Aug 042017

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee congratulates Explorer Sabina Islam, who has been recognized by the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation with a $1000 college scholarship.

In a letter announcing the awarding of the scholarship the foundation’s Executive Director Amy Mercer said that the selection process including an in-depth assessment of Islam’s overall commitment to the community, the Key West Police Department and her Explorer post.
Key West Police Explorer Post #2011 is a Key West Police Department sponsored youth organization affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. The purpose of the Post is to further the knowledge and understanding of law enforcement through training, to provide an insight into all phases of law enforcement as a possible profession and to help create a better understanding between the Department and the youth of the community.

In the photo: Explorer Sabina Islam and Key West Police Chief Donie Lee during their visit to the Florida Keys Eco Center on Thursday with the Police Athletic League summer campers.

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Naja Girard
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