Confronting Violence Prepares The Soul To Be Healed…


On March 30, 2001, Mr. Obama was the only Illinois senator who rose to speak out against a bill that would have protected babies who had survived a late term labor-induced abortion.

Mr. Obama explained that he voted against this bill because it determined that a nine-month-old fetus, living outside of the womb of its mother, which survived a late term labor-induced abortion, would be deemed to be a person, therefore, it would have a constitutional right to live.

Mr. Obama further explained that he could not vote for a bill that designated this late term abortion survivor as a person. For if he did, this young life would have to be safeguarded under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which would not allow the life of this unwanted baby to be terminated.

Therefore, this living child lying on the surgeon’s table, instinctively crying for help, had to be deemed a discardable fetus.

On three separate occasions, as an Illinois senator, Mr. Obama voted against a bill that would require medical treatment for a baby that was born alive after a botched late term labor-induced abortion.

On May 30, 2012, President Obama gave the Medal of Freedom to retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. This justice concurred with Justice Breyer’s opinion, finding that it was OK to: “Deliberately and intentionally deliver into the vagina a living unborn child, or a substantial portion thereof, for the purpose of performing a procedure that the person performing such procedure knows will kill the unborn child”.

It was further determined that: “Evidence before the trial court makes clear that this procedure will often involve a physician pulling a “substantial portion” of a still living fetus, say, an arm, head or leg, into the vagina prior to the death of the fetus”.

Their opinion continued that: “This procedure involves dismemberment… the dismemberment occurs between the traction of the instrument and the counter-traction of the cervix. And these events often do not occur until after a portion of a living fetus has been pulled into the vagina.”

Medal of Freedom winner Stevens said that preserving the right to dismember what he called a “potential life” was really a question about the “liberty” of the mother protected by the 14th Amendment.

As described by these justices, butchering a viable fetus or a baby is horrifying. Partial-birth abortions are particularly gruesome.

The following data was extracted from studies and informational sites that I reviewed. The United States has the highest abortion rate of any western industrial nation. Less than 1% of all abortions take place because of rape or incest. Approximately forty percent of unwanted pregnancies are aborted. There are about 1.21 million abortions in America each year. With a gestational age of 21+ weeks, statistics indicate that there are 18,185 abortions performed each year in America.

All of the information that I researched indicated that less than 1% of abortions are performed to save the life of the mother.

It appears to me that the deck is stacked against the most defenseless of God’s creatures. Willing accomplices imbedded in our government are all too eager to direct a woman in crisis to the abortionist’s table. To those who have been terminated, along with the mothers who have endured the suffering and loss that accompanies this archaic procedure, I pledge my love and support.

No one in this world is perfect. The blood on my hands troubles me to this day. Asking for forgiveness, hasn’t always brought it to me.

Life goes on. I’ve attempted to improve myself and share what I may have of value, with my Brothers and Sisters. All the time knowing that my gifts will always be imperfect and incomplete. Atonement has been good for my soul.

In this new year I will make an earnest effort to learn from my failures and mistakes. I will strive to live in accordance with the will of the God of my understanding. I will seek to think less about myself, losing my restlessness, irritability and discontent in the resultant joy that comes when I’m involved helping others. Not much else has worked for me.



John Donnelly

John Donnelly, a resident of Key Largo was born, raised and went to high school in the South Bronx. Upon graduation he was awarded several scholarships to college.  He chose to enlist in the United Sates Marine Corps.

While serving in Vietnam John was wounded in action. He received two meritorious promotions, one during combat.

Upon discharge and return to America, John had a difficult time transitioning back into civilian life. He found himself homeless for the next 4 years.

As he worked out some troublesome concerns, he began to yearn to make some sense of his experiences via education. He sought and received his GI Bill benefits. He applied and was admitted to New York University. He later transfered to the University of Miami where he graduated on the President’s Honor Roll.

John secured a teaching position at a Maximum Security Prison Facility for criminally insane adolescents. While working there he earned a Master of Science degree from Florida International University. He graduated Summa Cum Laude.

John spent the next 20 years teaching elementary and high school students, while doing some coaching and instructing as an adjunct college professor.

John was the recipient of the Mayor Stephen P. Clark award, which recognized him as an “Outstanding Educator”. During this time he continued his work clothing, feeding and counseling the homeless.

John has been acknowledged by the Disabled American Veterans, the Miami Vet Center and the Veterans Council of Monroe County for his efforts on behalf of homeless and addicted veterans.

Recently, John was privileged to spearhead the successful release of a wrongfully accused inmate who faced 3 life sentences, without the possibility of parole, for crimes that he did not commit. This young man has since been returned to his twin sons and graduated with honors from one of our nation’s premier vocational colleges.

John continues to research and write on issues facing our ‘One Human Family’.

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  26 Responses to “Confronting Violence Prepares The Soul To Be Healed…”


    Compelling, horrific and frightening. An advocate for those silently slaughtered has come forward. Narcissistic self-indulgence has rid the women’s movement of its integrity and credibility. Crazed women, their polices and politicians will subscribe to dismembering a baby born alive during a bumbled late-term labor induced abortion.

    Evil flourishes, as alleged good people bow their heads and remain silent, while this practice is touted has legal and acceptable.

    Infanticide is not the mark of an enlightened society or advanced civilization. It’s a culturally depraved practice signaling a psychoses that has become the norm.


    Thank you for having the courage and concern to publish this extraordinary piece. Many children are abused and neglected in this country by being given a second-class education, raised in crime infested and poverty stricken neighborhoods, bullied and beaten by violent adults and peers in their lives; without ever providing them a safe environment to protect them.

    We take kids from dangerous homes and place them in the care of DCF. A study of the violent crimes perpetrated upon children under the care of DCF, is an abhorrent testament to the unimportance attached to these innocent lives.

    I will not stay silent on this issue any longer. I’ve always known that under most circumstances abortion was wrong. What ever happened to all the free birth control devices and products? Abortion has simply become another means of birth control.

    I went along with the crowd. I wanted to be accepted. Not any longer. Tearing a baby apart like a piece of garbage is beyond anything that I can imagine.

    As a nation we have reaped what we’ve sown. This practice is beyond a violent act. Many would call it murder.


    Obama’s holy grail has been faced off. What nature of Man or Women would be all in on partial-birth abortion. What have we come to as a People, when our Supreme Court describes in detail the absolute butchery of a baby, and sites it as legal. Obama gives one of the justices the medal of freedom.

    Decadence, delusional thinking and the arrogance that comes form ignorance; has deadened our spirit and dulled our minds, as the empire falls.


    would one expect more from our ‘king of drones’? do we expect any different from the manchurian candidate in chief? he was a made man by the NWO to carry out the ‘elitist one world order’ directives. this man and all he promotes is a sham.


      (I heard there’s a big sale on tin foil at WalMart, just in case you’re running low on hats…..)


        of course lybrand i would expect that typical libtard response. obama’s actions speak for me while his words are meaningless. one question though….have you ever wondered why millions of dollars have been spent on legal fees to seal and keep in the dark any and all records of his past history? ever wonder just a little?
        and once again do you support agenda 21?


    Very timely, as I’ve recently asked my relatives on facebook what they “Like” about Hillary other than her having a vagina. Only replies are her pro-abortion views. Ugh.


    As a libertarian I do not want government to decide what kind of medical procedure I can have or not have.
    I have never given the abortion issue much thought until I was engaged to an OB.She would view the abortion procedure on ultra sound.She told me she was able to see the fetus push the abortion dismembering tool away with its little hands . The tool resembles a noose on a pole.The fetus was trying to protect itself from this tool that was hurting it.
    I was horrified after learning this. I was always told that the fetus was just a clump of cells with no feelings.This is the media trained answer that they indoctrinate young women with.
    It is my view if more mothers were able to see what they were about to kill, that it is not just a clump of cells, they would not procead with the abortion.
    I hope the Blue will allow me to post this video


    Staunchly defending the indefensible. Is this the liberal attraction sought after by women in this country. Get knocked up and at whatever stage of development the young life residing in your whom has attained, it will be ripped out and dismembered, upon your command. How Progressive———-


    Birth Control available on demand—-Religious Communities that hold these practices to be immoral are required by the government to provide these services under penalty of law. Elementary schools are made to instruct their students as to the methods and practices of birth control. Health Clinics provide free contraceptive devices to everyone.

    Yet in a recent study, 49% of pregnancies were found to be unintended. Of these unwanted pregnancies 54% ended in abortion.

    Reckless and irresponsible, we must have our fun.


    A nation that conveniently kills its young, while pontificating about human rights and the sanctity of life, is an empty vessel devoid of any decency and honor. Obama and his minions sponsor this type of murder. They’re ruthless attacks upon the fabric of this once great nation continues.


    What Obama did that proved to me he ought not be President was he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize while waging the two stupid, evil wars of his predecessor, G.W. Bush, who should have been prosecuted for treason and mass murder and maiming of American and Islamic troops, and Islamic civilians, and mental, emotional and spiritual mass murder and maiming of American and Islamic families, as should have been prosecuted his successor.

    I wish Obama prosecutors gave G.W. Bush the same equal prosecution under the law they visit on Obama.


      sloan a whole string of them should have been locked up and the key thrown away. here is a snip from my post to mr symington this weekend…

      “we are governed by a one party system of two sides and have been now for at least 40 years from my observation. its a terrible state of affairs and purely collectivist in nature be it government or military or corporate. notice how all are marching to the sound of the same drum and it sure ain’t the constitution by any stretch of the imagination. a one party system as a 2 sided coin. heads they win tails they win. a fascist state indeed after connecting the dots.”


    Please watch this video of pro abortin radical feminist in Argentina Last month they tried to destroy a catholic church . They were angry with the churches anti abortion view.


    That’s rich – a Marine against killing infants! Served in Vietnam, too.

    How many infants and pregnant mothers did our “Christian” country kill in ‘Nam? How many in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Napalm burned children alive, burned pregnant mothers alive, and our nation supported it.

    Depleted uranium shells killed children and pregnant mothers, and we shouted “support the troops!”

    We love the Republican Presidents who started those wars, never thinking the truth: we LOVE abortion when it’s strangers half a world away.

    “Kill ’em all, let God sort it out” is our national war cry. With biblical authority – God ORDERED the Israelites to kill EVERYONE in the land that he gave to them as “the promised land”. EVERYONE – infants, pregnant women, the elderly, the sick, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. And the Bible says that they did as God commanded, killing every living soul.

    Remind me: where is this “sanctity of life” I keep hearing about?


    Who needs videos on the state of our culture, unless it’s the only way to get to the bottom of something – ie., the bystander’s video of KW’s finest smothering a suspected homeless bum to death on South Beach. I don’t have to go anywhere but to the evening news on just about any TV station to see just how screwed up humanity is.

    I wonder if that’s the same Bible passage where the Israelites killed all the livestock and salted the ground, too? Or did I read that in a comic book? Looks to me that Jesus in the Gospels tried to undo that kind of doing things, but the way in god we trust American presidents, with plenty of go for it from lots of Americans, don’t seem to jive even a tiny bit with Jesus in the Gospels. No matter, salvation has nothing to do with how Christians behave, I keep hearing from Christians. I think maybe I could go live in Afghanistan and hear much the same from Taliban leaders about killing people because god is on their side makes it okay.

    I came, finally, to look at abortion in this way: In nearly all cases, it is very hard on the mother spiritually, and often it is hard on the father spiritually. However, I do not feel it is my call, what a woman chooses to do with an unborn child she does not want to bring to term. And, I do not know, nor do I know anyone who does know, when a soul attaches to an unborn child. I think somewhere in the Old Testament is something about a soul being breathed into someone, maybe it was Adam, and he became a living being.


    In the latter 1980s, I started learning about what psychiatrists and psychologists call “projection”, which takes up a great deal of the pages in ‘A Course in Miracles’, which became popular a few years before that.

    An example of projection is seeing something going on, which does not concern us directly, is not right in front of us, which punches our buttons and causes a strong or violent emotion in us, even though we ourselves are not threatened.

    In 12 Step circles, they deal with what they call the “rescue syndrome,” which is getting caught up in this or that cause to save someone, or someones, who in some way, or in various ways remind them of themselves, so actually it is them they are rushing in to rescue. The rescue syndrome is viewed as a psychic addiction.

    A parallel, they rush in to rescue because they did something awful to someone, or to someones, and they didn’t get over that, and now something out there has brought that back to them and they try to save the person, or the people, who represent the person, or the people, they treated badly in the past.

    I came to think all crusades, all causes, if they persist, are rooted in projection of unresolved soul/psychic wounding.

    In the right to life, right to choice arena, I came to see the two opposing sides as mirroring each other.

    In the unborn child, the pro-lifers see themselves when they were “killed” in some way in the past, so they are compelled to stop the unborn child from being killed, thus saving themselves, without realizing that is what they are trying to do.

    In the mother who wants an abortion, the pro-choicers see themselves when they were denied getting to choose, which for them was like being killed in the soul sense, and they rush in to save the mother’s right to choose, thus try to save themselves, who in the past had their right to chose taken from them.

    I have held that view, basically, since the late 1980s, and so far the angels who run me have not told me I was full of shit, although plenty of people have told me that for a variety of reasons :-).


    It was my experience with soul healing, and it was the experience of other people I knew, that rushing into to stop something which pushed our buttons did not result in soul healing, and if we rushing in violently, it actually exacerbated out own soul wounds which were being raised by what on the outside of us punched out buttons.

    We found, if we did not react, if we just let the awful feelings have us, if we marinated in the awful feelings, we actually did experrience soul healing to a degree. We found it to be a process, our buttons got pushed, we did not rush into stop or fix it, and we experiences a bit more soul healing. Over and over our buttons were getting pushed and we were making progress healing in our souls, if we did not react.

    Now, this is not the same as seeing, for example, a woman, or a child, being attacked on a sidewalk, for example, and not trying to stop it oursleves, while calling the 911, if we have a cell phone handy. That’s probably what any Marine would do after returning to civilian life. I have done it, and I was a Marine, nor did I serve in any branch of the US armed services.

    “A Course in Miracles” basically is a year-long course in not reacting to what punches our buttons. I did not do the Course, but read the text in 1988 and understood I was already on a similar program being run by the angels who had me in tow. I came to see it had the same intent as Jesus, in the Gospels, saying to turn the other cheek; resist not one who does evil; first take the beam out of your own eye; judge not unless you wish to be judged in kind; if someone takes your goods ask not for them back; it someone asks for your shirt offer also your coat; if someone takes you to court settle along the way.

    It was also my experience with soul healing, and I saw others experience it, there are soul wounds it seems only angels can heal, and their methods are not always a lot of fun, usually, they took us right back into the original trauma with our eyes, ears, minds and emotions wide open, and this happened lots of times, and finally we have relived all of that soul wound, and then we were treated to the same thing with another soul wound, and then another soul wound …

    We were not treated to miracle instant healings, like is reported in the Gospels. We were treated to seeing what cause it, sometimes it was us, something we had done to someone else, which injured our on souls, sometimes it was what other people had done to us, which injured out own souls. We never knew what was coming next, but we knew it was coming, and as we went into and through it, we became aware of what it was about, and it often was quite emotional, and it sometimes was violent and sometimes was terrifying. But it passed each time, and we emerged seemingly in tact, and then it started again.

    And even after all of that, there was still plenty left, often it was karma, which was not fixed and we were allowed to be taken through it like with soul wound healing, but the karma transit was not uplifting, it was an ordeal, it was out of our control, it ran until it was finished, it took time, sometimes a long time, There were various threads rooted in different past experiences in this life, and in past lives.

    The over all sense was, were were being woken up, shown a much bigger picture; it seemed, we were seeing in this life what we otherwise would see after we left this life; perhaps we were saving having to do it after we left this life.

    We lived in this world, and in another world, all the time, and there were few, to no, other people around us who were in it with us, or understood what we were experiencing. They could not understand without experiencing it.


    Or maybe there is right and there is wrong. Murder is going against Natural Law. Please search Mark Passio’s lectures and podcasts on this.


    Serving 26 months as a rifleman in Vietnam with a Marine infantry unit, I witnessed the conduct of the force that I commanded under every manner of circumstance.

    Rising through the ranks, at every level of contact with the civilian population we prioritized our humane treatment of that nation’s citizens. Along with tending to the medical needs of all children, we gave our own medicines, food, water and whatever could be used for shelter to these villagers.

    Even though Marines had been killed and wounded by enemy fire that came from the villages and hamlets that we passed through, Never Once, did we not tend with humanitarianism to the inhabitants of said village.

    Through all of the enormous suffering that we endured, these Marines voluntarily treated, feed, clothed and offered shelter to every civilian that came their way; during the course of my 26 months.

    For a time I lived in some of the hamlets with the babies, children, moms and dads. With a small contingent of Marines we built wells and constructed minor infrastructure improvements that enhanced the quality of their lives.

    At night we set up ambushes, to stop the VC and NVA from taking their children to serve as prostitutes. We prevented their meager supplies from being stolen from the same group.

    We protected their lives, for when they refused to go along with the demands of the VC and NVA, they were tortured and executed.

    Unfortunately for most, they will remain ignorant and never know the truth about which I have written.


      One of my wives once was one of the protesting Kent State students the Ohio National Guard did not hit when they opened fire. Vietnam was brutal for everyone involved. Looks to me like Iraq and Afghanistan are later Vietnams for USA. Brutal for everyone involved. Except, perhaps, the US corporations getting rich from war.


    I googled Mark Passio on abortion and didn’t find anything. What I shared in this comment thread today was my own personal direct experiences and illuminations, for which I take no credit other than having had them because something far bigger and far smarter and far stronger (all proven countless times) than me wanted me to have them. Anyone can believe anything he/she wishes, but belief is not the same as reality, and can have nothing to do with reality. Subconscious drives, which are not known to the conscious mind, drive most human behavior and thinking and beliefs. Most people live out their lives being driven by subconscious drives, without knowing what drives them. It’s quite and eye-opening experience to be woken up out of that slumber, for me it wasn’t a whole lot of fun, and certainly it’s only been a wee awakening, given how large the subconscious is compared to the conscious mind. If I did not have angels nudging me this way and that, correcting me this way and that, I would be about the same mostly sleeping man I was before they decided to run this experiment on me, is the way I, the lab rat, view it.


    Rather than call into question the present day murdering of babies born alive during a botched late-term labor induced abortion, let’s call the Marines, who served 40 years ago in Vietnam, baby killers.

    Just as Obama, Bush and Nixon ordered the deployment of our troops into combat operations, Johnson ordered the Marines into Vietnam.

    Civilian leadership utilizing the might of this nation, under their discretion. Unfortunately, the military serves the president.

    Poster “HWWESQ” made despicable comments that were inaccurate, hateful and disturbing. Anonymous attacks such as those are the mark of a coward, accustomed to ‘bullying’ those about them, when they believe themselves to have an advantage.

    The posting of “HWWESQ” reflects an angry and twisted mind. This poster exposed themselves as another Obama sycophant. Such an agitated, troubled and disarranged mind should think twice about publicly commenting on matters of importance. Thus, the anonymity.

    The hate spewed by those identifying themselves as liberals and progressives, is the very contempt that has bound them in ignorance.

    Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. HWWESQ, the ‘sanctity of life’ that you are seeking resides within you. Perhaps if you devoted the same time discovering a self-actualizing state of mind, as you do castigated people, ideas and actions that you know little or nothing about, the noise in your mind might subdue to the point, where something is learned.


    Many terrible things are happening, and have happened, on this world, caused by people, and that probably is not going to change. I have heard oft said, I think maybe it was Gandhi, “Be, or become, the change you wish to see in the world?” I knew several people who were in combat in Vietnam, 2 died there, college fraternity brothers, the others came back scarred for life, it seemed. Some adjusted better than others, all struggled; such violence tears the soul up and I suppose only God can repair it, but usually that does not happen. Sadly, I see a great deal of soul damage in people across the board, who did not fight in a terrible war. They were in other wars, in some ways just as bad, or worse – imagine the soul damage to a molested child, or to a child who sees his father beating up his mother, or whose mother smoked, drank, used other drugs why carrying the child, who was born and went immediately into withdrawal cold turkey; and what of the damage, brain, otherwise, incurred while in the mother; and soul damage before birth. We all, as far as I can tell, are deeply wounded in our souls, some of us cope better than others, some of us end up with mental illness, addiction, homeless, fanaticism, physical aggression, who escapes it, really? I have seen where J. Krishnatmurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” And where the psychiatrist C.J. (Carl) Jung said, “Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.” Perhaps Jesus said it this way in the Gospels, “First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to help your brother remove the speck from his eye.” Whatever, wherever I look, I see a great deal of soul wounding and suffering, and I also see a great deal of beauty shining through at times, not at other times. And a great deal of ugly. The only thing we can really change is ourselves, and, I, at least, needed, still need, lots of help with that; on my own, by my own wits, thinking, guessing, I would be, well, guessing.

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