employees to stifle them should be charged and fired. Thank you John Donnelly.
    Please Catherine. This why I voted and campaigned for you.

  3. Just thought everyone should know something I experienced this morning. I thought I was placing a post on the “Craig Cates For Mayor” Facebook site. My post consisted of my disappointment with our Mayor and Commissioners on their inaction on the Charles Eimers murder at the hands of KWPD. Not only was my post not shown after finishing but I am now not able to make any posts to this site. Obviously “his highness” will only allow back-slapping posts from his “bubba system” friends saying what a great guy he is. Is this really someone you want as Mayor of this island?

  4. I value and appreciate the comments made by ‘Posters’. Thank you very much. JOHNALLKEY@AOL.COM, I sincerely appreciate your kind words…..

    Addressing DESERTCOGO’s post, it’s dangerous and disturbing that the Mayor has used the power of his office to censor and punish you for exercising your 1st Amendment Rights.

    Petitioning the government to redress the harm, injury and loss of life resultant from the actions of their agents, must never be ignored, silenced or politicized.

    DESERTCOGO, please maintain a journal that keeps a record of all transactions with the Mayor’s Office. Retain copies of all communiqués and documents when dealing with them.

    If the trajectory of the Eimers’ proceedings are not dramatically altered, they will unravel. State Attorney Catherine Vogel has a duty to intervene. Fellow State Attorneys throughout Florida have not hesitated to conduct their own investigations when faced with similar circumstances.

    The citizens of the 16th Judicial Circuit need a State Attorney who will immediately assume a leadership role and lend some clarity, credibility and integrity to the investigative process. If this is not done, Ms. Vogel’s inaction will leave an indelible ‘black mark’ on the City of Key West.

    As individuals and outside agencies get their hands on all of the information surrounding the Eimers’ killing, those who were involved in stonewalling and whitewashing this tragedy, will be severely punished. Their consequences will cause them to suffer.

    Please keep your records intact. They will be valuable, as those having any culpability in a ‘cover- up’ will be exposed and held accountable….. An analysis is engaged even now…..

  5. bless you john for a very succinct report and time line in the ongoing emiers killing….and killing was what it was from the very start on release of the video 2 weeks after the original police reports. thier conspiracy has grown thick with time. i do hope that ms vogel will do the proper thing and institute a full investigation from soup to nuts and may the chips fall where they may and especially stand her ground…of this i have no comment of speculation since i have no personal understanding of her integrety and ethics. we as interested individuals shall see in due course.

    in closing let us not forget the kw citizen newspaper when they finally after many weeks ran the video from about the 20 second mark or last half making sure the first damning part was unseen by the viewer. and let us not forget thier discontinuance of the online story comments function after the overwhelming harbor dredging issue vote and now today a comment below which summarizes my view sent to the citizen yesterday in rebut just to have it edited to the first 2 sentences by thier crack staff of establishment shade pullers! i will rest my case till next time….
    “I beg to differ..the Eimers’ case did not damage the reputation of KWPD the cops did a fine job of that all by themselves in damaging thier own reputation! Just look at the video pile on evidence. As for ‘this force is dedicated to keeping our city in check’ since when do ‘we the people’ need to be ‘kept in check’ like some nazi gulag! The cops murdered Charles Eimers with thier jackboot grunt knuckle dragging tactics plain simple and to the point.”

  6. KWPD doesn’t investigate anything…..they just make things go away. And, while I may be biased, the taxi compaies there and thier drivers aren’t much better!! My son died, the taxi driver let him, the police don’t care (just another kid…..) and to be honest niether does any of the media in KW. He was a citizen, he had lived there since he was 17…he moved many, many people there. We were all citiizens (and some still are) at one point but he was just a kid who drank too much…who cares that the taxi driver let him drown in FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION!?!?!? He doesn’t matter…niether does this tourist. Who Cares?!!? “We will just sweep it under the rug and it won’t matter to the outside world”…..that is how I feel KWPD feels about most things!!

  7. I would like to know who came up with “one human family” because the irony of it is just plain laughable. Those in charge of this island better wake up because the Eimers killing has pushed many of us over the edge and we will not put up the crappy way things are done here by crappy politicians. The bubba system that exists on this island is worse than any place I’ve lived and that’s saying something. Mayor Cates censuring me from his Facebook site was the last straw for me. I refuse to support any bubba.

  8. Dearest Tracey,

    I cannot begin to understand the pain and suffering that you are required to live with on a day to day basis. My deepest and sincerest condolences to you.

    The tragedy you described epitomizes a cold and calculating attitude held by some at the KWPD. Individuals such as these have infiltrated every walk of life (taxi drivers/companies, Mayor, City Government, FDLE Investigators and State Attorneys).

    The rights and constitutional protections guaranteed to your son appear to have been abandoned. As Mr. Eimers, your son was an American citizen entitled to safe and humane treatment at all times.

    I’m extremely honored that you chose to share your painful experience with our readers. Expressing what you are having to endure, provides us with insight into the minds of those who would harm us.

    As of yet, I’m unfamiliar with your son’s tragic circumstances. I will attempt to locate a detailed description of this heartbreaking loss.

    If I can be of any service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    With Love, Blessings & Respect,
    John Donnelly

  9. As tragically reported in a previous post, the absence of character, integrity, competency and courage in our schools, governments and police departments; have clear and convincing consequences.

    Catherine Vogel appears to have been doing a good job as our SA. However, she hasn’t really had to face anything of much importance. Her integrity and trustworthiness have not been challenged.

    The ‘Eimer’s Case’ has given her the opportunity to step out into the spotlight, assume command and guide her constituents through troubled waters. Thus far, she has failed miserably.

    Yesterday, I spoke with several individuals holding prestigious positions at universities in the field of law. Their jurisprudence has distinguished them, when addressing circumstances similar to those facing Ms. Vogel.

    It’s inconceivable that Ms. Vogel would pursue a course of inaction. It opens the door for all manner of affliction.

    If Ms. Vogel would initiate an investigation, as many of her colleagues and predecessors have done when facing similar contingencies, she would rally the forces of good behind her and galvanize her constituency. It would place her in a position to be revered and honored.

  10. In the time that I’ve lived here I’ve come to the conclusion that none of the bubbas who run this island can be trusted. I’ve also come to the conclusion that no one, including Ms. Vogel wants to rock the boat for fear of retribution from the bubbas. There is absolutely no reason why there has been no final word from FDLE regarding the murder of Charles Eimers by KWPD. I’m sure they have already decided there was no wrongdoing by KWPD because that is what they do, cover for law enforcement. I sense they are dragging their feet with the results of their investigation because of local unrest here. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Blue Paper for not allowing this tragedy to be forgotten like all of the rest of Gestapo tactics of our local police department.

  11. Thank you John for a great article! Thank you Blue Paper for publishing it!
    We cannot let this one slide, folks. That cellphone video tells the whole story. Next time might be you or yours.

  12. I wrote to Naja about a week ago:

    A woman with a Spanish name sent me something John Donnelly had published in the blue paper about the Eimvers death FDLE investigation, and I sent her the blue paper link to the longer video and asked if she could translate it for me? She replied this morning, and I included that in today’s post at


    It sounds like the woman in the video is saying: ” Oh God, look at all the police, look at all the patrol units; they won’t let him….”. It ends right there.

    With thanks,

    Naja replied to me:

    “Arnaud couldn’t make out what the woman who shot the video was saying – other than oh my god and exclaiming about all the police. The line you put in bold he struggled over – he just wasn’t sure what she was saying. Interesting that your translator says she said ‘they won’t let him’. I find the woman’s voice to be a distraction – I purposefully removed it from the original video posted to youtube. I gave the video to the attorneys, however, with audio intact. She wasn’t close enough at the point where she’s shooting the footage to offer more information than the video itself shows us – so I really don’t place a lot of importance on her commentary Found in the video. I have tried to no avail to contact her to know if she has any more information but the person who gave it to us said she had no contact info and has stopped communicating with me. I believe that person was interviewed by FDLE. Wish the Spanish speaking woman would come forward and there were witnesses in the restaurant who had a much better view and some of them even live here. Wish they would all come forward too. Naja”

    I wondered how Naja could decide the Spanish woman’s voice was a diversion, when Naja did not know what the Spanish woman was saying? Then, I got a bad sinking feeling.

    Metaphysically, Naja inadvertently had sent out a message into the spirit realms that the contemporaneous remarks of an eye witness to what happened on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day were a diversion. In spirit, every eye-witness heard that message and were inadvertently encouraged not not to come forward, eye-witnesses such as the NY City police officers, the Spanish woman, and the person who shot the video.

    Later, I got another bad sinking feeling. The message inadvertently encouraged the the FDLE investigators and Cathy Vogel not to try to locate and interview all eye witnesses. And the message inadvertently encouraged the KWPD officers involved, Police Chief Donie Lee, and FDLE to alter evidence and/or cover up what really happened.

    I was sick to my stomach, because I knew that’s how the interface between people and the spirit realms works. Call it karma, if you wish. Naja altered the first video which she shared with the public; how the investigation went after that was the natural metaphysical consequence.

    I published this perspective twice at, but that was not enough to break up what is blocked in the spirit, because this perspective needs to be published in the blue paper where the blockage originated. So far, Naja has declined to publish this perspective, which I twice have submitted in different forms. I hope she will publish it now.

  13. No Sloan. What is preventing the eye-witnesses from coming forward and what is/has prevented Vogel from performing a legitimate investigation is their lack of conscience. They have shrunk away from their human responsibility just as you try to shrink away from yours by claiming that your angels are in charge of everything.

  14. That, too, Sister. But the metaphysics also is in play. I know how far out seems, but it isn’t nearly as far out as some things I have personally seen happen, sometimes to me, sometimes to other people. I knew people before I was moved to Key West by the angels who run me, who would have agreed with what I submitted. I know a woman in another state right now, who dreams about the Eimers case,and other things I’m engaging down here, who sees what I described. It’s not strange to her. What I wrote, Sister, describes work I used to do a lot of before I was moved to Key West. Sometimes that work comes back around in stuff I handle down here. Sometimes I write about that kind of work at, sometimes I don’t. The human and the spirit realms are interlaced – one human family seriously expanded. Everything is connected. Whatever happens in human ways affects the spirit realms, and whatever happens in spirit ways affects the human realms. Imagine a big spider web. You pluck a strand of the web. The vibration is felt in and affects every strand of the web.

    • They are your angels, too, Sister. They ran the Eimers case to Naja and Arnaud. They have run other things to Naja and Arnaud, and will run other things in the future. They provided the bystander with the cell phone and the video. They kept Eimer’s body from being cremated. They arranged for Officer Lovett to boast to a friend what he had done to Eimers, not knowing the friend would rat him out. They brought a very reluctant lawyer into the case, David Horan told me himself that he didn’t want to take the case; he was a friend of Lovett’s parents, had known him since he was a little boy, was close to him, but he felt like he had to take the case anyway. Horan told me he was reluctant for a long time to accept the reason Eimers died was because the cops thought he was homeless. That was a real stretch, Horan told me, for him to come to that view. The angels brought Horan to that view. He may never believe that. You may never believe it, Sister. But I have seen the angels work lots of situations in which I was involved. I’ve seen lots of strange things happen. Either you can see such things, or you can’t, has been my experience. I have known quite a few people who saw such things. It’s a dance of the human realm with the spirit realm. The two cannot be separated, but many people live as if the two are separated, or as if the spirit realm does not even exist.

  15. Allrighty then Sloan. I sure hope those angels decide to make some arrests for the murder of Charles Eimers and for the felonies involved in trying to cover up the murder. Cause it sure doesn’t look like any mortal beings are gonna do it.

    • Roger that, Sister. I told the angels they stuck me way out on a skinny limb in a high tree, and I now it’s on them to get the “prosecution” moving. However, I would not dare predict what they might or might not do. They play their cards real close to the vest until they are ready to turn them face up, has been my experience with them.

  16. Privately, John Donnelly kept encouraging me to keep submitting my thoughts. I wrote to him last night and told him my third submission had been cleared from moderation and was showing in reader comments under his article. On waking this morning, I found this email from John in my inbox:

    Excellent Work…
    Blessings & Respect,

  17. I read in the Citizen that the city attorney says that police officers have a right to “qualified immunity” that protects them from liability while doing their jobs. I believe they lost that right when they flat out lied about Charles Eimers running and collapsing after exiting his vehicle. That was before the video surfaced showing that never happened. What about the officers dispersing of witnesses and basically threatening employees at the restaurant? If they were just “doing their job” why the need to lie and cover-up what they did?