Apr 142017

Leadership Monroe Board Member Henry Rosenthal, Mayor Craig Cates, and Leadership Program Coordinator Michael Shields.

Mayor Craig Cates has proclaimed April as Leadership Monroe County Month in honor of that program’s 25th anniversary.

Leadership Monroe County is a non-profit, community leadership program that has been educating and informing County leaders since 1992. Its long-term goals are to develop strong, dedicated leaders working for a sense of community throughout Monroe County and the City of Key West. Since its creation, over 550 leaders from the county’s business community, government entities, military installations, education system, medical profession, non-profit organizations, creative arts industries, and other groups have graduated from the program. Alumni include several former City Commissioners, City Managers and City employees.

Class XXV graduated the program over the April 8th weekend.

“I congratulate Leadership Monroe County on its 25th anniversary of teaching and linking leaders of the Florida Keys,” said Mayor Cates, “and commend this organization for its outstanding education efforts working to improve and build our community.”

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