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The Blue Paper has over 13,600 LIKEs’ on FACEBOOK (as of November 15, 2017) and is promoted via social media on a near daily basis.



For as little as $120.00/month your online ad in Key West The Newspaper [The Blue Paper] can be seen over 50,000 times. [Average pageviews per month Jan 2017 thru June 2017 = 50,379. [Ads run for entire month for these low prices].

And remember an online add is a direct gateway to your website!


Key West The Newspaper has news stands strategically placed throughout the downtown Key West commercial core area.   Thousands walk by our news stands each day and they could be catching an eyeful of your advertisement – over and over and over again – as they walk up and down the streets of Old Town.  The majority of our news stands are located on Duval and Front Streets.  Street-plus-Web ad pricing begins at only $225/month!

The ads in the BROCHURE/PRICE LIST below are actual size WHEN DOCUMENT IS PRINTED…

Download (PDF, 7.26MB)


Below is an example of the 19″ X 24″ Poster that appears on our New Stands strategically located throughout the commercial areas in Old Town.

THE POSTER FINAL ISSUE 66 for web page

The Blue Paper publishes a new issue once a week on Fridays; breaking news stories may be added throughout the week.

PLEASE contact us at or call 305-304-6882 for more details.


If you use Paypal use this link to pay for your ads:

or send check or money order made out to:

Key West The Newspaper

1214 Newton Street

Key West, FL  33040

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